Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You went in for a winter hat and came out with the Height Street Headband...

...or maybe that was me. Ever since I first "met" this lovely lady through Wardrobe Remix, I've been gazing longingly at her beautiful crotchet pieces, which she herself models with such flare. For literally years I've dreamed of owning a Softspoken Bubble Beret.

And what's stopping me exactly, with the totally affordable prices and endless color selections that Rachael offers with her beautiful handmade wares? Just the latter.
Softspoken Granny Tank in Paprika and Cream
Is it wrong for me to want to own a beret in every color?
Lux Bubble Beret in Lavender Purple - Slouchy Beret Hat - Baby Alpaca - Softspoken
I think not. It is however, entirely unacceptable that I have not been able to make up my damn mind for three whole years. It's just that all the colors are so amazing that it is way too hard to decide whether one should get theirs in a practical, gorgeously subdued charcoal, or a bright, dazzling sunshine yellow, which would make me smile, but might not go with every outfit ever. So you can see where my difficulty in buying a piece I've actually wanted for aeons might stem from.
Bubble Beret in Beige Ruby Red Shimmer - Slouchy Beret Hat - Softspoken - VEGAN
Bubble Beret in Light Brown Golden Haystack - Slouchy Beret Hat - Softspoken - VEGAN
But darn it, if it isn't cold, what with the winter truly beginning on Solstice and my head needs to be stylishly covered.
Haight Street Headband in Crimson - VEGAN
So that's where you come in, folks. Benefit from my utter indecisiveness! Support an awesome artisan! If you help me pick a color, I'll get you one too. It's a Solstice Giveaway!

All you need to enter is pick out your favorite Bubble Beret and post your choice in the comments. The winner will be drawn and announced on Solstice Eve (12.21.11) and the beret will arrive on your doorstep whenever Rachael has the time to take the hook in her nimble fingers, probably after the new year.
Softspoken Chain Scarf - Long Length in Apple - VEGAN
While we're not doing much Holiday-giftage this year (instead, we're renting a house here on the Island for the whole family to be together in), were I in need of gifts to buy, I would look no further than my favorite etsy shops. I love holiday craftfairs, but I usually need to leave them after browsing just a few booths, lest I succumb to total overstimulation of the senses.
Sunburst Beret in Mustard Yellow Gold - Slouchy Beret Hat Tam Toque - Merino Wool Blend - Crochet -  Softspoken
Whether it be online or in your neighborhood, supporting crafty entrepreneurs like Rachael, is to me just putting your money where your mouth is, getting those things we need, or want (I'm not so deluded as to claim that all my fancies are needs), from independent businesses, rather than big box stores.
Softspoken Chain Scarf - Medium Length in Cinnamon - MADE TO ORDER

Sunburst Beret in Mustard Yellow Gold - Slouchy Beret Hat Tam Toque - Merino Wool Blend - Crochet -  Softspoken
Buying goods from small businesses is all part of that micro-economy, where we keep our limited funds circulating amongst our own. My feeling is that what we can't make ourselves, or don't want to do without, we should get from those who can fulfill our needs with beauty and passion, give us inspiration along with our purchases.
Sunburst Beret in Deep Sea Teal Blue - Slouchy Beret Hat Tam Toque - Merino Wool Blend - Crochet -  Softspoken
Personally I can't think of a better hat-maker to receive my money, than a girl who shares my love of Richard Brautigan, has a rocking personal style, a delightfully dark sense of humor and activist opinions to boot, not to mention a shop full of amazing goodies.
Richard Brautigan On A T-Shirt
Slouchy Beret in Ivory Tweed - VEGAN
Slouchy Pom Beanie in Crimson
And yes, I've already decided to purchase a Height Street Headband in red for next summer, for no practical reason, other than that I'm in awe of its design.
Big Bow Headband in Red Crimson - Crochet - Softspoken - VEGAN
Pumpkin Orange Rust Beret - Crochet - Slouchy Hat - Knit - Tam - Toque - Softspoken Windowpane Beret - VEGAN
Lux Bubble Beret in Magenta Berry Pink Tweed - Slouchy Beret Hat - Baby Alpaca - Softspoken

