Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring will come and light you up again!

Hi kids! Like my new digs? I'm finally taking my hobo lifestyle to the road. A bed, a kitchenette, zero closet space...right. I am just kidding.  This magnificent, if precarious gypsy wagon actually belongs to a Barterfair  organizer, obviously more advanced in...carpentry.


I may be only make-believing, but man, it would be sweet to roll up to the campgrounds of 101 in this little camper. In the days when of the picture of an RV has replaced the once ubiquitous tent triangle as the sign for "campground", it'd be rather fun to shock and delight the retirees with this bad boy.  I guess I'll stick with our tent though.

So no, we're not living in yet another funky, if fun situation, we're finally HOME! After three months. I can't believe we made it. I mean, we had the loveliest of temporary arrangements, but being a hobo can  be a little though when you're still trying to lead a "normal" life.

Or, as the case has been for us lately, a super-normal life, meaning that we've conquered things that were in not in the cards mere months before; skill-share, new shop, new jobs, renovating...

Don't worry, our home will not retain this minimalistic look for long. We're taking moving in slow, partly because we want to inspect everything for mold-contamination and partly because we need to build bookshelves to house our impressive and overpowering collection.
But there have been a couple of stress inducing snafus along the way. Like the fact that C. had to get sinus surgery and can't lift anything heavy for two weeks.
But no matter, a house without stuff, just messes of boxes and things that don't fit anywhere, is still home when your loved one's are in it.
I'm discovering that my coping strategy with things is that I only focus on the task at hand, completely ignoring what I have to do tomorrow, or next week. Sometimes this backfires as lack of  planning, but mostly it has ensured my relatively sane survival over the last couple of months.
                                            An outfit shot! 
                                            top:I don't know where I got it
                                           dress: clothes swap
                                            vest: local consaignment
                                            sandals: free from The Dump
                                              necklace: a gift from Nicole

First we focused on painting and cleaning the house, then opening the shop, then C.'s surgery and now I'm going to try to ready my garden before I go to California, then move enough stuff out of the guest house so that Mali can move in and then worry about the rest later. I recommend this approach to anyone who feels bogged down. 
I guess I should make stuff for the shop for Labor Day Weekend too.
One of the things I've been surprisingly slow to discover about myself is that I have almost no tolerance for stress. As I recently have been telling friends and C., my problem is that I would rather be reading. No really, almost everything, even things I love doing stresses me out, because ideally I would just get up, do what I need to do to get food on the table and then read. I guess I'm not a very dynamic person. Of course there are tons of things I enjoy just as much as reading; trips, mushrooming, hanging out with friends, learning  new things, crafting, but in spite the enjoyment, these things stress me out. Reading does not.
But like I said, I'm working on coping. Because the things I do that stress me out, are ultimately also stress reducers and joy bringers.
Like this new little slug patrol we recently received.
Or the flowered headband I made, just because I had a spare moment and seemed  like a worthwhile endeavor. 
How's your spring? Busy, or not? What do you do when you're overwhelmed? 


  1. I just wish I could be reading too. It is my ultimate relaxation activity. People seem to think that being a librarian entails sitting in a library reading all day, but I never actually get to read. :(

    I find I get really easily overwhelmed with my many interests and ventures so I try to focus on one thing at a time. Even though they are fun things they can still wear you thin if you try to do everything at once.

    My focus right now is to get my vegetables growing!

