Friday, July 13, 2012

Say Hello To My Little Friend

No, really. Contrary to some misspellings in some emails, I'm not having kittens, but a kitten, although she's plenty kitten for a couple. Who knew kittens were this feisty? Our first cat, Kissa, was a kind of sluggish little thing, with a kitten cold that just wouldn't  quit. This little girl, on the other hand, is a total maniac foot, shirt sleeve, plant and blanket killing machine. She basically just eats and attacks stuff.
I had originally wanted to get a boy cat, because Kissa is definitely more C.'s kitty than mine, but as fate would have it I ended up with a little tabby girl. 
So far she seems to know that I'm her crazy cat mom, purring whenever I pick her up, crawling from C's chest onto mine if I come to bed after him. We named her Kettu, which means fox in Finnish. We chose it 'cos she's orange, we're watching too many X-files and she's crazy like a fox.
Still, she's cute as a button. Kissa however is of a very different opinion on that. She hates, Kettu, even though Kettu is really submissive, even though she does like to try run after Kissa to play. Kissa doesn't seem to get that Kettu is small and ridiculous, and is rather terrified of her. She's basically just coming home to eat and seems pretty pissed off with us. We hope that she'll adjust with time. Anyone got any tips or insight into kitty psychodrama?

Waves and Heather, I'm looking at you ladies. Although if you're too busy to council me on kitty emotions what with moving countries and giving birth, I understand;).

Last time I got a kitten, I needed advice on making her bird-safe and discovered that my readers are quite cat-experienced, so I trust some sage cat-counseling is coming my way.
Crazy like a fox, indeed. 
But I love her all the same. Welcome, female animal number 40 000 and 9.
 Got a good/ epic pet tale to share? Indulge me. 


  1. I do! I do have an epic pet tale! We lived in a crappy run down dangerous part of Auckland, next to a house that had a ratty arsed collection of ratty cats. Except one. Who was beautiful. A black cat that hung on our back doorstep, and used to get herself into our house when the door was open...which I occasionally fed when she was around...she started hiding out in our outside laundry. And then one day.........there wasn't just one big black cat on our doorstep, but one big black cat and a tiny little kitten. After some nosing about i could see there were about 4 of the new kitties at the gross house nxt door. and the big black one would disappear from our doorstep for most of the day, and come back sporadically to the tiny kitten which now was living in boxes in our laundry. she left for longer periods, and honey i think she meant for that tiny flea infested kitty to be ours! As she stayed less and less. We eventually left that house, with our new kitty, the big black cat hardly came over anymore - and now that same little kitty lives with my dad, as HIS cat.x you're adorable in that particular green btw.

  2. cute cat! i have a little strawberry blond cat myself, but he's an old man now.
    and i am drooling so hard over that shirt/dress whatever the hell it is. i have been stalking etsy for one with tulip sleeves like that. i have recently lost a bunch of weight and my old embroidered dress is too big. *sob*. must keep looking. you look adorable in it.

  3. nice xx :))

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  4. ackggh!!! i am dying over your new addition; she is the absolute cutest! reminds me of our little ferny-girl, also a little peachy orange creature with abundant tomboy energy and addictively soft fur (i can tell by your close up of that little arm!)

    it is obvious why you are smitten. and i am so glad you likes you right back. funny how cats take a "mama"...i am such a big dweeb about mine, but it warms my heart how they come looking for me with their funny voices when they need something. and yet it's that good healthy dose of independence and spirit that keeps me head over heels for cats.

    as for your cat household dilemma, i think it will straighten itself out given time and patience. my household of dedicated cat lovers all agree that two cats in any situation tend to find the right balance and create their own little dynamic. they might not ever be lovey-dovey, licking each other (i could never get bean and bobe to that point) but they will at least develop a casual comraderie eventually, eat near each other, sleep somewhat near each other, and nonchalantly touch noses from time to time :) that will mean they are happy and have developed the right relationship and dynamic for them in a very personal way. the truth is, most cats have much happier lives with some sort of feline companion, even if they exist on the outskirts of each other. just make sure in the meantime you are showing lots of love and attention to kissa too, but i'm sure charlie's taking care of that!

    have so much fun with that little foxy! that photo of her leaping is the dang cutest thing in the world.

    and yes, i agree with the other gals. that dress RULES. i personally like how blousy it is. my mexican dresses don't fit over this belly anymore, but not for long!!!

  5. that photo of her in mid-air. oh .my. cuteness. and i swear someone at our local vet was saying that orange girl kittens don't exist? must not have been taking into consideration kittens from magic islands.

    in my experience, it will just take a few days/weeks of some hissing and swiping before you find the kitties curled up napping together.