Crochet Collar in Cream - Peter Pan Lace Detachable Collar - Cream with Black Ribbon - Softspoken
What strikes your gift getting/giving fancy this season? Are you making your own, visiting craftfairs, or shopping online?
Cream Shrug - Crochet - Bolero - Cropped Cardigan Sweater - Knit - Ivory - White - Softspoken Honeycomb Shrug


    okay, no more yelling. so funny i saw the Haight title right as a finished typing up tomorrow's blog post about San Francisco bands of the 60's. we are sooooooo connected, man. i can totally feel your aura all the way down here. i just got a little something inthe mail for you yesterday, so eyes peeled!

  2. I'm not giving many gifts this year. I'm making a couple I'm friends with some secret book-boxes out of old books I got at a sale. But Christmas kinda snuck up on me again.

    I think the yellow beret would be perfect for you. And really, what does yellow NOT go with? Nothin'! I really like it in ruby shimmer, myself.

  3. OH WOW! I love the Sky Blue Teal! What a wonderful shop!

  4. I like the mustard yellow beret, but as for you deciding a color...if you're like me, I just buy most of my clothes/accessories in black, brown, navy, green, gray or mustard yellow, so everything matches and there's endless options. Of course, I have other colors that I wear, but I know what I like :) If I were you, though, I'd get a red one. Not sure why, but I think it would be a good choice. Oh, and that little red hair bow is adorable!

  5. really cool! I love the mustard yellow too! And these pictures are so fun. Thanks for sharing this great talented girl and her little shop of treasures.

  6. Meow, those headbands are amazing! I can't wait to see what you wear it with.

    I am really digging the top in that first photo too. Her styling and photography are beautiful and are inspiring me. Thanks for sharing li'l darlin'.

  7. synch! i have been eyeing her bubble berets for ages myself. i love the bubbles, but her bonnie parker style is also very alluring...

    though i love the golden haystack color, if i was decisive enough to have made a purchase by now, i would probably order the charcoal gray.

    the headband is going to look beatific on you!

  8. You don't need to enter me in the giveaway, because I'm lucky enough to have purchased a bubble beret from Rachel herself, at a craft fair a couple years ago. Just thought I'd chime in, in support of her and other inspiring and down-to-earth crafters like her.

    As for color choices, I got a mustard yellow-ish "grass" colored one at the time, but I'd probably go with a more neutral (or red, or purple) one, were I to purchase again. Because, as my grandmother before me, I find I like to match my hats to my boots. I really like her granny square tank top too, so need to save up the pennies for that.

    I'm the same way about craft fairs, I'm usually there in support of like one or two persons, and so I'll just swing through quickly, check out their booths and then get out of there because most of the time it is just too much going on for me to really chill out and enjoy it.

  9. Happy approaching Solstice!!

    Oh, the mustard, for sure! I've been eyeballing some mustard berets/beanies myself lately.

    Such great crafts, and the prettiest of pictures....lots of love.

  10. Oh, Softspoken, YES, her stuff is amazing!

    I would say go with the yellow one. It will look fabulous with your dark hair and I think it's mustardy enough to act as more of a neautral than say a bright yellow would. I think it'll go with more outfits than you might expect.

    Ha! I remember back in the day when one of the very first things you revealed to me about yourself was how much you HATED the color yellow. You wouldn't THINK of wearing anything yellow! Ah, look at how far you've come...

    As for me, I too adore the charcoal gray. So, really you have to get the yellow, otherwise we'll end up matching after I win the giveaway ;)

    We just went to an awesome craft fair last weekend. I was telling Amber, it's kind of like Santa Rosa's version of the Bizarre that they do in Nevada City. Oh man, IT WAS SO OVERWHELMING. The four year old clinging to my leg didn't help much either. I even kept saying "I'm so overwhelmed." There was so much great stuff! I did finally manage to make some decisions and some gifty purchases, but I also had a headache by the end of it!