  2. hoboes and houses...the ultimate conundrum....i want to live in a topsy turvy wooden contraption on wheels like your dream rv above, so bad. and yet i love the comforts of home and cats and backyard and books! and YES. i would soooo rather be reading ALL the time! like alisha above, people think cause i work in a bookstore i get to read all day, HA! never. but i do get to glimpse some beautiful tomes and store up ideas for more future reading.

    loving your springly outfit. that is pure milla-ness, and i need a flower crown lesson. everyone else seems to whip those up quickly but i would have no idea where to begin. well maybe if i really set my mind to it, but first you need a plethora of different blooms, like your gorgeous assortment!

    good luck with each task at a time. i think i'll try that too. while also taking inspiration from charlie and kissa with a comfy bed and some frequent resting :)

  3. You're looking so beautiful and healthy, me lass. I was worried about you for a while, honestly, hoping that you were well. So glad to see that you are! And I hope Charlie is recovering well. That sly fox, getting surgery just when heavy lifting has to be done. ;)

    Your outfit is gorgeous, loving the warm-weather-you!

    I have to laugh, because I get stressed out over things -- too many things -- but what calms me down and brings me the most joy is organizing things. Gardening is what speaks to my heart the most, but any kind of hand work, like knitting, sewing, jewelry making, sooth my frazzled mind. Getting things in order, even the smallest things, makes a difference. And then there's makin' lists. I write everything down, hah.

    It's a treat to see you back here so often, my dear!


  4. omg, girl. i would rather be reading too. and the older i get, the more reclusive i get. i realized recently that i don't really want to do things. i just want to read about them being done. that was a blow to my self image of Adventurous Wild Child.

  5. Absolutely happy you get to finally be home and what a trooper you are! A lot to take on a new shop, hubby in surgery and re-discovering your house,so to speak. All of that, however , is a beautiful new chapter in your life and I think it looks abundantly fruitful. Love your outfit and flower crown!

  6. beautiful dawling! love the outfit (as always, i don't think you could ever wear an outfit i didn't love) and i second heather's crown tutorial. like her, i have attempted to make one several times with zero luck. glad you're home, and i like your new feathered friends.

    when i read the first sentence i almost got REALLY jealous :D you joker you! i totally believed you. i was looking at rv's on craigslist this week. of course, i really want a vw westfalia, but we have outgrown that dream so a small rv would be my next choice. anyway, i'm visualizing. if i do that enough it will become a reality.

    stress. boo! as you probably read on my blog, i have been quite stressed as of late. turns out having a 13, 10, almost 4 and 1 year old can be really trying. :D juggling everyone's needs and personalities can seem so overwhelming and all the while trying to do my house duties and spend time with my husband AND get some quiet alone time in. to deal with it all i have been doing short, intense workouts, eating as healthfully as i possibly can and getting outside. turns out exercise, some good vitamin D and nourishing foods can go a long way! ha! who woulda guessed. i do feel much better this week, thank the Lord!

    i hope C heals quickly from surgery and did i read correctly...california?

  7. hee, i'm with anne! i saw that hobowagon and didn't blink an eye...of COURSE you would get one of those! and was immediately trying to quell a mini temper tantrum that i wish i could do something like that, when i realized you were kidding. stinker!

    but here's an idea, and i'm actually not joking...what if all us gals pitched in to buy/create something like that together? the details of how, when and where would have to be serendipitous, as well as where it would live, but just think...a couple of times a year, we could bust out the hobowagon and take a little trip, picking up whatever gal wanted to go, along the way!

    and what a great idea, and doesn't it just stress you out a bit too? although i'm usually willing to suck it up for greatness. but your process around doing and creating and the stress it brings sounds SO similar to what i have been realizing this past year. since having a kid, i can't put the pedal to the metal anymore, because i just don't have it in me. i'm still recovering from my presentation at our conference 4 weeks ago! we're going to strawberry music fest next weekend, and i already know it will be a tricky balance between enjoying and being utterly maxed out. because i don't want to be totally reclusive (which is my M.O.), i am playing with "advanced planning"...planning out all the steps well in advance, so that there is no last minute "push". that, and knowing my limits and just saying "no" when i need to, is how i'm navigating right now.

    kiss your ducks for me...what cuties! and give a kiss for yourself too, flower queen. love you!