  6. even without the "s", that kitten is the cutest handful ever. i feel like all orange kitties are usually crazy, in the nicest of ways. and i agree with nicole, that it will just take a while for the relationships to establish, and then each kitty will know their place.

    my epic pet story you mostly already know. but it's significant right now because 9 years ago this weekend, i picked up this little fuzzy lion dog off the highway...

    and you are radiant, as ever.

  7. Awww....such a little cutie. I remember that when we got a second cat, there was a little drama at first. Our cats aren't outside cats since we live in a city apartment. But after a little while our first cat realized that we weren't going to forget about her, and now the two get along great. I hope things go smoothly for you too.

  8. i heard the same thing that nicole said. so she must be special! we had a big fluffy orange kitty named miles. he was gentle and sweet. the picture of her leaping in the air reminds me of the kitty in the book the little island. ya know, the picture where it's flying in the air. i also love her name and the fact that you've been watching the x files :D

  9. kittenkittenkittenkitten cute!!

    i've never had a cat, but one time i found kittens abandoned by their mother underneath my parent's air conditioning unit. we fed them from bottles and gave them away to nice families. i think of those little guys whenever i see a littlelittle kitten.

  10. Out of curiosity, I looked it up. It is possible for an orange cat to be female! Male cats require only one copy of the O gene to produce an orange coat, while female cats require two copies, and one copy will produce a calico coat. SO it's just more common to have a male orange cat. Your kitten is wildly adorable and I'm super jealous!

  11. Aww, what a cutie! I never thought that I liked cats until I finally got to really know them after cat sitting for a friend for a month. He was the sweetest little guy, and so incredibly intelligent. I swear the cat talked. He had different meows for various things. My favorite story, however, was how he attempted to "play" with Henry. By that time Henry had lost most of his vision and generally preferred his grumpy old man solitude. He cared little about the cat. To annoy Henry, the cat would get up really close to him and kind of wait (to which Henry either because he could not see or care, just ignored him) after this got bored the cat would flat out smack Henry right across the face with an open paw. I know this should not be funny (given Henry was my boy), but it just was. D. and I would just crack up-- and Henry would angrily grumble off to his bed. They are very endearing creatures, those cats!

  12. nice xx :))

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  13. i just want to say that i heard the best cat name ever recently. a friend of a friend has a huge orange maine coon type cat. and his name? everything.

    that sums up how i feel about my cat! i wish i'd thought of it first! ;)

  14. Wow, she looks just like Alice! What a little twinkie-head, with that creamsicle coat and killer cat ways.

    Oh, cats will be cats. When we first got Alice, it took a while for them to be friends; now, Alice loves to lay with her face right on Lupin's bum, which skeeves me out a little, but hey, she can do what she wants. I think Kissa will get used to her eventually -- even if she never LOVES her, they develop some sort of dynamic beyond fear and revulsion.

    Then again, Alice and Sugah-Daddy (Lupin's alter-ego. He's her "older man") never got used to Lily -- do you remember her?. She had a healthy dislike of them, too, so the feeling was mutual, I suppose.

    I think if Kettu remains sweetly (read: wildly) persistent, Kissa will come around. Nay, they'll definitely be fine.

    I'm so happy to be commenting again! I've read all your posts, though I haven't been really *here* lately.

    Love Love Love!

  15. So adorable!! I used to have two wild run-around-and-chew-everything kittens like that. One of them would wake me up by licking my ears and mouth, which was, I must confess, rather gross - the breath of cat food on your face does not make for the most pleasant alarm clock. The other was fascinated by the sight of eyeballs and would climb on my chest and swat at my eyelids when I was falling asleep. It made me a bit nervous. I was kind of happy when those kittens grew up and calmed down a little bit.
    As for cat companionship issues - my eyelid-crazy kitten terrified our more staid, grown-up cat at first, but they did learn to get along, as best they could - and I like to think the older cat even started to let her hair down a bit and become a little more playful under the influence of the kitten!

  16. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this, I've had so much going on! Kettu is adorable! I think it's pretty common that adult cats keep their distance from strange kittens at first, so I wouldn't worry about Kissa not caring for Kettu at this point. I've seen adult cats freak out completely over a new kitten, and they've then become best friends with time. So Kissa should come around. Co-existence is certainly possible even if they don't become great friends - they would just avoid each other. The worst case scenario is that Kissa will not accept Kettu. A few signs of that to look out for: Kissa would start to prevent Kettu from getting to the food or to the litter box, or if they start fighting to the point where there is yowling (you'll know when you hear it) or serious contact. But from the sounds of it, Kissa is just jealous and wary, and it will take her some time to get used to the new kitten. Just give Kissa a lot of attention and make sure she knows she is loved and that Kettu hasn't stolen her place in your lives.

  17. Aww! Hello new adorable kitty friend!

    My first pet was a hamster named Tabitha who would store my broken crayons in her cheeks :)