Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm going back where the salmonberries grow!

June has been a month equal parts adventure and exhaustion for me and it seems I'm not the only one who's been a little absent from our online coven of lovely ladies. Absence. The word takes on a whole new meaning in the digital age. Time, as Einstein proved, is rather relative, and had he lived to see it, ol' Albert might have noted that it seems to travel at an accelerated speed on the internets. Here, a day becomes a week, a week, then, and a month a year, which might as well be an aeon.
In a place where everything is instant, there seems no room for respite, for pause. No point, it seems in commenting on blog posts from last week, replying to emails from last month, they are yesterday's news, water under the bridge.

When the breath-taking pace of the modern world threatens to swallow one whole, be it in the form of phone calls and emails unreturned, deadlines approaching, planned blog-posts gathering virtual dust, it's good to take a step back and remember this world is but an extension of the real world, not some alternate universe with its own laws of physics and magic.

True friends will wait patiently for phone calls and letters, the deadlines are not set in stone, but set by people and sometimes it's perfectly beauteous to switch it all off and wander out.


And then. After a while. It can be equally wonderful to wander on back in. I'm here.

(And so are Sadie and Amber after some wanderings. Oh and check out Violet Folklore's awesome new FB-page. Now here's something I don't mind being updated on hourly;)

And I'm so, so grateful for so many beautiful comments I've recently received and want to send some special love to Katherine on her journeys and Elishva, who's sunny blog I hope to visit more often in good time (as well as many other new-to-me blogs of commentators). My heartfelt gratitude to you all you wonderful girls for being in this circle of mutual inspiration.

You are here.


  1. Oh blimmin heck, you write it so perfectly!!!
    seeyalater beelady

  2. I love these pictures! Everything seems so green :)

  3. sweet lady you are peace personified. thank you for saying these true, true things. sending you love and wandering berry magic.

  4. you always seem to take the words right out of my mouth, and do them much more justice :) it has been one of those months here, and its been glorious. recently me and the internet have parted ways, and it has been glorious. But, as you mention it is sad not seeing beloved internets friends. so glad to hear you are there and alive and well and enjoying salmonberries??

  5. You look lovely as usual, glad to hear from ya! I hope your bees are doing well. I was visiting a friend of mine and noticed that she had a book on bee-keeping on her night table. It seems I am attracted to bee-people, online and in real life!

  6. yes! ....though i do still need to email you at some point ;)

  7. I have just found your blog, and wanted to say how inspiring I find your posts. True words and lovely pictures.

  8. green is a great color for you! I envy that you have all that bounty to walk and discover thru. take care :)

  9. cute, cute, cute. Your forrest wandering outfits always make me smile!

  10. i love you. that's pretty much all i have to say. oh, and your purse is awesome.

  11. thanks for those words of wisdom regarding the passing of time in the "real" world and the internet netherworlds.