Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Candy Girl

This is a love story. If you don't possess a strong stomach for girl-crush, or are some sort of cynical, skeptical person, please stop reading now.

You all know, I'm sure, how you sometimes meet someone, another girl and are instantly smitten with them. In kindergarten you wanted to emulate them; wear the same pigtails, the same corduroy dress, eat your Oreos the same way, and sometimes sadly, when rejected by them pretend to scorn them, even as you secretly admired them from beneath your bangs.

In high school you wanted to be in their posse, go to their parties and sleep-overs and take their dares from dyeing your hair green to hijacking the school radio.

Even now, every once in a while you're overcome by the heady feeling of meeting a girl you click with instantly, whether it's in a classroom where she just put the lecturer to the spot with her witty opinion, or seeing here across the room at a party, dressed in that perfect hippie dress dancing like a loon to the sweet sounds of the Smiths.
the teddy bear has no clothes...
When I first laid eyes on Missa of Thrift Candy, in the murky, quirky, pigeon-toed depths of Wardrobe Remix I experienced that moment of "oh-my-gosh-she's-so-cool-I-totally-want-be-her friend-I-wonder-if-she'll-like-me!". Needless to say fell for her hard and fast. Having always been the odd duck out dressing-wise wherever I went, it was a kind of a revelation to find such a kindred spirit.

From that day on Missa's photostream became my very own street-style website, a place where inspiration comes easy.

my pink present...
Lucky for me, the feeling appeared to be mutual, and after an embarrassingly giddy exchange of comments, we proceeded to email, packages, letters and finally meeting in person. Now, three and a half years later, I count her among my dearest friends.

Thanks Milla!!!

A match made in Indian Summer
Though physically (tall-blond-skinny and short-plump-dark) and personality wise (Missa's quiet, a little shy and thoughtful and I'm...well kind of a obnoxious loudmouth.) we're actually quite opposite, the instant kinship I felt to her turned out to be totally real.
April Showers...

Here's looking at you...
As I've mentioned before, if there's one thing this blog adventure has proven to me, it's that the clothes we wear can be a window into our personality; beneath those mutually admired frocks there might be a girl who loves the same 90s bands, recommends you the best books and to whom you can tell your troubles like the big sister you never had.
red boots!
To me, these pictures of some of my favorite Missa-outfits are proof of just that.
New Dress

Even still, it's kind of a trip to explain to other people how exactly I met this mysterious "Missa" character (as well as well all the rest of our California girls, or for that matter our girls from all around the world). The unfortunate folks who don't have internet friends, blog-friends, penpals, or Moon Sisters, can't quite fathom how it is possible to be good pals with someone you've never met, or even only met a handful of times.

50 cent flower power
Sounding of the Trumpet Vine
I try to tell them that ours is an old-fashioned kind of relationship: we "write letters", we share packages, we "exchange" pictures. Though unable to spend physical time together, we share our little everyday moments, thoughts, book recommendations and small insights online. Sometimes I feel that I'm more deeply entrenched in the lives of Missa and my other blog-friends, than those of people I've known much longer, but who don't blog.
The Calm Before the Storm
Since I live on the other side of the world from many of my friends or family, I know full well that physical presence is no measurement of affection, understanding, or involvement. Actually, I often wish that all of my faraway friends blogged, so that I could follow their lives and thoughts more closely and intimately.
Country Girrrl
In this world of constant, instant communication, most people seem to have lost the ability to write about their lives to others in a cohesive manner. Instead of epistolary explanations, I often catch only the shortest facebook snippets of my friend's lives, receive only the most cursory descriptions of their emotions, hardships and triumphs in bi-yearly emails.
Shades of Blue
Fall Dress on a Rainy Spring Day
Sometimes I find I know more about Missa's day-to-day existence than some of my best friends back home and though this makes me a little sad for those friendships, it also makes me remember that I have to strive to keep those connections vital and lively, part of the every day reality of both parties.
Footwear Woes
A Tisket, A Tasket
Here Comes the Sun
I saw him standin' there by the record machine...
Happy Camper
Warm Fall Day
"Cuddle Knit"
Beach Day
Sunny Saturday
All I have to say is that thank goodness for these world-wide-webs for bringing us and our "frivolous" habits together.
Little White Dress
The Little White Dress
I feel very blessed by Missa's friendship and consider our meeting nothing short of serendipitous, an unlikely event that has added so much to my life, as well as a whole, ever-widening circle of other wonderful, powerful, thoughtful women.
Island Life (Day 1) By the Sea
Time for girl crush confessions ya'll!

