Sunday, September 18, 2011

Now that it's over

On the last night of the summer, we slept under laden apple trees with fairy-lights strung between them.
A friend's brother from another Island threw a party to raise money for fixing his 150-year old house.
My friend Anna and I rode borrowed bikes to the end of the street and swam in the channel as the sun set.
I admired the sparse beauty and good taste of Anna's geo-dome home.

We ate our fill of wood-fired pizza and yummy brews, caught up with friends and met new, awesome strangers and danced to our hearts content.

Ian's parties seem to always be legendary, whether they involve his revamped school bus, house parties, or IDing people at the beer tent in Doe Bay. They guy is not just the life of the party, he is the party-good times seem to follow him and his endless aura energy field, or whatever the heck it might be (though it's definitely some kind of phenomenon)(reminds me of Heather, that way). All the three brothers are hella cool and have impeccable taste in women to boot. One of them built the Tesla Coil mentioned in this post and another plays the accordion. What's not to like?
It was nice to get some time with my best girls. All summer long we've only seen each other in passing, lamenting over how we miss each other.
The draw of the evening was "three guys-four bands", the variety of endeavours of the members of Hillstomp, another Island favorite. Whenever this Portland band shows up at our local bar it's pandemonium. Their tour schedule often reads something like "Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Some Island WA..." It's probably the Zeppelin-treatment we give 'em here. Screaming girls and all.

It was the perfect summer night. I slept under that apple tree in the grass and when I woke up it was still dark and a few people were gathered around the fire listening to a friend singing "Your Rocky Spine."
In the morning we hitched a ride town with our kind host, who was as enthusiastic as ever (in spite the complete lack of sleep), in his decked out double-decker school bus, and after breakfast headed out to the lakes.
We walked around the lake in silence, just happy to be together.

I wore my awesome Lost Boys & Lovers vintage bathing suit and lolled in the water to my heart's content, while my honey caught up on his sleep. The cotton skirt bears the decidedly un-tropical birds and pine trees and little cabins-motif, gifted to me by Missa on a wintry California morning, but it's been a summer staple in all its lightness and rainbow colors.
The air was calm and warm, full of swooping dragonflies, like the last hot sigh of the summer. Sitting on a cliff looking down into the clear water, I felt like a kid, with nothing but time, the afternoon stretching on forever.
And then, as the air started to cool night air began to settle in, we headed for the ferry and rode home in the dusk and just like that, summer was over. The next morning I woke to a chill mist on the water and the familiar scent of autumn, the smell of wood smoke and rotting leaves and apples.

I can't say that I'm sorry to see this summer go. It has been a strange and lovely time, with visits and parties and animal friends, but I'm ready for a new season, a change. The shorter days and longer nights seem so much more filled with promise of time than the long summer evenings. I'm excited to hunker down, pick up all my neglected crafts, ship out packages laying in wait, revise what I've managed to write over summer, finish filling my pantry with canned goods, visit with friends, and finally post here a little more often and about things beyond my own, often mundane existence.

I'm ready for fall, how about you?


  1. Hi Milla! Thanks for sharing your photos and memories - as always a joy to read and look at! Autumn has arrived here in Ireland with a bang as well, dark, dank, misty - I love it! I'm not sorry to say goodbye to the summer either, it was a challenging one for us too. Roll on cosy nights with baking, reading and snuggling up! ~Siobhan

  2. I LOVE the bathing suit on you.It is so wicked cool! And, I love that you made a reference to 'Zeppelin treatment' YES :) Take care girl xo

  3. Milla!
    I thought it would feel like autumn once I returned to the city a little over a week ago, but it seems that summer wants to linger awhile. Which is nice, as the city still feels lively, holding on to the festival spirit as long as the weather does too. But I agree; I am so looking forward to soft grey days and coloured leaves and wearing sweaters and jackets and scarves, and everyone looking russety with the cold and wind-blown. Despite my best efforts to stay off of the computer, I think I've read every one of your posts over the summer :P What can I say? Your island adventures are one of the few things that make an internet connection worth having!

  4. Oh and your new header is pretty rad ;)

  5. What a lovely, onelastbreathofsummer post! The autumn is rolling in over here in northern Scotland, too... the tree outside my window is already bare except for the bright red berries. Wishing you long evenings with autumn spices and wood fires.

  6. dearest millakins what magic swirls around you! i am jealous that your fall is arriving. camping out under twinkly lights was the perfect way to spent the last summer night, and such a fiesta 'twas. someday i gotta meet this ian dude, and celebrate the parties in our hearts! and wow, he has very good taste in lighting. your above-photos are so striking and inviting, what a gorgeous set-up.

    anyway, here our days are still in the 90s, and i said something to a friend the other day i've never said about any month or season: september is my least favorite month (got in big trouble for that one as it was the dude's birthday!) but i think this week right before the equinox i'll have another refreshing river day and just try to enjoy the hell out of heat and dryness. maybe i spent too much time in the desert this year, and now i want my own place to be more lush, like yours!

    happy cooler nights, sweaters, moons and crafts to you love!