  11. wow, amazing shop she has there.... very hard to choose from all these beautiful colours... but i think i will go for teal and ruby....cant decide which one tho...

  12. mustard yellow!!!!!!!!!!!
    would look great on you..

    kisses from Greece..


  13. I've been reading your blog for years.. but I've only commented maybe once. Don't know why exactly. You seem to live a charmed life out there on the island.

    The hats are lovely, I'd say you fit very well in all of them, but if I have to pick one, I prefer the ruby. As for me, I'd pick the the steel blue shimmer. It looks exactly like the beret a boy porcelain doll I had as a child used to wear, and I always thought he and I looked a bit alike. :) My head is hee-uge though so it probably wouldn't fit those dainty little hats! But if they did, Winter Solstice is actually my birthday.

    In any case, I hope you have a very happy and peaceful holiday with beautiful weather and good company. XX

  14. So hard to choose! I understand your dilemna. I think the butterscotch orange rust color is divine. And orange always reminds me of autumn leaves (and leaf piles for jumping in!)and cool breezes. Warm wishes, love.

  15. Hehe great minds! I've been eyeing up that little crochet collar for ages. As for you, i think you can't go wrong with either the yellow or the charcoal (i know, I'm shitty at helping) if I were to choose a hat for me, it would be the bonnieparker in pink rasberry. And YES she does have a rocking personal style, i remember trawling through Rachael's outfit posts and favouriting some cuties. oh and i hope i win.

  16. All of those berets are amazing! Which ever you choose, definately go for the mustard yellow color.

  17. ooooweeee! i love these so much. i actually got distracted looking through her shop earlier and forgot to come back here and post. you have the RIGHT idea for christmastime my dar. i love the idea of renting a house for everyone to be together...that is so totally what it is really about and the thing that we always remember. a few handmade gifts are always welcome too! i wish i could get my act together and actually make something this year. i used to be so good at stuff like that, and i have this idea brewing for the last two years that i want to make for all my sibs...but it just doesn't seem to get off the ground. next year! i vow!

    as for the bubble berets, they are the CUTEST in the whole wide world and i think i'd choose the deep teal, although i'm with you and i want one in each and every shade, purple and red would have to follow shortly! i cut my bangs a bit and find that i look much nicer in a slouchy beret; i have to wear one almost every day. that's a little hat poem.

    much love to you sister. tonight i am going to show darin your post on holiday traditions in finland from last year (?) i randomly started telling him about it and got nostalgic for it :)

  18. Wow, her shop is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

    As to which color would work best for you, I think the Beige Steel Blue Shimmer would be perfect. Apparently it's a lighter weight yarn, so you could wear it almost any time of the year. The color (which appears to be a bluish grey, like the sea on a cloudy day) is neutral enough that I think you could literally match it with anything, but it still translates as a color, rather than just plain old 'grey'. Plus, I think you would look absolutely lovely in it.

  19. i can totally see you rocking the mustard all the time. looking at all these gals in their sweet hats makes me wish i had bangs! they look amazing with a fringe and the colors pop more. as for my bang-less self, rust has been popping up everywhere as a favorite color for me lately, so that's what i would go with.

    gift giving is very much toned down this year for me, which is actually such a relief; although i do truly love the puzzle of selecting and then giving gifts, money is very tight this year. my bf and i are doing stockings for each other and i got him an engraved (with a howling wolf & his initial) opinel no. 8 pocket knife! i think it's gonna be a hit.

