Saturday, July 21, 2012

"That summer seemed last forever!"

To think I ever quoted Bryan (Not Ryan!!!) Adams on a blog title! But you'll understand all of my reasons once you press play.
Told you so. The River Sisters need come do a show at our local. That is, once they get the heck outta dodge Turkey and Hayle gets old enough.  

This awesome duo, featuring our very own Sara, can make Bryan Adams cool and sings such 20 something classics as Dylan's "It Ain't Me". I totally recommend to subscribing to The River Sister's Youtube feed.
This one goes out to you Missa. The planets must have totally connected Sara to us...

So many things have happened, online and off while I was on a little vacation, from my routine, from the internet and all. Babies born, my sister's day of birth celebrated, huge thunderstorms have rolled through and now, it's high summer, the languid, manic, strawberry kissed high-summer.  And from here on out, it will last forever.


  1. i've been watching their videos via facebook. they are super rad! and if they ever make to your neck of the woods i'm totally there! and btw i actually love that bryan adams song, i just can't help it. it reminds me a bit of bruce springsteen...maybe that's why i like it so. that shirt sara is cutting up in the first video is one i sent her. i'd love to see what the end product looked like :D

    happy never ending summer! i wish it did last forever!


  2. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous surprise, my dear! I was so surprised to see Hayle's and my vids when my browser lit on your page. You're just such a sweet creature, Milla. Thank you for the feature!! Hayle is right next to me, saying thank you too!

  3. Also! Anne, the tee turned into a splendid tube top. I'll post a photo on FB for you!


  4. On our trip, at Lava Beds National Monument, I gazed up at the most amazing night sky! Stars upon stars upon stars and the Milky Way stretching bright and beautiful all the way across the sky. I tried to pick out our usual suspects but got overwhelmed by the multitudes. While I did find the big dipper easily enough, the only other thing that jumped out at me was what appeared to be your corona! Anywhoo, I thought of you my star sister <3

    And speaking of sisters, Sara and Hayle are so so adorable and talented, love these clips!

  5. milla, i love the way you celebrate people. both you and heather have this way of showing your appreciation for others that helps even those of us who don't know them to open our hearts in love too.

    i was LOVING sara's most recent "vlog". i told her on FB that i had this moment of watching her, all the way across the world in turkey, while sitting in SF and thinking how amazing it was to witness her awesomeness, to love her and feel connected and to know that she was simultaneously so far away and so close.

    and much love to you, who is also a "forestlass", from your friend in the urbanscape. xoxo

  6. I agree Milla-- you have a way with sincerity. This is no small feat via the interwebs. When I saw the vids-- I thought that Sara looked familiar. They are wonderful and I did not know she sang--thanks for the intro :)

  7. Thank you Milla, I shall forever take your musical advice very much to heart. I found myself dancing about to Edward Sharpe the magnetic zeros just last week in Dublin. I found myself all quite spontaneously there, feeling like I was 19 and loving it. xx oh thank you for our very sweet comment, it made me almost blush: )