  7. yay! how adorable are you in your swimming skivvies? i always look forward to the transition from summer to fall (with Christmas just around the corner)... but beggars can't be choosers and I'll take what I can get here in FL :) I'm hoping for some cooler whether at least soon.

  8. i am excited, too. Fall is so magical. loving you so much, milla bear.

  9. I'm ready for Spring! What you've been writing sounds so intriguing . . . Hope you might give us a hint of it here on your blog?! In any case, look forward to more posts. Awesome floral garland too and it sounds like a great summer :)

  10. I am also obsessed with your new header, by the way! I need that book :)

  11. Oh How beautiful and free!!!!!!!

    I also love your swim suit, what a super find. And those 60's wrap skirts, which I think that one might be are so great. I just found one of my moms the other day, and have been so excited to wear it before it too cold to brave it in cotton alone. Autumn is arriving in golden rays for yo,. I am delighted.
    xx E

  12. i love this snippet of is like the kiss on the back of an envelope addressed to Summer just passed. A final hurrah, last goodbye...packing away of Summer things, with fondness for memories enclosed. Darling girl I am SO ready to pack away Winter; if only Winter were ready to say goodbye to me! And on a frivolous note, I love all of what you are wearing, the floppy crochet hat, the psychedelic swimsuit AND that dreamy tie up skirt. And as always, I look forward to reading more. Ta ta! xx

  13. i just read my comment, i sound like a sanctimonious craaaazeeeeeeeeeeee person. And i'm not that crazy; it's just that reading about summer got me excited for warmer weather.(crazy excited)

  14. my gosh, the vibe in these photos feels almost unworldly. Love everysingleoneofthem!

    And how irresistible are you in that tye dye swim suit.
    Thanks for sharing all your light & glory. It definitely brightened my daily blogging endeavors.

  15. what an amazing end to summer for you! here in sf we are just heating up at last -- the most gorgeous, long, cloudless days. this is what fall is for me! and i love it. tomorrow i will be riding a horse among redwoods and soaking up the sun all day. glad to see you are enjoying yourself! as for the flower garland: "there are no jewels more becoming to a lady..." (ever watch a room with a view?) happy fall!

  16. That looks like such a lovely time! What a nice way to say goodbye to summer. At first, I really didn't like the idea of cooler weather, but there's been a lot going on in my life and I am now really looking forward to cozy evenings and crafts and hibernating hehe.

  17. dear milla,
    depending on my level of satisfaction with my own life, sometimes i brace myself before opening your blog. not because i go into compare and contrast, but more that your blog often helps me re-member a time in my life where there was more ease, more community, more nature, more (apparent) synchronicity and more magic. reading this post today, all my nerve endings have leapt to attention with the memory of time spent in rural B.C., of summers in Shasta, of a lifetime ago where I was more lonely and yet felt more in synch with my own direction. your words and images capture so perfectly the essence of your exquisite last summer day. i want to sit beside you and nod enthusiastically and exclaim "oh YES! i KNOW that feeling! how wonderful! tell me more about sleeping under that tree and just how the water felt!".

    i wrote you back in my own blog about this, and, not to sound condescending or anything ridiculous like that, but i do wonder if you know how just NOT mundane you are? i am in full support and jubilation of you reaching deeper for your own polished self expression and am ever curious and excited for your thoughts...but even your "simple" posts communicate so much about your way of being...a way of being that is unusual and sends out reverberations of connection and reverence.

    thank you for sharing all that you do. i too am looking forward to the change of season, as we all begin to slowly descend, into the cozier time, into our cozier selves. and speaking of packages, i just realized a couple days ago that i never wrote you back on FB, a half written message never got sent. so sorry! will write soon but do know that there is lots of love comin your way from mine. xoxo

  18. ahhh! the lake, the trees, the lights...what an enchanting evening! a perfect way to say farewell to summer.

    i'm actually sad to see sumer go. mainly because we didn't go camping :( with the new babe and getting ready to move it just didn't happen. oh well.
    it does seem that things are turning around for us though. there are many reasons for me to be very happy right now. so i guess i am ready to embrace the new season and the changes that are in store for us.

    oh yeah, love your suit and that last picture. what a babe ;D

  19. Everything sounds so wonderful and lovely.

    I had never read what you wrote about bees previously but I really like it. I don't think I've ever heard anyone interested in beekeeping who was not in it for the honey.

  20. happy equinox!
    sending you love love love....

  21. Hello radiant one!

    Did you get my email about our swap? I sent it to your contact email on here. I shall need an address soon: )

    Hope your magical ways are filling your days beautifully xx

  22. Well, there may not be costumes involved, but these island parties sure do seem about as fun as it gets! Love seeing you in that skirt :)

    Missin' you m'dear, and so ready for fall too!

    p.s. ha! no steampunk getup for Lucas (not for lack of me trying to talk him into it tho), and seriously, what IS up with that?