Thursday, January 5, 2012

You see, I am alive. I am alive.

Happy New Year, friends! The time of resolutions, promises to better the self, sometimes empty, sometimes so fulfilling. Not one for making them for the fear of braking them, I did declare some continuous goals to work on last year and I'm happy to say that most of them fell into practice; we worked at self-sufficiency and simplicity, with varying degrees of success (and lots of lessons learned), strived for being more satisfied with what we have, bought fewer things and helped others and volunteered when we could.

(My favorite picture from last year!)

Had I known this time last year what the future had in store for us all I might have witheld even these small goals and simply woved to survive the best I could, but thankfully you gotta live life to see it unfold.
Little Red Lumberjack
I can't say that I'm sad to leave behind that year of turmoil, pain, animosity, disasters, upheaval, shake-ups and brake-ups, but I also believe that these events, however painful at the time, are necessary for our growthl. For every earth shaking quake and nuclear disaster there is an Arab Spring and an American Autumn, it seems. The flipside of the fear and madness of this world is all the beauty, the connection, love, nourishing, will to change, revolution, be it personal, or political or both.

Blogs and blogging often gets blamed (and sometimes for good reason!) for sugar-coating the gritty painfulness of reality, showing only the good and leaving out the bad, but I like to think that by sharing the good, sweet things in our everyday lives we can learn to appreciate them more ourselves.

So I've gathered here some of my favorite images and times from last year-and-lo-and-behold if it hasn't been a truly magical one, in spite all the darkness and hardships.
Sight see-er
From epic birthdays to epic roadtrips...
My moon my man

Before the way

Faces in the rocks




Clear water

I'm small
The Sisterhood in Their Natural Habitat
To all my Moon Sisters.
Shopper's Delight
Aunt Heather


Here's tea!
And Kale
Spring greens, summer bounty, and animal friends...
my nettles! all mine...

Faraway friends and favorite bands...


Island adventures and slow travel...
And the band played on...
To this island
Her Crown
And the Island shook?
This is my poncho m*****f***ers!
On the hill
Revival atmosphere
More tambourine on this one

Dancing all night and walking all day...

There's this prayer that I learned somewhere in a book once, that I like to say to myself in moments of doubt and said often in this last year:

You see, I am connected to the earth,
You see, I am connected to the sky,
You see, I am connected to the people,
You see, I am alive.
I am alive.

Looking at these pictures reminds of that. What I thought of as a though time, is now just happy memories.
To a brand new year of memories, my dears!


  1. oh yay! you're back. i was just going to send a "milla!!! where are you???" through the universe :D
    boy, is this recap of yours filled with pure beauty! i find myself saying once again, "wow she lives in a magical place!"

    i am not sad to see 2011 go either. it was a tough year for sure. so here's to new beginnings! a fresh start! the good lord knows i need one!

    happy new year!

  2. ;lmao, i thought you were quoting Pearl Jam. i'm a dork. i dreamed about you last night! you came to visit me and my dad's house and you had this pop out caravan thing that had a million things to sell. there were wooden earrings and clothes and strange knick knacks. i warned you not to leave it outside unattended and you didn't listen so it was being robbed by this kid i went to junior high with when we came back outside, and i scolded him like i was his mother, but he wouldn't give us your stuff back. you were very calm about all of this. you were there with your blue green bangs. i woke up feeling happy we hung out. dreams are so funny. happy new year and thanks for sharing all these gorgeous pictures! i miss you. post more!!!!

  3. awwww dear friend, what a glorious year indeed. for everyone around here, it was a hard one, but we have talked long and hard about the beauty of the skeleton woman, of going through the ugly stuff, the changes, decaying and deaths, to refresh and revitalize and grow and forever change. your perspective is always so beautiful, wise and true. and your pure spirit and magical witchiness shine through in these amazing photos. so glad i got to share a special part of this past year with you...and can't wait to see what will happen this year! i like to think it might be a year we can all let go a little, breathe deep sighs of relief and bask in gentle love and kindness, friendship, good decisions and good growing journeys. LOVE to you sister.

  4. what a lovely sweet community you have! happy new year and thanks for the inspiring post!
    xo m

  5. Good to see you again! It's funny how hindsight works that way - we don't need to worry about anything because it's over.

    That is a fitting mantra - one I'd like to remember.

