Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When The Sun Rules The Earth

A traditional Finnish Solstice (juhannus) spell for kids (and grown-ups alike)

On the longest night of the year, you must gather seven different flowers from the fields in the light of the midnight sun.
Once you've broken off the first one, you cannot speak another word.
You must be silent the whole rest of the night, though you are allowed to laugh.
When you go to bed you must place the flowers under your pillow and in a dream you will see your one true love.


Do not worry too much about the "midnight sun". I think this might just be a convenient way to get the kids to go to bed/shut up and I don't ever recall anyone dreaming of anything significant (except when my cousin dreamt of her math teacher and was freaked out 'cos that for sure meant she'd have to marry him.), but it adds a little something to the celebrations, a special kind of magic. There are other spells that come to mind, but this one is very traditional.

Merry Solstice one and all!


  1. Olettepa kerinneet tekemään paljon kaikkea.
    Kauniilta näyttää.
    Hyvää Juhannusta !

  2. we have a similar tale in England! only for girls- you gather a handful of wheat from the fields, separate the grains, stand in a circle facing outwards and all together at midnight throw the wheat over your shoulder into the centre.. then supposedly you dream of your true love that night. It never worked for me, sadly.. sigh, maybe one day ;)

  3. um, you are adorable in that get up. good lord. i love love love when you talk about finnish stuff. and i miss you! but i am so glad you are having a fun summer. but i miss you! i have a bunch of things for you piling up...i just want to do a few more things before it heads your way. much love you, my dear! happy solstice!

  4. ah darling, happy solstice to you too! i have misty romantic visions of your community's seasonal celebrations out under the stars on the longest night of the year. love and abundance to you my friend!

  5. i think the effectiveness of this spell would be far greater if i was looking as cute as you in that outfit!! happy solstice to you too, sweet milla. may the midnight sun illuminate your life in joy. xoxoxo