Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sometimes in a blue moon

Thank you so much your amazing responses to my last post. You are the wisest bunch of women I've ever known. Oh, and the kindest and most thoughtful and I could go on.  I have replied to each of your individual comments and cherished them all. And now for something completely  different: Dreamy summer outfit post, with extra loveliness sprinkled on top. No, but seriously. Tonight is the night of the annual big barn dance here on the Island, and this time, I'm bringing a camera.

It's a totally "blog-worthy" scene, folks, young and old do-si-doing around each other, ice cream cones, little kids running around, strings of Chinese lanterns.

The dance always happens on the Saturday in August closest to the full moon and since this year there's two, it must be an extra special year indeed.


Today has been really hot (by our super-wimpy PNW standards-I know it's way hotter in most of the rest of the country!), in the 80s and it'll be fun to be comfortable without our usual layers tonight. I'll be wearing one of my two current favorite frocks, a gift from sister, leather hair stuff I just completed, some cowgirl boots and a pair of wicked bloomers from Nicole.

Have good night ya'll! Everybody swing your own! (Weird contra-dancing term, fyi.)


  1. omg, i hate you. it's the dead of winter here. you look so warm and lovely. hope you have fun!

  2. you look gorgeous.
    the barn dance sounds glorious.
    hope you danced the night away;)

  3. Ha! I super love that you followed up that last post with a dreamy outfit post. I'm sure you are the bell of the barn ball tonight in that sweet dress! Love the leather braid holders too :)

    Well, I for one am stoked that you are finally gonna document one of these hoe down dealies, yeehaww!!!

    Also, would you believe the weather was actually pretty gloomy hear today? Dark gray clouds galore and it got chilly and even started to rain just barely. Glad to hear you're getting plenty of sunshine up there though, and I hope you're enjoying your warm night!

  4. Oh kaunokainen! Oli taatusti hauskaa,odotan raporttiasi innolla:-)

  5. Ugh, you're like an oasis to my eyes in this summer desert.

    I'm pretty sure your Island is the coolest of all the Islands. When I come to live there, I'll experience all this awesomeness myself. And dudette, that's definitely a WHEN.


  6. that dress is pretty darn cute, lovely and any other fitting word :D

    ooh! can't wait to see the pictures!