  6. thankyou for the 2011 trip ,girl. I wish i knew you gals last year so i could of met up with you .i love all the pictures you post. i truly love where you live and how good you make it look ,baby!

  7. i thank you for sharing all these gorgeous photos. i feel blessed to be part of a couple.
    and so a new year begins with all its hopes--among them that we may all make it to the symposium this spring!
    i owe you email, but in the meantime i hope you feel our warm wishes floating your way. and i hope that if there's ever anything we can help you with, you will holler :)

  8. It's so strange that I have only been reading your blog for one year...and Milla, it has changed me and my view on life. Especially since through your blog I met Mary of Terrallectualism and then ended up sending a package across the seas to Nicole (aka Flaming Hag Folkwear). Many happy wishes for the new year.

  9. It HAS been a year of strange happenings indeed. It made me think of others more - the bad stuff - reminded me that i can be compassionate and feel grief for people I don't even know. I imagine that this empathy was shared by many? Which is surely a good thing, teaching us to be less selfish. One can hope. Anyway my dear, I hope to be able to meet up with you this late June, early July. I will be travelling about NoCal for two weeks thereabouts. Leaving for home on the 5th of July!
    much love and hope for the new year to you1

  10. there is definitely something to be said about focusing on what we are grateful for, as you did in this picture post, and i think i am getting better at it myself all the time. it's part of what i intend to continue to focus on in this new year.

    i learned so much in 2011, good and bad, and am excited for all the new things to come in 2012!

  11. "I like to think that by sharing the good, sweet things in our everyday lives we can learn to appreciate them more ourselves."

    Me too! That sentiment has always been at the heart of how I feel about blogging and why I approach it the way I do. If that makes me a sugar-coater, well ha! so be it ;)

    WOW, so many sweet and beautiful moments shared here and I too feel so blessed to have been there to take part in a few! Yay for making it through a rough year and being able to look back and see the beauty my sweet friend, I'm so glad :)

    Here's to a new year and hopefully a chance to make some wonderful new memories together!!! Missin' you and sending my love <3

  12. To a new year! Huzzah! So glad you're around, no matter how often.


  13. It seems so unreal for me just to see a photo of all you ladies together, I can imagine how dreamlike it is to be together in person! I'm definitely glad you're still alive ;) And very, very happy and thankful that you keep on comin' back to this blog and sharing your world with us. I'd miss you to bits if you went away! To a new year full of memories! :)

  14. Happy New Year to you. Lovely mantra at the end. Thank you for sharing yourself so honestly. :)

  15. combine pain and darkness with a heart of gold and right life, and you get RICHNESS. every beautiful picture here documents that. looking at them is like taking a homeopathic constitutional remedy for hope. yum. that photo of all you ladies was one of my first introductions to your blog tribe, and i am grateful to have connected with you all in the small way that i have. happy new year miss milla, i send you blessings for health, stamina, an abundance of life force, grounded intellect, wise heart, nourishing play and love love lots of love. xo

  16. MILLLLLLA. I was just telling Adam last night that I feel like I need to cry, but I have no reason to. Well, scrolling down through these photos just now made me burst into tears! So, so beautiful honey. Thank you for the catharsis.

    My goodness. You next to the beehives with that wrap on your head. Those unbelievable nettles!! The mountain top seed dispersal exhale. The sweet rest on the patchwork blanket. Sigh...

    I love you. Here's to hugging each other soon...

  17. kirjoitat hyvin,viisaasti ja
    kuvistasi välittyy välitön ilo ja kauneus.
    Tykkään niin tuosta kuvasta,jossa istut kannolla.
    toivon että voit hyvin:-)

  18. What a full and vibrant year in photos, seriously!!! There are so many good ones. I know we tend to sugar coat things a bit in the bloggy world (Anne and I now like to say "lovely" just laugh about what we/people write on blogs). But really? You've inspired me to live a more simple "what do I NEED?" rather than "what do I want?" kinda life this last year. I was talking about that with Jessica a while back- she was totally on board with it too- thanks for the inspiration. I do love this bloggy sister hood that the internet has provided us- getting to experience a snippet of each others lives! Happy Saturday Lady- hope you're well :D

  19. I love those photos of you and the gals!! I also have to tell you how much I love the photo of the little honey bee buddy! And last, I LOVE the colors in your bangs! Happy 2012 <3

  20. You have fantastic style and lovely friend! Thanks for sharing all the pretty outdoors pictures, they were inspiring!