Sunday, March 25, 2012

This very morning!

Sunday, sunny Sunday! I'm blogging live from Mali's super-sweet bus abode, a first. I'm sorry that I still don't have anything particularly insightful to report, but I've been rather overwhelmed with clearing out my moldy house.

Spring is here, though, gardens being planned, sun is out in bouts, piercing the cold air. Life surges out of the soil, new, raw, naked, vulnerable. Tenacious. That was kind of the theme of my fertility awareness class; life is tenacious, it wants to happen. But more about that later.
The breakfast makers
This post is just a little preview of our blessed bus life. Maybe tonight I'll post the slew of pictures I've taken since we moved in.
While I blog, others make breakfast.
Here she is!

The last stop
lookin' trough my window
coffee grind
My name's on this mug!
That's all for now, more soon, but most importantly: the winner of the giveaway is Kerry of Equine Bovine! Get hold of Sara stat to claim your sweet, sweet prize.


  1. I am ABSOLUTELY GOING TO live in a home like that someday!!! I've been obsessed with quirky houses my entire life, and buses, driftwood, and trees are my favorite building materials:) It sucks that your house is moldy but what an adventure it can be!

  2. Oh, my, goodness. I can't believe you are living in a bus house. I really like alternative living and this is pretty great.

  3. I love that you inhabit a world where a super sweet bus abode like this actually exists! SO. RAD. It looks way cozy and reminds me of my parents' old blue school bus out in the field when I was a wee thing. They never got around to pimping it out like this though!

    Love little glimpses into your magical world dear. Missin' you and yes, let's talk May sooooon! Good luck with the great mold clean-out. Ugh. Though your interim living situations are making it a little tough to feel too sorry for ya ;)

  4. It's my Rolling Homes dreams come true! What a lucky girl you are Milla, to have such a pretty sprite of a friend with such a lovely home.

  5. I sense happiness! Wellness! And dryness rather than dampness! M'gosh isn't that bus the stuff dreams are made of? I keep trying to convince Steve that we could all fit in one and live happily ever after but it isn't working; i probably should show him this post. much love! x

  6. i love your friend's bangs! and what a sweet bus. glad all is well with you!

  7. oh, what a beautiful place! i love buses for living in. :) good luck with the mold (we have had it here too, argh!) and happy spring to you!

  8. oooooh the buslife! what a dream. seeing it's photo makes me want to come inside and have a cup of tea with you cuties. yes please do post more tonight!!!

  9. Wowzers! What fun! The bus life looks like a good life for sure! I'm glad to see your in such good hands and spirits while the de-molding is going on. These pictures are pretty darn dreamy, I'm kinda jealous right now :)

    Hugs and kisses,

  10. What a cute little home! I would be happy as a clam living in a place like that. Now if only Canada didn't have winter half the year... (although supposedly that may be a thing for the past, hah!) I see a solar panel! What a great place :D

  11. That place is what you only dream about! Omg! So, so Rad! It makes me happy to know such places really exist!

  12. i can't wait to see more of the bus! yay yay!

  13. What a lovely place to live! Looks like a great time. There is so much light!