Ps./PSA: Because of the nature of my computer sitch right now, there's not going to be a lot of outfit/photo posts, since I gotta figure out where to unload my photos. Also I know we skipped a "Serious Friday post" and since those take quite a bit of research I can't I'll actually be able to post them every Friday until I get my computer back from the shoppe, so just bear with me now. All my girl-crushy love,


  1. oh beautiful tribute, oh glorious moon girls. this just makes me miss you all and our rompings. missa's outfits, each and every darling detail, they slay me. you are good mirrors of each other, both wise and adorable, a perfect combination...and this crushing is sweetly contagious ;) LOVE TO YOU SISTERS!

  2. Sweetest girl crush post ever!!!! I love how you are so honest about your feelings, and I can just imagine you smiled as you posted these pics and words. You are both lovely apples as far as I'm concerned. I got some eye water reading this, but it was with happiness. Make sure I can meet you in June alright! All of you girlses. xx

  3. Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm blushing and my heart is all swelled up like a big love-filled balloon! Thank you Milla for being my amazing beautiful sister friend. So so thankful to have you in my world!!!

    P.S. I can't believe we still don't have this time machine business figured out ;)

  4. You and missa are so wonderful what a lovely post! I can definitely identify with all this. Some of the friends I've only met online mean so much to me. We exchange emails, pictures, packages, thoughts and so on. It's magic for sure!

  5. Oh how beautiful. A devotional blog, and she certainly seems the perfect part. An absolute beauty with soulful eyes and kind wise looking in this graceful wispy way. I am so glad to have come across this circle of blogging gals, I find it so inspirational. Out here in the sticks of the Atlantlic, are such beauties too, but ts a joy to witness your open hearts and wide eyed joy about your self expressions. Your shared enthusiasm and mutual appreciation. Its what I have always felt and never quite had a chance to fully engage with.

    I have a dear friend in Glasgow called Louise. I adore her and she would be my girl crush for sure. She is multi talented gorgeous kind and generous. A curly blonde with a singing voice like velvet, graceful and funny too, and always happens to call into my life just when I really need her.
    I wish she blogged and we hung out more. I know she would have readers and adorers like myself. We send each other packages and inspire each other, write stories together, and dream big beautiful dreams together. I feel like I have had a great big dose of peaceful easy feeling when I have spet time with her.
    Well now, I will go and send her a email and link it here, so she can have a birds eye view too. xx
    Hope you had a rest and keep feeling better. I am moving house right now, and will soon pack away my Milla treats and find a new place to place them and find them all over again. Oh and as if you hadn't been told, I shall tell you here, your self description is quite amusing, You Completely gorgeous lady. x

  6. I love her style! She's wonderful!

  7. aww! i felt the same way when i saw you and missa and heather for the first time. i was smitten at once. thanks for all these great pictures, i'm totally bookmarking this post, because damn if missa isn't just blowing my mind right now. seeing all her awesome styles ALL AT ONCE is really amazing. every outfit made me squee. yes. i squeed. it's a word.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! how will i live with out pictures of you? i look forward to your blog posts in the embarrassing girl crush way you describe. like, "today? maybe today it will say that she has a new post? maybe maybe maybe?" you must remedy this situation, or else i will die.

