Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Earth

Thank you so much for all your amazing, thoughtful comments on my last post. It was a total pleasure to read your thoughts on consumerism, vanity and blogging.

While some commentators worried that I was being too hard on myself, fret not, I want to assure you that I do think that sharing my love of clothes with like-minded friends is mostly a wholly innocuous hobby and simply wanted, as always, to examine my own motives further. I am grateful to have such marvelous bellwethers and am certain you will always keep me on the right track with your honesty, beauty and good humor.
So without further ado, here's a wholly frivolous post about the recent haps around here. I'm still cooking up some bee-posts, an upcoming Simplicity-post and some other bits and bobs of actual substance, but until then, I'm here to show you what I've worn and done.
The weather's cooled of quite a bit in the last week, doing that temperate rain forest thing again and I've had to dress accordingly. That's a good thing.

Never entirely comfortable with hot-hot heat dressing, I'm more than happy to bust out my old army jacket and some tights.
It's a lot more fun to marvel at this earth when you're warm and cozy and the woods, fields and gardens certainly enjoyed the rain.
I'm loving my Dump-found and altered dress and belt with a pretty 90s tunic Kristiina brought for me from Finland and my trusty moccasins to boot (A pun! I made a pun!).

This, by the way, is one of my favorite pins of all time. It's such a good reminder of the perils of development and razing the old and replacing it with new. If you've ever watched Real World: Seattle, you know Pike Place market is a local landmark. Can you believe it could be condos galore?!
Speaking of Pike Place Market, guess who had a relaxing mini-vacation in Seattle a week ago? C. and I don't usually do these kind of things, go off-Island (as we islanders refer to it) just for fun, but since we were dropping my friends off at the airport, we decided to take full advantage of being in the city : hang out at some markets, eat lots of food, get beers in bars where we don't know everyone, go see a movie...
We had a blast doing tourist-y things like fingering knick-knacks and watching the fish-throwers at Pike Place, as well as...well, experiencing...the great Gumwall.
One of the funnest things about cities, is the feeling of being surrounded by a kaleidoscope of culture, its endless possibilities in music, movies, art shows and poetry readings unfolding infront of you. Whether it be a world-class opera, or some street musicians, there's always something new to hear. There are new flavors, new scents, new people around every corner.
The City is all about the unexpected. New things to see, sudden surprises awaiting... There's only so much of it I can take, trust me, the endless stimulation is not my cup of strong, hot coffee anymore, but periodically it is rather fun to experience.
Oh and in the city, I'm totally under-dressed. Women in the cities have pedicures. They have new shoes. They wear lipstick. They, apparently, wear rolled up khakis and parachute skirst. Cities are crazy like that.
Not what one wears when climbing mountains, weeding gardens, getting sweaty and dirty and sunburnt.
Mali and my friend Iris, whom I've known since high school have been visiting.
The garden is suddenly bursting out with swan-necked garlic scapes.
We've been playing around with my childhood hand puppets that Timo and Kristiina brought along with them from Finland. They're even more awesome and surreal than I remembered.

I got them when I was around three-years-old from one of my mom's commie friends who went to Czechoslovakia and returned with these hand-made Soviet-era puppets. (I had a pretty weird childhood, tell you what...)
And while my cat was engaged in its usual activities, I celebrated America's birthday in style. Each year our little town, puts on a very-home-made-parade and every year the hippie contingent does their own twist on the theme.
Can you tell this year's theme was something like "under the rockets red glare"?
All in all, July has been pretty awesome in my little corner of this Earth.
Chickens are growing, trees are swaying and a certain band we love is making their way to these shores once more.
More adventures await, just around the bend.


  1. Hi Milla! I've really enjoyed your last couple of posts and everyone else expressed their thoughts so eloquently that I'll just nod my head and agree! Some blogs are disturbingly picture-perfect, whether they be about food, lifestyle or clothes. If you were so inclined, you would feel just a teensy bit insecure! So, I've stopped reading them and only read blogs that make me feel happy, inspired and comfortable! Like yours! Hope you're having a good summer, temperatures have dropped over here as well, but it's all good! ~Siobhan x

  2. I love your hippie look! Gorgeous.

  3. i always read your blog but very rarely comment as usually everyone has already said what is in my mind and it would be silly to repeat!

    i agree with wild fairy, that many 'picture perfect' blogs actually made me feel very inadequate and somehow 'less' but your blog does make me feel far more accepting of myself.

    oh i just adore your local parade, especially the hippies (if i were there i would have joined you all!)i wish my small village had such a wonderful group of individuals :)

  4. Cities are weird, aren't they? I go back and forth between thinking that "I am" or that "I am not" a city person. Now that I live in a small town, cities sometimes feel somewhat overwhelming, but the feeling of getting lost in the crowd is also strangely appealing.

    Your Soviet-era hand puppet reminds me of some of my childhood toys that my stepfather brought me from Moscow in the 80s: a bright, almost neon-yellow fox and a black bear. Their "fur" is still just as coarse as it was then, and I swear they still have that same, strange smell of a Soviet toy to them, too.

    P.S. I'd rather play hug of war, too!

  5. oh love, oh hugs, oh color and vibrance and joy. your life glows my dear. the cooler temps suit you, you look so cozy and refreshed and lively. oh how i wish my town knew how to do the 4th like you all do! we don't even have a parade here?! where is the americana or the hippie alternative, either? i think i shall start a movement for an island-inspired clownish and colorful parade next festive event. the perfect hoopla.

    glad island life is breezy beautiful and our earth is lucky to have places and people like yours and you!

  6. You were in Seattle?! Of course you were.... I am visiting Seattle for the summer, and you're my favorite blogger in the history of the internet (and believe me, being sixteen, I've seen a LOT of the internet) and we were within a breath apart and I never knew...
    I'm crushed. Crushed forever. Sigh.

  7. AAAAH! the gum wall is the stuff of nightmares!!! i shudder. i love that dress with the belt. someday when i don't have to unfurl my boobs at a drop of the hat for my baby i will get back into belts. i miss them.

  8. I think you're special. You drip with honey. It's people like you that give pleasantry to my thoughts, and make me feel good for humanity.

    I am glad to read your adventures. I hope you keep smiling, and find the world at your feet

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  9. that parade looks cool! it appears july has been full of fun and adventure for you. love your outfit, especially the dainty floral top.

    take care lovely one!

  10. Hey, I missed this post before! Nice to see the fun times continuing to roll up there. The parade looked like a hoot, were those dream catcher wings I spotted?!?! So amazing, and you with your flower power dress and cute home-made sign, too much :)

    Yay for more summer adventures! <3

  11. I live in a city, population of about a million people. I think this is probably the biggest I'd be willing to go. I don't know how people can live in places like New York where you can't just... casually drive out of the city! I could WALK out of Ottawa in a day if I really felt the need, easily.

    I really like heat, but only if I don't have to do anything important. Dressing for work when it's hot as heck outside is a pain in the butt, but if I know I can be casual, it's all good.

    I really like that colourful top (jacket?) you are wearing next to the "One Earth Under Stars" sign.