Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a few wild horses to tame...

These days it seems like every time I write something here, I'm about to rush off to somewhere else and so, by necessity, suddenly these posts are short and shallow, just like I suppose, North country summers.
A stock of adventures awaits for the telling, but I must rush off to be a somewhat inadequate farmhand and then a passable stagehand.

I was hoping to have a moment to share with another visit from a faraway friend, some sunny days, and a most beauteous song from one Bonnie Paine of a certain Elephant Revival, but heck, I suppose you'll excuse me for running of to see a second show from them in as many days.
Wish you were here and there and all dancing around me.
When I return, I hope to have beautiful music and dresses and the magic and communion of dancing and singing.
Hope there's angels dancing wherever you are too.


  1. Oh, you're gonna have so much fun tonight!!!!! I so wish I could be there to stomp and twirl the night away *sigh*

    In spirit though, in spirit... love you, love you!

    Will work on that followers button ;)

  2. I can't remember the last time I was the first commenter, woohoo!

  3. How I wish I could experience Elephant Revival live.
    I came across them whilst reading your lovely, inspirational blog, and have been listening to them ever since, Bonnie's voice is beautiful and haunting.
    Thank you for sharing snippets of your life and loves, I'm delighted whenever I read your blog. Please pop over and have a little look at my novice attempt as a blogger x

  4. oooooweeee i wish i could come twirl with you tonight! love the little walk down the country island road, such a cozy frolicsome life. Bridget's blue dress is setting my heart a'flame. i think you carry the world's sparkles in your dancing soul.

  5. Yes, go on, run off! The sumer is fleeting and the hours small. Can't wait to hear all about your song adventures.


  6. There will be so much time for internetting later, sweet pea. I'll be there with you, in my mind, and I'm sure some of my good vibes are still clinging to your b-day dress ;)


  7. Glad you shared more of them :D Last time you posted about going to their show you gave a link to a radio show about them. I played it over and over again while I was taking outfit pictures for my Etsy shop... They are FANTASTIC! I can see you dancing and swinging around there now :D
    You still playing with your bees?

  8. Summer is always too fleeting in New Zealand as well.
    Go! Run, sing, dance, be outside and revel in the warmth while you can lady. x

  9. Oh I like this band very much!!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    The more I pass by here and read your words the more familiar I feel with this island so far away and full of trees, seems heavenly and all your rushing about seems fitting for these summer days. Me and my daughter have been reading the The Little House in The Big woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder( its a way for us to keep with our america, which we adore)

    Madeleine loves it and its based in American pioneer days on a family who live in a huge and beautiful woods. In summer, it seems they do all their socializing and moving about, the rest of the year is made up with all kinds of wonderful work sustaining themselves. Enjoy the movement and the sea breeze and the golden sun and all the lovely people you have around you xx E

  10. sounds like a plan:-) enjoy!

  11. im loving elephant revival and trying to learn some of their songs! thanks for sharing them. too bad i can't fly myself over to one of their concerts, surely they are amazing live.

  12. I love your new blog header! This band sounds great as well :)