Sunday, July 3, 2011

We interrupt our regular programming.

In the summer there are no indoors, walls disappear, everything must be done outside. There is so much to keep up with, weeds grow in record time, our strawberries are finally ripe, successions must be planted. There are picnics and parties and baseball and visiting friends. The whole world's out there, suddenly right outside our door, shimmering in the hot air.

(Vest from Violet Folklore, top from Velvet Leaf, everything else free from The Dump;)
Everything is growing and blooming, from the weeds that make me sniffly, to my first zucchinis and even the nettles nodding in the back yard.
The bees themselves can barely keep up with the flowers.
Today we tasted our first honey from the bees, an unanticipated treat, a gift, it almost seemed, so willingly they gave up the few pieces of honey laden comb they had built between the supers. We ate the sticky nectar there and then, straight out of the wax.

What did it taste like? Like this landscape we love. The blooms that bend to the sun. Light as air, sweet as summer.


  1. The forest that you are often wakeful old are those giant trees? So magnificent and gracious. And in this ensemble, you are most definitely off the charts when it comes to the adorable-o-meter. The charm of seasons Spring and Summer is not only in the overgrowth of practically everything; but also the whole outdoorsy indulgently social and spirited activities they encourage us to dally with. (i say this wrapped in a blanket, fire burning bright)
    enjoy lovely

  2. you are a sweet berry growing on the woodsy vines, in all your violet and red and abundance and joy. you're like a poem of the forest. dancing along the logs looks like much fun and that path is pure and inviting. i want to come frolic with you! great summer shimmers and loves and adventures to you. i can just taste their good honey right now, what joy, what pure romantic bliss.

  3. your words & your beauty are enough to make my heart ache. happy deep summer, milla.

  4. Beautiful summery post. Eating honey fresh from the comb seems like the perfect summer activity. Your necklace is so lovely too! Enjoy the fantastic warm weather.

  5. Mmm honey straight from the comb is great. I love biting into honey comb. I wish the walls would disappear here... trapped in this darned air conditioned office 8 hours a day is no fun :( I'll just have to live outdoors vicariously through you!

  6. I'm writing a story with a Milla character. Just a minor part, but I really need to talk with you so that I can know if I got your essence right. You make me so happy with your ebullience. So much love, bear-girl.

  7. I like Sara's comment best... and if I were writing a novel there would certainly be a Milla/bear-girl character :) Shouldn't there always be really? You have a great aura that has an uncanny ability to travel through internet space & time without losing any of its sincerity. Love it!

  8. How lovely - making me homesick for the country of my birth, where summers are sharp and sweet like raspberries. Stuck in New York City like a flower wilting in a vase...I am glad for those able to enjoy the season.

  9. Dreamy! It's true, you just glow and seem so natural and open with your blog. Beautiful photographs too. My mama used to keep bees when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing your words and experience.

  10. nice stems, lady! i've never seen your bare legs before, must be nice and warm up there. summer is the best, especially in the PNW.

  11. As always, charming, breathtaking, inspiring photos and prose. Happy happy summer.

    P.S. Oooh, you got it in purple, too. Purty.

  12. Just want to chime in briefly that this post was so inspiring and I found the writing evocative and smart--beautiful!

  13. been away from my computer habits, but wanted to say hey and yay! summer! cute sandals! big trees! bee honey! beautiful as always.

  14. The purple hues are beautiful and lifted from all the nature around you in your top. What a color!!!! Its here too in the woods in summer flowers. I took a little break from here and find lots and lots of little bees have visited my blog on account of your kind words and I thank you for that. I am still finding my way there and enjoying the exploring nature of blogging. I am most inspired when I come here and somehow find confidence in my own reasoning for doing it, so thanks for that too. x

  15. ps, I love the title of this blog: )

  16. I love all of this! That honey I'm sure is the best ever tasted. SO beautiful...
    I live in Tacoma, so I like to think we are neighbors of a sort!
    I don't make it out your way terribly often, but I would be delighted to meet you next time! How sweet of you. If you are ever out my way I would love top meet you here as well. I hope you keep enjoying this lovely summer (at last!). The very mention of your strawberries makes my mouth water.
    Off to the farmer's market!