Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's green and blue and purple all over?

No. It's not the small winter bed I finally weeded today.
Though there are purple radishes and red Russian kale, which is basically purple, green fava beans and spinach and chard.
In the spirit of "and now for something completely different", I'd like to divert your thoughts from protests and patriotism to...well, my hair.
It's green! It's purple! It's blue! Need I mention that this is going to be a very frivolous posting?
About ten years ago, I decided, somewhat on a whim to dye my hair firetruck red a la Sibyl Buck (I was living in London after all...). Three bleach bottles later, I was a true red-head with eye-brows to match. I sported the hair for about a year (and solicited a compliment for it from one Gael Garcia Bernal in the mean time), until I traded it for a more natural-looking red and kept that for another couple of years. It was quite the hassle to keep touching it up and after I returned my hair to its natural color, I never thought I'd dye it again.
And then I did. And I dyed it green. And I love it.
The best part is that it doesn't even look that radical or strange, partly because of the awesome dye job Willow did and partly because it's actually very little hair. If you discount the fact that I look a tiny bit like a teenage goth, it's actually quite demure. Green hair for the former Riot Grrrls in their thirties...
The best part is that it makes me feel completely unserious about myself. I mean, how am I gonna win an argument? My hair is green.
In other news, we've spent our days getting ready for the fair and our nights partying away. Today I finally caught up on some house chores and spent some time wild-crafting around a newly developed section of the park. It is somehow eerie there, lots of light and open space where the used to be a dark swampy area. While I'm not excited about the development itself, there are some lovely little plants there to harvest and it's fun to walk around the wide roads with nothing by them, like an invisible city in the woods.
The sun has been coming out regularly and we have high hopes that she will do the same East of the mountains.
Now I better get my canning on. There's green tomato salsa to be made.
How's your protest, canning, or most importantly, hair doing?


  1. my hair could be better, my protest too, and my canning, non-existent . . . probably why your green locks and homemade salsa sounds so terribly appealing at the moment.

    Man, I need to get on it.

  2. Autumn has always been the season where I change my hair annually. Last year it was chopping it short and going for side-swept bangs, this year it's blunt bangs and using velcro rollers. Your hair reminds me of a peacock feather, I love it!

    Best of luck with the protesting and canning! Two things that seem to require pressure?

  3. oooh so cute! do you have a picture of your red-hair era? Gael Garcia Bernal is SO swoon-worthy. yum..... can't wait to hear about the fair. xo

  4. very cute! i was looking up diy ombre hair a couple weeks ago. i know, it's very trendy, but i like it. didn't do it though. i've had almost every color of hair possible. might be a fun post? you should share your different hair styles/colors.

    i have a boatload of tomatoes to can. gotta get on it or the fruit flies are going to take over!

  5. Groovy hair! I've never dyed my hair once, and I kinda want to keep it that way, but a small part of me has always wanted green hair.

    I contemplated going to the Occupy Ottawa rally this weekend... but for the capital of my country, it was pretty disorganized and a bit of a flop. Nobody really seems to know what it is they're gathering for here. Which is ridiculous because we're headed down the same path as the US.

  6. 1) Adorbz winter garden. Can it and my winter garden be bffs?

    2) Gael Garcia Bernal is a hottie. So are you.

    3) You look even more like a forest fairy than ever.

    4) I have more green tomatoes than I know what to do with. I think green tomato salsa is the answer. Also, applesauce for the apples, and some cider.

    5) My hair is getting long and out of control. People think it (and my face...) makes me look like Kristen Stewart, though it could be worse. You've inspired me to finally do that blue streak I've been wanting for years.

    6) I think a lot of the other lassies will agree with me when I say that I love your "frivolous" posts.

    7) xoxo

  7. cute! and i LOVE unserious, narcissitic posts. MOAR MOAR MOAR!

  8. My hair is currently very sh*t. Right now it's in a scarf. But yours is awesome! And your dress is beautiful. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm salsa. You've reminded me that it's time to make some marmalade.

  9. I am super duper loving your hair! Like really a lot. I like how subtle it is too. Very cool. As for my hair, it is in major need of a trim, it's gotten waaaay too long again.

    Spent the day at City Hall on Saturday and marched through downtown SR with a few thousand people, Angelina and I with our strollers and Clover and Finn thinking that we were part of some big parade. There was more of a turnout than expected for our town's contribution to the Occupy movement (and some still remain) so that was encouraging to see and felt good to be a part of.

    As for the canning, we finally went out and got canning supplies to give it our first go. Thanks to Lucas our pantry is now stocked with 8 jars of grape jelly from our backyard grapes! I harvested figs today too and am listening to the hum of the dehydrator as I type this :)

  10. I adore you hair! I feel totally inspired by it--a playful little change for the new season. Seems like it could be prett low maintainance, too, because it will still look good even as it grows out and is only on the tips. Love!
    I didn't plant enough that we have uneaten extras to can, so that will have to wait for another autmun. Instead, I am transitioning the garden toward winter these days...
    I can't wait to hear all about your fair.
    P.S. I'm with Sadie, I would love to see a pic of your red hair!

  11. ihanat,hassut hiukset:-) omani ovat nyt pitkät ja värjäämättömät.välillä napsin itselleni otsatukan,mutta jotain muutakin voisi kyllä keksiä...
    Tatuointiaiheinen blogitekstisi näkyy mulla pienenä,mutta ei aukea mokoma vielä. Itselläni on juurikin lintu tatuointi ranteessa.