  8. I know that lady! :D It's always so fun when I see familiar faces on each of your blogs. I understand what you mean about being connected to people from far away more than those nearby. The lady I consider to be my absolutely best friend lives in, of all places, Venezuela. But we talk everyday, watch films "together" and chat on msn about them and know more about each other than most other folks I know. Or goodness... Heather sent me a birthday package all the way from Cali to me here in Ottawa! And we've never even met. Friendship and love, thank you blog world <3

  9. this is so sweet milla!

    making friends and discovering inspiring, like minded women has been the best and most unexpected part of blogging for me. it's awesome that when you did finally meet the connection was real. yay for friends near and far!

    when i saw you for the first time, 2-3 years ago,in your red gunne sax dress...immediate girl crush :D

  10. Milla you are such a beautiful soul! With your love and loyalty to your friends, it's so romantic. I hope in the coming weeks to start posting again, but I haven't stopped reading your blog, they are always so honest and warm to read.
    XO Cynthia

  11. damn, she does know how to dress, doesn't she?! i think i almost forgot, with her (and all of us, really) doing fewer outfit posts in recent times. i've come to be less inspired by her (and others') clothing choices and more awed by what lovely human(s) she(they) is(are). [not that i don't love me some clothes!]

    i do have one huge issue with this post, though: "short-plump-dark"? plump, really?! wtf?

    as for all the other sweet reflections: yes yes yes.


  12. AAHH! I love this!!! I love a good crush :) Plus, I can not even start picking out my favorite ensemble that she has on! That girl is a looker and a keeper!
    But I know am favoring those red roper shoes and her floral print and her mix patterns and her hat..oh f-it! I love it all!! you two keep groovin' together cuz your both making this a damn good looking world! xo

  13. aw, this is so sweet! i have total friend crushes on you both, of course.

  14. what a wonderful tribute to true love.

  15. OH gosh, this is the sweetest post, Milla. And Missa is the MOST stylish gal ever! I need a good solid chunk of time to sit and fawn over her wardrobe concoctions pictured here.
    Seriously, how does she do it?

    I think the whole blogging experience has been one big crush for me. Hoping from corner to corner, seeing so many creative, passionate women sharing the lives they keep. Yours especially.


  16. this was the sweetest thing i've ever read. i only hope to meet as amazing ladies as you two have on the internet.
    and you two are two of my favorites. ever.

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  18. I love this post! Thanks for making me feel less silly about my own past-times and for legitimizing true connections that can be made via the interwebs. I whole-heartedly agree. In fact, I had quite the girl crush on you when I first came across you on WR. I was in my Amelie phase, and I really adored your very quirky Scandinavian sensibilities :) Although I did not say much in those days, I was pretty intimidated by the whole internet friendship and the very open nature of Flickr actually. I was pretty guarded about divulging too much about myself or putting myself out there. But, I remember how in awe I was that you still owned (and could fit in) clothing from when you were a kid. I also thought it was really sweet that someone had thought to save it. I didn't really divulge much though in those days (I tend to be on the shy side as well). Today I have so many lovely ladies that I adore reading more about and getting to be long-distance pen pals with. I think its wonderful!

    But, Do you remember "hermsprong"? She was someone that I really admired for her great sense of thrifty style. I often wished she'd kept a blog (I think I even told her that one time) so that I could have stalked her more :) I'm not sure what she thought about it, but I meant it from a good place.

  19. I LOVE this! After following her blog for a while, I randomly met Missa at the Academy of Science and professed my love for her blog. I felt my toes curl when she said she knew who I was liked my blog too (I had a different one at the time). This is a lovely profile of a lovely friendship!

  20. Sweet story. I can't believe the blog friendships that have bloomed in my 2 years of blogging. But I guess it all makes perfect sense.

    Also, thanks for the Gary Snyder poem in last post. Fantastic!

  21. Sweet girls! I love that this was the first post I saw when I finally decided to re-enter the blogiverse.

    Aaaand guess what!?! I get to see Missa on Friday!! I have a few hours to spare in Napa that day and we are gonna have a major hang sesh :-)

    I can't believe how perfect she looks in the white dress and moccs.

    Miss you girls! But now I'm back!

    When do I get to see again?

  22. I originally read this on my iphone so I didn't get a chance to comment. It's so nice to see posts like these, not only because it's just nice seeing friendships between women but also because it's just nice seeing people celebrate each other. Thank you for posting this.

  23. love the black and white dress and that fun jean skirt!