Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do this. Now!

You want to be super-cool like me, right? That's why you read this blog. You want to read what I read, eat what I eat and dream what I dream. No? You have like a mind of your own and stuff? I won't be making my moulah by enticing you to buy stuff from my oodles of sponsors?
Fine then. But I'll bet my bottom dollar that you wish you had an epic collection of Nicole's Flaming Hag Folkwear jewelry. Haha! I've got your attention now!
For many moons I have been the undeserving recipient of Nicole's absolutely magic handiworks. The woman has been so generous with me I can barely hold back tears thinking about it.

I love every piece I have: my little tooled leather book (for which a friend gave me tiny pen!), my row of crystals (which always elicit delighted compliments), the feather and bone amulet (wood/stone/feather/and bone/ roaring of the ocean guide us home! Need I say more?) and my latest gift which I received from her in person, a too short meeting, which I still think of whenever I feel particularly lonely or unloved (I mean that, Nicole. Of all the amazing experiences on that trip, our little moment stands out.).
food for the soul
Think I'm lucky? Well, you can be too. Because Nicole is on a journey to new, exciting adventures and in celebration of that she's offering a giveaway of epic proportions!

The winner gets not one, not two, but at least five (count 'em!) pieces of FHF jewelry!
Told you she is pretty darn generous person.
To enter, all you gotta do is leave a comment on her giveaway post, advertise on blog (which, by the way, this entry is not for. I'm just so stoked on this giveaway I want to spread the word.) or other social media for an extra entry and hope that Brigit's on an exotic foreign vacation and misses the whole thing.  
(I'm just kidding Brigit! If you win this one however, I'll charge you with filling out my lotto tickets.)
Nicole is totally one of those enviable women with impeccable taste. You know, where she's like wearing some sort of 70s velvet and gold-lamé hooded cape and you're like 'Wait what?!?!? I wish I could rock a 70s velvet and gold-lamé hooded cape!", but you're so in awe that you're not even jealous 'cos it's too base of an emotion.  You feel me?
Part of her changing scene is that she's expanding her etsy shop and there are some serious treasures to be had there. Indian cotton, leather and lace, oh my... Check it out, 'cos there are more ways than one to get your mitts on some FHF goodness.

I make a pretty persuasive argument, no?
So what are you waiting for? Go and get you some


  1. oh my gah, that is some serious hype! i am totally embarrassed and might be mad at you, if i weren't so hung up on how much i love your lace/stripes/vermouth ensemble in one of the pics....
    and back to being mad: you placed an order? as if you are some sort of customer or something? woman, you're killing me.

  2. Her pieces are gorgeous and go so well with your clothes, Milla! Thanks for drawing our attention to this competition which I am so happy to blog about and enter.

  3. oooh pretty pictures. i love all the outfits, especially the maxi dress with the lace tiered shirt. i need to get to lengthen my feather necklace thingy i got from her. it lands perfectly in the middle of my boobs and sticks out like it's the mast of ship. i need it to land where yours lands. boobs are so annoying. i doubt i could be so lucky as to win this amazing giveaway.

  4. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. Here pieces are fantastic! Thanks for the heads up AND great outfit posts? We've missed these... I think its funny that we're all coming back out of the woodwork after the summer :) What is it about Fall that brings us back behind our computers again? ha ha!

  6. Thanks for sharing; she is so talented!

  7. Yeah....I can't help myself, I just bought another dress from there. HOORAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxo

  8. I think you need to tell me what blush you wear!!! It always looks sooooo good.

  9. Such lovely pieces! They all seem very special. I need to go check this out right a way.

  10. kiitos vinkistä,hienoja ovat ja sinun asusi myös:-)

  11. Love your clothes, esp love the first purple heart tie dye dress, simply gorgeous! ;o)