Thursday, March 15, 2012

...and I was thought by the land to think right for myself

Happy Wednesday! Have I told you lately that I love my sister, Mali? Well it bears repeating, because she's the best! Not only is she the most generous, sweetest person ever, letting C., Kissa and I stay with her while our house is getting de-molded (uuum...I'm pretty sure that's a word blogger, you bastard. No? Really?), she's the best pal, a great cook, lends me her computer so that I can post pictures of her, and lends her amazing illustration skills (you may remember the Kidlet studying something in Canada...) to the little "free school" my friend Callie, her, C. and I started.
No really, the Kidlet makes work fun and, as evidenced by the poster below, beautiful too.
That's right! We're keeping a bit busy. It's only packing all of my belongings, preparing for the class, facilitating and organizing other classes, taking classes (Permaculture! Native Ecology! Plant Genetics! Oh my...) learning to milk goats, harvesting nettles and the cow milking season is starting next week. So you know. It's a good thing I have the Kidlet.
If you observe the awesome poster Mali's mock examining, we're running a Appalachian String Band Class, though by my dear milk maid accomplice Heather, in cahoots with some other talented musicians. I wish I wish I could teleport Amber and her fiddle and prairie frocks here for that shindig.
It is almost, kinda, sort of spring here. Sunny one moment, pouring down spring rain the next, but luckily the moment Smocktop (No really, blogger, it's a proper noun, or something like it!) snapped these shots of my outfit the sun came out, beautifully. With your generous encouragement and Smocktop's computer, I hope to post some more outfits. I've been having such fun with clothes lately, packing up and discovering all of my long lost treasures.
(I'll even post outift details, can you believe it?!?)
Top-Barter Fair (traded about a bag of nettles for it;)
faux suede skirt-The Dump, altered by me. (This was on my I want that damn it list for a loong time. Yayya for The Dump!)
Vest-the lovely, generous Brigit (who also cut her bangs recently-check out my mullet top Brigit)
Feather necklace-by the amazing and talented Nicole

In addition to all of our other adventures (and there are more to come!), Kidlet, C. and I are going to see this miraculous band in Seatown next month, and boy are we excited! As soon as I heard that their new album The Clearing was coming out, I got us tickets to the show. It's a family tradition, after all. Seatown hipsters-watch out! We'll make you dance!

That's all for now folks, I'll be back, possibly with some environmental infomercials, maybe an epic California post and definitely some more pictures of little old Moleskin.

Confused by the number of nicknames the girl's got? Don't be. In Finnish we have a saying that "a beloved child has many names" and boy, is she beloved. Smocktop, Kidlet, Moleskin, Ruu, Mole, Il Mole, Molestar, Ruuruu...


  1. Wowee, (also not a word apparently) - you're keeping busy. I'm a huge fan of natural fertility (it's how my babes were born)...and am always surprised at how little alot of ladies know about themselves and their bodies. I'm glad you're helping others along! Your weather sounds like ours right now, and so sweet to see you dressing up and taking a little bangs? I like it! We just joined our local CSA, the dropoff lady came over yesterday, she has green hair, a good omen indeed.

  2. such a sweet and loving post! I've never heard the bowerbirds before... life on the islands/peninsula looks quite idyllic! xo m

  3. oh god! you two are adorbs. Im up for sisterly adoption, by the way !

  4. The show sounds like fun and I love that you have a million names for your sister! Maybe we are Finnish too with all the nick names we all go by in my house?!!! ;) Your sisters posters are amazing and go ahead and put me down for both classes! I wanna come! :D

  5. oi oi! Kuulostaa mahtavalta:-)

  6. smocktop is so darling...and her creations match her cuteness! what a rad artist! so glad you have'r on the island of late to care for you during your transitional time. isn't it the best to go through old clothes? i have been doing that a lot due to a certain growing belly...i never know what i'll find in the ole closet depths!

    can't wait to hear about the LOVE that you guys are doing this.

  7. What a sweet girl! A true friend and sister indeed!!

    Yay for fertility awareness! I have read the huge book about it, it's great. When I was a senior in high school my religion teacher had two women come in and teach us about natural family planning. I was not sexually active at the time, but I decided then that when I got married I would definitely practice it. I totally wish I could come to the class!

    Love the mullet top! You look happy and busy and beautiful!

  8. YOU DARLING THING! And yes, I wish so badly that I could be there for the Appalachian Sting Instrument class! If there are any handouts or anything and you can score one for me, PLEASE do.

    My goodness, you are surrounded by so much talent and beauty and goodness. I feel so proud of you for all that you're accomplishing! So blessed to be in some proximity to it! So grateful that you share it with all of us!

    Please do tell us how the classes go. The Plant Genetics sounds amazing too. I want to live on Lopez.

  9. Oh, Molestar (what an awesome nickname) is so cute. And so are you!!

    What wonderful and noble ventures to keep y'all busy, my dear. I've read a bit about natural birth control... makes me wish I could come to the class. I mean, I don't really need it now, but some day. Wishing I could go to the Appalachian string instrument class, as well. Get my mando skills on!

    You should tell us more about these classes, I think! ;)


  10. Loving the (proper noun) Smocktop!

  11. i love your mullet top, makes me wish i could wear bangs. i think you two brought the sunshine out, you are so lovely. oh, Smocktop.....

  12. You and your sister are such lovelies! I simply adore everything about your blog, it always makes me smile!

  13. You are both just gorgeous and adorable at the same time! I love both of your hairstyles. And your clothes, and your happy spirits! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Hi!! i have been computer-less for so long, but i am re-emerging on my honey's dinosaur PC. glad to catch up on your blog. will you post about what you are teaching in your fertility awareness class? i know some stuff but always trying to learn more. or if you have already posted, will you link me?? love!!

  15. Well, you know I love me a Milla outfit post more than most things in life ;) so yay! Also, how adorable is Smocktop??? You two make the most darling duo ever, what a dream team! Her posters are gorgeous. I do hope I get to meet the amazing Miss Molestar one day :)

  16. Long time lurker, first time commenting...

    I like the name Smocktop...descriptive yet just so cute.

  17. hi sweet milla! i read this post a few days ago, and the photos of your sunshiney sister, as well as her beautiful artwork and your free classes have kept inspiration fluttering around my heart. i so wish i could be on your island just to sit in on all your classes. except i might be too enthusiastic, sitting in the back and holding up a lighter like i'm at a concert or something. i think it's rad that you are offering the magic of yourself. and what a good idea, the fertility awareness class...all women should know where they are at in their cycles, to get to know themselves in this rhythmic and intuitive way. even if they don't use it for birthcontrol, just being deeply in touch with one's cycle is so powerful.

    always always your posts leave me with a delicious blend of heartfelt longing for a truer life and inspired gratitude for your presence in the world. xoxo

  18. siblings are the very very best. this post reminds me of how much i love my blood brother and my god siblings. thanks for posting!