  8. I get you with the stress! A friend and I have a table at a craft fair in two Sundays and I have barely anything ready. Which is madness because I meant to sell things I enjoy making. Yet I am avoiding it. Eeps! Good to hear you are finally home, even if poor C had that surgery. Now you get to settle in all over again and do it in an organized fashion this time!

  9. Oh I am glad you have found home again, that will help the stress enormously I am sure. Its all so pretty too, that helps also: ) These sunny moments you capture, and the light the way it seems to be there are beautiful. I am sorry C is unwell, but recovering at least, I ma glad of that. It seems that perhaps a lot of the work is done, the hard stuff anyway, what' s left maybe good work, your crafting. When I was crafting a lot last year, doing a short stint on etsy with hats, I listened to books on tape. It worked for a while: ) For stress reduction I breathe, and I look at the story of my own life unfurling like a fern, and its cycles, and I try to remain interested rather then overwhelmed. This idea can be quite funny, and at times I find myself laughing out loud in the most challenging situations, especially around having enough money, which has been my biggest stressor the last couple of years. When I feel that stress building, I say, How interesting, I wonder what direction this will take me in, whoever will I meet, what will this make, I also tap with EFT.
    When I talk with my daughter, i also say to her, Life is a book, the best book you will ever read, you will never know what's coming and that makes it very exciting. Some chapters will be hard, some maybe even scary, but others are pure heaven, we are adventurous characters in the book of our lives, and its all a great mystery. We even name some chapters.
    I am still so excited about your shop, and I really hope you find your way of coping with the stress. Accepting your bookish nature is a great start, loving it and allowing it to somehow work for you too, could be an idea. How can you read and work and play? Maybe there is a way to do that x
    Blessings to you and the flowers of May, one in the same.
    x E

  10. Totally worthwhile endeavor!

    I recently realized that reading is a very powerful de-stressor for me. It's not an escape or a waste of time, it's a way for me to totally reset my body and nervous system.

    That RV is so amazing! Is it true what you say that that icon is replacing the tent on road signs? That's sad.

    I can't believe you scored those sandals at the dump!

    Um okay, very excited to scroll down and read about Larkspur now!!!

  11. Hi Milla, I read your post a while ago, but didn't comment cos I didn't have the time to write what I meant back then. Argh, I hear what you are saying about stress, and even little things causing some anxiety. Sometimes it takes a huge amount of effort and oomph for me to address the little things that I consistently put off til later! I get like that often. Most of the time I think I'm just trying to deny the perfectionist in me; perfectionism causes stress (it means that i hate trying to make a good go of anything), unfortunately for me, so does procrastination - cause stress. I just had to explain to a friend why I couldn't meet up for coffee tomorrow - cos i'm leaving for a holiday in 3 weeks. To me that sounded like an excellent reason as to why I can't be social right now, i'm busy thinking about tidying up my house and making sure the passports are somewhere that I'll remember ;P...but she was befuddled. ALSO, I think I'm getting myself a reputation as a messy, couldn't give a f*ck, unreliable she-devil...I never clean my car, i hardly ever dust my house, I DON'T give out Loot bags at my kids parties (shock horror!)and I leave pretty much leave everything to the last minute - and get this....sometimes I'm busy.......READING. I was so surprised to see your home all cream and looking very minimalist! You have to tell me lady, how you guys found out you had a mould problem and what the landlord did to fix it. It is such a massive issue over here in winter. Oh, and I'm totally doing a sadface right now that we won't get to meetup...but that's okay, maybe another time. Happyface! much love xx

  12. spring is so full of motion and movement. after months of the gray canopy and staying indoors to avoid the weather, when the sun comes out it's hard not to get caught up in the whirlwind of activity! i feel pulled in so many directions, and that's when my stress levels go up. when there are days i want to stay indoors despite the gorgeous weather, i feel guilty and retroactively regretful. lately i've been escaping in harmful habits. i'm crawling out of that now.

    congratulations on your newest endeavor! would i be able to get the location of the store? i would like to visit during my island romps this summer!