Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuck the darkness in

Nettle brew
 Another day, another post from The Bus. I bet I'm not the only one who'll be sad when our small traveling tribe leaves this abode for the next. In the meantime, I'm posting up a storm, apparently.

There's about a million and one lovely emails from friends and family I've failed to reply to in these long, computerless months, but tackling those kind of scares me right now. Yesterday I started feeling sick again, with a mix of cold symptoms and tummy troubles and though I feel a lot better today, it was an important reminder that my body is really quite weakened by the prolonged mold-exposure.
moomin's gotta eat too!
Being of ill health makes you really appreciate the nourishing effects of different foods.
Lately, I've been craving nori, kale and (shocker!) meat.  For the last three months I've been having meat a couple of times a week, an all time high for me. I find that my body is pretty good at telling me what I need and try to follow the cravings it stirs up. What's interesting is that I'm not alone with my new diet;  a lot of (ovo-lacto) vegetarians I know have been converting to omnivorism lately.

On Monday I made this bowl in honor of two wonderful, simple dishes I ate while in California: a nori, rice, avocado, onion and garlic bowl at The Gratitude Cafe in Healsdburg and a cold rice salad with lemon, olive oil, kale and walnuts (?) at Mary's house in San Fran. Will you please post the recipe Mary, it was so nourishing. 

Engineers ahoy! 
I hope ya'll aren't done being entertained by Bus-shots, because that's how I've been amusing myself, in between reading and crafting. Guess I'm taking full advantage of the computer with internet and all, don't hold your breath that this'll keep up in the future. 
Coat of coats
flowerpots no eggs needed 
It's not all sweetness and light around here, there's also mess.But it's a beautiful mess.
  messness king of the castle Mom and pop


  saint braidget 
This is not how stylish I dress when I'm sick, trust me. It's all sweatpants from here on out. But the goodness from Nicole's package is as good a medicine as garlic. And a lot less stinky.

food for the soul

So sweet sista!
Mali went to Seatown the other day and brought me back this really cute mug. She's such a sweetie. Wow, I'm fully engaging in blog-talk. Cute. Adorable. Lovely.
No, you are!

We're istening to the new Bowerbirds album the Clearing on repeat.  Which is amazing. It makes us pretty darn excited to be seeing them in a week.
really? you took a picture of a computer? that's amazing 
While lollygagging on the internet I found this awesome documentary about the album. At the risk of sounding like such a total "blogger" I have to just state that Beth and Philip are really adorable. Hearing them discuss their sadness and brake-ups and building a cabin makes your heart ache for them a little and like them a whole lot more.

As you may know from previous posts, my husband and I pretty much only agree on three bands, Bowerbirds being one. Their music is so honest and heart-rending, with lyrics about the things that concern many of us the most, care for the natural world, sorrow for the pains of this plane. Yet they're also very life-affirm and hopeful.

But don't take my word for it. Have a listen:

Life and death sure are beautiful things when written to music.


  1. sorry you are sick again. i have been sick too and it blows. i am such a fan of kale. such a fan. i want what you are having, and i second that mary should share that recipe, it sounds delicious. i mean, it sounds adorable. lovely. dare i say, fabulous! i am curious what bands you and your old man disagree on now. i've never heard the bowerbirds before. feel better soon!

  2. each of those videos just moved my lil old spirit deeply, thank you. i can imagine the serene playful flowing motions of your bus days when i listen to bowerbirds; i am listening to the old album now which i once long ago bought upon your recommendation. "you are already free."

    oh the bus, the dreamy dreamy bus! i thought i commented on your last post because i pored over it so deeply and breathed in the luscious details through my screen, but then i went and took a peep and i hadn't commented? i think i have a mental conversation going with you at all times and it makes me feel like i'm having good sweet milla time in my heart :) i hope you start to feel better soon and with all that love and goodness and garlic and calico around you, i think you shall. much love sweet sis.

  3. i hope you are feeling better - nori and kale and yummy meat sounds like a great way to bounce back from the mold exposure. my body has been craving simliar stuff as well. i was vegetarian for a long time, was even vegetarian while pregnant, but i feel like i need meat now, and lots of kale, too! :)

    thanks for sharing all the fabulous bus pictures and the music! and of course the moomin mug. ;)

  4. Loving the bus posts, I've always wanted to live in a bus/airstream/or tipi!!!

  5. With every picture you post I fall more and more in love with that bus.
    I know reality is propably much harsher,
    but through the filter of the internet it just seems like a dreamland over there...


