Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extra Ordinary

As you may know by now, I'm hellbent on disabusing anyone and everyone of the notion that I spend my days traipsing around the woods in some enchanted ensemble, even when that actually is the case.
This isn't just for your sake, dear reader, but for my own as well, lest I start believing my own fairy-tale hype.
But, at the same time, even though this last week hasn't been quite so magical as the one before it, sometimes I pause to look at my ordinary life in awe and gratitude. There are so many wonderful people in my life, so much love and generosity, so many adventures and mysteries, birds and big trees and garden snakes. So much dance. So many packages filled with flowery fabric love.
Into a wholly ordinary day of digging out potatoes, doing dishes, planting, weeding, come an amazing package from Teeny, filled with hand-made and hand-picked goodies to send my heart a-flutter.
As for traipsing around in those fairty-tale garments, sometimes that's exactly how potatoes get pulled out of the ground.
Even if nothing more spectacular happens, every chore is exponentially better dressed in my favorite garments, from my best girls.
Lace-y cardigan from Sadie, crystalline necklace from Nicole, top and gorgeous hand-made bag from Teeny. A seemingly ordinary outfit, that feels so very perfect.
I got new mocs from etsy to eventually replace my blue-suede ones because I've worn them to the bone.
Nothing compares to made-for-you packages, so please take part in this celebration of Lugnahsad and swap seeds, crafts, feathers, pressed plants, hand-made things, the whole spectrum of this glorious harvest of life here at Mary's amazing, thoughtful blog. Her blog is one of my biggest inspirations right now.
Even more uplifting than packages of love, you see, are words kind, spiritual, loving. Like the kind I received from Missa last night. So much love sister.
A perfect extra ordinary day. How was yours?


  1. Love the potatoes, love the mocs, love Kissa, love all the goodies.... what's not to love, really.

    Ordinary days are, indeed, extraordinary. I had breakfast at noon today, it's rainy here in Binghamton, and I'm just doing nothing, even though I'm supposed to be writing. Or practicing parallel parking for my road test. I found the perfect place to practice parking last night; a quiet back street with a single car parked on the curb. Then I noticed a lawn sign in front of the house: "Obama is a Marxist who doesn't believe in constitution or Israel." I figured that I should find another spot. And the best part was that the sign didn't make me angry, I just laughed because it was so stupid. I don't know why I am telling you this. Oh well. :)

  2. My day has been alright... Been at work all day. I did get invited to a friend's cottage on the weekend though, which hopefully should be fun!

  3. Hahahahaha i love that it is true....that you do traipse around in fairytale garments pulling out taties and milking cows and other such practical endeavours. Sweet girl, YOU are magic and wonder i swear. My day started at 3am this morning with a little girl who felt she had no more sleeping to do today. We are all bug-eyed today with sleepiness, and reading this post just made everything a little bit easier. totally partaking over at terrallectualism.

  4. p.s. Just read your comment over at my place - on the $ post - the idea of payment representing the transferring of positive energy; coming from such a sweet moment....suddenly i feel more relieved rather than cross and cranky about money. The power of words eh. Thank you.

  5. I need some swappy friends! You guys always give and send the best stuff. Must be wonderful!

  6. you look super pretty in these pictures. i so need to get your package to you. glad to see that sun is shining up north!

  7. <3

    My day was kind of overrun with kiddos. Well... there were the beans, as you know ;) Cooked some up with a little butter and garlic and they were quite yummers along with leftover homegrown zucchini lasagna from last night :)

    Hmmm... I've been quite blessed with the package love lately too, must be something in the ether. Expect more coming your way soon!

  8. Love those mocs!

    Would you mind posting which Etsy seller you got them from?
    I've been looking for a pair, but I can't really find nice ones...

  9. hee, i'm curious too bummble! ^

    i think it probably doesn't matter what you're wearing, since enchantment seems to follow you around like a love-struck puppy! you ooze enchantment my dear, regardless of the outfit, but i always love seeing you manifest it with your down-home-forest-gypsy-fairytale style.

    thank you for the shoutout about the swap! i am giddy just thinking about all that mail magic flying around the world. speaking of, i did get your message of FB, but have yet to write back...i will soon and i too am slowly collecting special surprises for YOU. xoxoxox

  10. p.s. those potatoes are beautiful! i would love to learn of any finnish culinary magic you might be doing with them. :)

  11. pink calico and potatoes go together beautifully! what a bunch of perfect loveliness in one perfect sweet little day. kissa reminds me so much of my bean. i love their lithe little laziness. every inch the lady!

  12. I think sometimes simple living is extraordinary ... especially when it's among the magnificence of nature! You look like you had a swell day, and might I say, both you and your cat are beauties!

  13. I too received an exciting package this morning from my native England, a belated birthday gift and a vintage card with words of love and friendship,this made my ordinary day a little more extraordinary. Reading your blog and seeing beautiful photos of cats and far away magical places adds an extra smile to any gals day.kimx

  14. Awfully cute to pick potatoes in ;) Love it.

  15. Ohh, what a dream! <3 I love the fabrics, and the beautiful bumble bee too of course!

    Lost in the Haze

  16. love it all! i can always count on a happy, brings a smile to my face pick me up from this here log of yours!

  17. Hey you! I think you need a blog entirely showcasing your kickass moccasin collection! It's always a breath of fresh air to see you (potatoes in hand) and read up on your adventures in such a lovely little corner of the earth :)

  18. vintage fabric, kitties and potatoes! My favorite combo!