Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shop Girl

So long to the glamorous world of swimming in rivers and running in packs of girls in vintage frocks, it's back to the shop-mines for me. Really, is my plight failing to solicit empathy? Yeah, I kinda thought so. 
To alleviate/enhance the obnoxious cuteness/triviality this post, I was gonna include flower crown making/cheating tutorial, but whaddya know? Someone stole my flower bouquet! In a town where you can leave your purse on the coffee shop porch for the three days that it takes you to notice you lost it and find it exactly where you left it, someone would take a bouquet of dandelions, honeysuckle and lupines. Another time. 
In the absence of tutorial materials I whiled away the day drinking coffee and tea out of my new "Nitsan's No-Spill©™"  cup, courtesy of the artist himself and wrapping Larkspur goodies in nice packages. Were it not for the internets, I might have looked outside more longingly.
With such a minimalist space, what is there to organize?
At least bouquet thief let us keep this one. 

And of course I wore some clothes.  Most of us do.
                      Top-free from The Dump
                                 Dress-gift from Missa
                                Necklace-a lovely surprise gift from Nicole
                    Shoes-None (I wore dirty wellies to work and had to change. I'm classy)

This awesome necklace  was gifted to me late at night in a cafe in Sacramento, a surprise so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes. It seems I  have the best/generous/most stylish friends on the internet. Sadly, you will not be seeing a picture of our clandestine meeting, because sometimes it's more important to talk than take blog-worthy shots. I will say that Nicole was dressed in a stunning lavender dress and some of her signature jewellery and was as otherworldly beautiful as ever.
Oh and if you fancy a piece of Flaming Hag Folkwear Jewellery yourself, you might want to peek into here. Or simply amble on into her shop Crimson and Clover if you're withing driving distance of Sacramento. If there ever was a worthy investment it is something unique, beautiful and handcrafted.

I especially appreciate that now that I'm officially a maker and purveyor of goods myself. Go ahead, support a local business today! Go visit a shop girl! If you must buy, buy handmade! And if you happen to be in the lovely town of Nevada City, do so in the sonorously named Kitkitdizzi, where our own Amber will be a part of a talented cast of makers and sellers from her neighborhood.

It's almost dinner time, so I best close up shop and head on home, but next time, I just might take you on a little herbal/stargazing/river dipping/ girl bonding road trip...


  1. your little bouquet is sneakily out there blessing the universe! just like you, m'dear. soooo glad you got to see nicole and have company while you waited for the train. it turns out my friend ryann left THE NEXT NIGHT at midnight on the train to seattle. i was sooooo wishing you two could have traveled together, she is the one who lives in walla walla and such a pure delight.

    the shop is looking darling and light filled and welcoming. you have the sweetest balance between homefront joys and road trip adventures. i love what you wrote on my post this morning and it is soooo true, now when we all see each other it is truly just like a group of old girlfriends getting together again and picking up where we left off. can't wait till the next sesh! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. How I wish I could go visit your shop, looks so beautiful! I still want to send you some goodies, now that I'm in MO there are tons of more unique and interesting finds.I'll start a Milla Package :)
    Much Love!

  3. 1. that first picture so perfectly captures what i love about little shops. i don't know how you girls did it, but you have def created something out of a dream. although i will admit, i would be completely shy to walk into a shop like that. i would feel awkward because i would just want to drink it all in, but would feel pressured to keep it cool and nonchalant. :)

    2. i love that someone stole the bouquet. they must have really needed it! perhaps it helped patch up a rift between two hearts. let's hope so.

    3. you know what i love best about your outfit? besides having you in it? the shirt. thin, white cotton tee shirts are just my favorite. but that necklace is also drop dead AMAZING. what a fairy queen, that nicole. speaks volumes of the kind of magic you attract, too.

    4. the lighting in your shop is so soothing. is it like that in real life? the shop mines seem like the perfect place to reground after bouncing around california. a safe, sweet, healing heart space to come home to. xo

  4. the shop is simply gorgeous! just like you!

  5. Oooh, Larkspur packaging is so lovely! Almost as lovely as the shop girl herself ;) I want to come hang out in the shop with you SO BAD. I'll try on all the dresses while you wrap pretty packages and we can quiz each other about the stars, K?

    It's always so fun to see you wearing old gifts, I noticed the dress right away. I spot a familiar skirt on display too!

    So good to hear that you and Nicole were indeed able to squeeze in a nice visit, that necklace is rad, she is so sweet and generous. I wish I'd gotten to see her too.

    Oh, by the way, I did end up getting totally blinded by the sun while trying to navigate my way back onto the freeway after dropping you off. I ended up taking a wrong exit, but luckily was able to figure my way back pretty easily.

  6. i love the light in your shop-- that strikes me in every photo you have posted of this new little corner of your world.
    i am so very and truly happy that we were able to have our little visit. if only we were neighbors so we could sneak away to chat under the cover of moonlight more often. perhaps the rarity does make it even more sweet (and the potion more magical? we shall see...)
    thanks for the kind words both in type and in person, as well as--always!-- loads of inspiration. xo

  7. oooh, your shop looks lovely! Is it here, i mean close-ish? i'd love to visit! your new blog header is soooo gorgeous! off to enjoy another thoroughly rainy day!! xoxo m

  8. how fun! these pictures makes me really wish I did not live 3,000 miles away so I could visit your sweet little shop. I'm most curious about that no-spill mug? very very cool. D. and I were just talking about how we can make our mason jars (which we now use as our travel mugs/coffee cups) shatter proof by wrapping them in something. Still working on that DIY project.

  9. groovy lil space you got there!!

  10. I wish I could visit your shop! Looks so amazining :)