  6. I don't think I commented on your last bus post, which is criminal of me, because I've been poring over those pics on Flickr....the housebus is so romantic, unbelievably so....yet it is so! I'm glad you're blogging up a storm, you're sadly missed when you're away and busy with life (which yes, is for living I know). I've been hiding out here, as in spending too much time on the internets - my real life is too crowded right now. Too many people wanting too much. I'm helping out on a good friend's baby shower, and I swear, some people are treating it as if its the Queens coronation or some such ridiculous excursion.Naturally, I'm rebelling and being stubborn about it.I want to know what Kale is? Sorry you are getting sick again...have a rest, have some tea and peace to you. xxx

  7. Awww, the SIS mug... that Smocktop of yours, she's a keeper! I must say, your life is lookin' pretty dreamy these days and has me wanting to climb through the screen and be all "pass me the pipe ladies, fill up my mug, shall we chat in the sunshine?" or "pass me that 70's snuggy and turn on the X-files, let's all knit in the nook!" Bus life sounds pretty blissful...

    Yes, Mary needs to post that recipe, it was sooooo goooood. I keep telling Lucas we need to plant some dino kale ASAP! I hope the yummy nourishment you're partaking in is clearing up those pesky symptoms.

    Yay for the Nicole package goodness! I got a lil' somethin' wonderful from her myself the other day :)

    You all must be so excited about the Bowerbirds show! How fun. I'll be seeing Mazzy Star in Petaluma next Friday!!! Super stoked. Their first show in like 15 years I think it is. Wish I could bring you with me, I imagine their dreamy psychedelic tunes will create a portal that would at least get us back as far as the 90's for an evening ;) Big sister hugs to you!!!

  8. Mess is okay, it means a place is lived in, it's when the place is filthy you have to start worrying! Sweet mug :) Kale is really good on pizza! A nice homemade crust, some pesto for sauce, kale, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and some mozzarella... mmm!

  9. i will never tire of bus pictures. like missa, i want to climb through the screen and hang out. coffee, kale, knitting, x files, prairie frocks- it all sounds perfect!

    so you and c have different taste in music? what are his favorite bands/singers? you gotta tell us who the other 2 bands are that you both like. sorry, these things really interest me :D

    hope you feel better. i'm not feeling great today either, damn cough came back! and you know, a lot of my veggie friends are now eating meat. they have said the same thing you said, that they were just craving it. interesting.

    peace out little lady!

  10. in between being completely smitten by you and your bus life, sick or no, i wanted to pop on just for a sec to tell you this...that today i am leading a full outdoor therapy session with a wonderful person who has a terribly traumatic past. i am bringing us lunch and tea...and the tea is made from the wildcrafted nettles you sent. so talk about nourishing! i believe they not only contain the wildness of your island bioregion, but i believe they also hold some of your own grace and magic. from you to me, from me to her, healing all around. love you!

  11. Ooh, I liked them both! And that bus of yours is awesome! I'm going to have to back track a bit as I've been limited on blog browsing time recently! Hope you heal quickly friend! Funny how much you appreciate all the things your body does to keep itself running until it can't and has been defeated by an invader! Here's to health!

    PS, I don't think anyone responded to my Andrew Bird post, but I wonder if you might like him? I've been listening to his album "Break it Yourself" on Spotify. I found him by the song Give it Away, which I still totally love, but his other stuff is pretty amazing too! :D Happy Tuesday Pretty Lady!!

  12. You're the cutest. The bus is the bestest. Those recipes look like the delisciousest. I do hope Mary posts that recipe! That's so great you got to go to Cafe Gratitude. Isn't it so satisfying and inspiring? Even greater is that you're healing, and that you know so well how to take care of yourself. So much love from me to you sweetie, keep on keeping on. Springtime renewal and gentle inner flushing out are immediately inevitable!

  13. I love when you post messy pictures :) It makes us feel better to know that life is never as tidy or perfect as it seems in the blogosphere. The bus is so adorable and how generous is your friend? Sorry you are feeling lousy lately. I bet once summer comes you'll rejuvenate yourself through lots of sunshine :)

    I just re-read this post and realized how awkward and choppy I sound. I have been toiling the last of several weeks at the dissertation. It is finished! But apparently with it so went any last bit of eloquence I had. Very sorry. Good to see you friend.

  14. Oh, so sorry to hear you are feeling sick! But at least you are nourishing your body with such healthy foods. Also, love the bus photo tour! Thank you for sharing! Lovely as always!

  15. I have to remember to eat nourishing foods when I'm down. I either skip out or eat what I know is not good for me. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. what a wild time this is for health! i am finally back in blogger land....i missed everyone when i transferred to wordpress, so now i'm back at blogspot. wheee! come say hi sometimes. we are selling our bus, i hope someone buys it and makes it a sweet home like that one. what is your chinese zodiac sign, do you know? <3

  17. I love beautiful messes and getting apeek into your bus-life is absolutely brilliant! Hope you get better. Drink tea with ginger ;)