  20. I vote for the golden brown beret.. practical earthy colour but still cheery and bringing some light into the dark winter, solstice-style.. also it reminds me a little of syrup.. yum all around :) here it is:
    hope you're feeling better lately, Milla.. xx

  21. i love the golden haystack beret. mustard yellow is my favorite color. and you just can't go wrong with baubles!

    she makes really cool things, i have several hearted on etsy. this is a very nice giveaway! i'll keep my fingers crossed that i win :D

    i have vowed to buy all my gifts from either local shops or to make them myself (well...minus the video games and books for my son :D). as you know, i'm crocheting cowls and i'm also going to be making lip balm. i'm excited to see how it turns out.

  22. Oooh, my favorite is the ruby shimmer for me, because I'm blonde and I think it would contrast nicely with my coloring. I really love the mustard yellow but that color makes me look ill! I think it would look fabulous on you, though.

    I'm not giving presents this year, except to my son. My husband's been fighting cancer for the last 2 years and hasn't been able to work, so no disposable income! All I need is a healthy husband, though, and I'm happy. :o)

    Love your blog... been lurking for a few months now. Take care! ~Jen

  23. Ok, so first off... thanks for sharing her shop with us!! Her work is amazing!! I am always looking to support fellow Etsians, and I know she will be one of them!!

    Secondly, I too vote for the golden haystack color... I think it would prove to be quite versatile, and you would look just lovely wearing it!!

    And for the purpose of gift-giving, I have spent endless hours crafting things for my family. I've knitted 6 pairs of fingerless mitts, crocheted 3 hats to keep boys' heads warm this winter, am currently knitting a cowl for my niece, a pair of socks for my Mum, and have stitched up a tablecloth and 2 dozen cloth napkins for my holiday table :) I have MANY more things I'd like to make before the New away I go!!

  24. This year my partner and I have committed to handmade (by us or skilled others), vintage or local gifts. I picked up a few items that I don't possess the skills to make on etsy (soap, etc), along with some vintage goodies to enhance the gifts. Just today I finished a wet-felted purse I made for my mum! One of the best parts about our tiny commitment is that it has inspired others within our gift-giving circle to follow suit and go for locally crafted items as well! It's a great feeling to begin a mini-movement like that!

    As for the beautiful berets:

    I agree that one of each color would be my rainbow ideal, but in my mind's eye I picture you in the beige ruby! The color that keeps popping into my seasonal clothing this year is that lovely teal color.

  25. Making everything this year, darlin'. I'm most excited about Hayle's gift, though damn it if Aran sweaters don't take me a while to make. I agree with this statement wholeheartedly: "My feeling is that what we can't make ourselves, or don't want to do without, we should get from those who can fulfill our needs with beauty and passion, give us inspiration along with our purchases."

    I vote the mustard hued hat for you! You look lovely in yellow. ;) Oh, and please don't enter my name for the giveaway. Any hats I want, I make, so it's cool.


  26. I think the charcoal one would go well with most things. I love the deep teal one though!

    It is really good to see what other people are up to and how they are taking pictures of their work. I love to knit and make things and for the holidays try to make all my presents too! Daunting but usually rewarding. :)

    Thanks for posting about her shop!

  27. I have a bright, sunny yellow beret and it goes really well with neutral colors and red flannel. They aren't all that hard to match once you have one and the inspiration strikes... and I think it would look really pretty with your hair:) I love the teal one, but have to say that the orange one stole my heart when I saw it. It happens every year. Fall and Winter hit my cold bones and I just wish I had something pumpkin-colored. Mmm, pumpkin:) Anyhoo, don't worry about matching, just go with what you REALLY want. Be spontaneous. No matter which you get, you won't be disappointed if you really want both of them equally. And if you are, you know you REALLY wanted the other one. Visualize your future. Which hat do you imagine yourself wearing? This is dorky, but it's what I- and my horrible indecisiveness- have to do all the time:) Good luck!

  28. And, hey! I didn't realize that I already favorite-ed one of her hats on Etsy! I was actually inspired to make my big brother's Winter Solstice present by one of her beautiful manly beanies:)

  29. I like rust red! by the way I enjoy your writing and pics!