Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Every Sunday night, or Monday morning, I swear, swear to myself that this is the week I'm going to get my internet affairs in order, attend to the list of emails awaiting for reply, finish half-written blog-posts and maybe even publish them, read and comment on my favorite logs, set-up skype dates...and then? I let my gaze wonder to the pile of dishes, the over-flowing laundry basket, the answering machine's red eye blinking with unattended messages.

The whole summer, been playing catch-up in the sun and here I am again, leaving behind just another short digital note, painfully aware of research work and bee frames that need to be done and made.
Speaking of bee-frames: this has been a summer of stings, myself receiving four, though only one from the bees in my care, and a really good friend, last Sunday, going into shock from the bite of an angry hornet.
A creature this small, a dangerous being, commands an awful lot respect.
They love hanging out in the borage that accompanies my squash.
I'll never get tired of observing their single-minded toil. It is so inspiring, they have no trouble getting to all the things to make and do.
I'm quite proud of the first and last image. Like chickens, bees are hard creatures to capture. By hand or on camera.
They were quite attracted to the floral colors of this dress Missa gave me last spring. Not without good reason, of course.
The whole world's abloom and buzz, and I often feel like I'm just standing still.
Time once more to gather all of one's energy and muster through another day of work and cooking and cleaning and writing and harvesting.
I guess fall for emails and blog posts and serious thoughts and August for dancing all night and braiding garlic and summer dreams caught and contained in memory for the cold seasons.
See you soon, I hope.


  1. Summers are spent running around, winters spent digging ourselves out of the piled aspects of our lives that had time to build up as we sped about in the sun.

    Bees definitely are difficult to photograph, and that last photo of it hovering mid-air is awesome! I was at Motion Notion, wearing my yellow-daisy-embroidered tunic and I had a big fat ol' bumble bee come check me out. I was flattered that he'd thought I was made out of real flowers, although apparently I was the only one who took it so well, everybody else was terrified hah.

  2. my kid is so afraid of bees. i'm totally going to freak him out and show him these pictures. i'm a mean, mean mommy. muauahahahahah.

  3. I too love the mid-flight photo! Wow! I like how he (or she) has one beady, black eye on you as you take the picture! haha! I envy your sunshine, Ireland is awash with rain, mist and chilly winds for the past few days. Autumn is fast approaching. ~Siobhan x

  4. I don't mind bees, and aren't afraid of their sting. It's the wasps I do not like. They get so angry and bothered in the summery heat. And hornets! i do my best to avoid angering them too.

  5. WOW- crazy amazing bee shot at the end there! And can't wait to hear of your festival adventures, it looks like so much fun- especially thumbin' your way there ;)
    Happy Saturday!

  6. Yay, it's always a little thrill to see you in one of the dresses I've found, so lovely you are!

    Those bee shots are AMAZING! I love how both the bee and the flowers in that last one have the same cute fuzziness about them :)

    My first ever sting involved me stepping barefoot on a hornet when I was around Clover's age. OUCH, not a fun childhood memory.