Friday, June 3, 2011

Here's to taking it easy

Have I told you guys lately that I love you? If not here goes: I love you guys. Friends, family, "virtual" strangers, internet soul-sisters and fellow wanderers. You're amazing. Never did I expect to have so many folks reading this little log and leaving the sweetest, most insightful comments. So thanks for all your thoughts, ideas and good vibes.

Postings will continue to be short and sweet for the foreseeable future, since it's been a topsy-turvy mad-cap birthday week for many of our good friends here, and soon we'll pick up some well-traveled folk and head out for an Epic Island Birthday Shindig. But I'll at least try to keep you updated on the haps (to quote Heater), the awesome folk that you are.
Guess who else is awesome? My husband. He smokes a licorice pipes and is gifted cool Tees by lovely ladies (thanks Heather and Nicole) and makes tiny bouquets of blooms for my bike. He takes care of all the critters I amass and helps me hang pictures of chickens on the walls. He's kind and patient and puts up with my crazy schemes. These busy days I sometimes find myself missing him, even though he's right there, because we seem to be forever doing one thing or another, rather than just spending time.
My honey smokes some liquerish pipe
Thankfully last Sunday, we finally took advantage of a few hours between taking care of the bees and dining with some friends and snuck out trough the maddening crowds of bicyclists and other Memorial Day tourists to a little beach that's quite secret to just hang out. Just the two of us.
beach bums
While I waded in the water and marveled at feathers and rocks and read my companion planting book, C. took a nap on sun-warmed rock by a little creek that runs down from the woods.
The conifers are making new buds, from which I hope to make a bit of delicious syrup one of these days, as per a traditional Finnish recipe.
I scored a pretty aqua-marine top from The Dump, and though long sleeves were unnecessary in the sun, the night cooled down quite quickly. We talked and watched and mellowed out a little together.
Crooked legs
There were all kinds of treasures to be found everywhere.
But the best ones were these two little houses someone had made on the beach. They reminded me of our own dwelling: two little houses by the sea and a forest at the foot of a big rock...
our house
by the sea and the cliff
It is always warm and tranquil in this little cove, a perfect place for a moment of respite.
Water logged
kissed by the sun
And now, with renewed energies, we forge on toward new adventures. But if you're in need of a moment of calm, feel free to look in trough this little window. And then go hug someone you love.
Love, inner peace and mid-afternoon naps,


  1. Lovely pictures! :)

  2. I adore this post and I adore you, sister. I hope you're having so much fun living in the moment, hangin' out, workin', and just bein' alive!


    P.S. My gramps used to love anise flavored cigars. Not to smoke, just to chew on, and only once in a blue moon.

  3. I raise my glass (well coffee mug) in cheers to mid-afternoon naps! I love those little twig houses...we (me and my babes) make em when we're down at the beach...but seeing as ours are made with chubby not so nimble hands, and more haste than design...they are kinda more avant-garde looking. That aqua marine colour is precious on you Milla! Here's to more sunny, peaceful afternoons. I myself can't imagine a life far from gurgling water.

  4. ohhhh this is really nice. i am in awe how you are able to transfer a bit of your peace and love through these interwebs. bless it UP and we are lucky to have you, dear one. messages & more from me to you soon.....

  5. my husband drinks from Ball jars as well. :) And I might add that that is a beach I would love to beachcomb on!

  6. short and sweet sounds like the way to go lately. i have to show k the little fairy houses on the shore, she will be so inspired.
    i owe you email and have half a package sitting here for you. soon.....

  7. Ah, those must be the homes of beach combing leprechauns . I remember building tiny little villages out of milk cartons , and pray I could lure them to move in. They never came, but what did was few little bugs , and that left me just as excited. keep on being cute girl. cuz you just are!!

  8. i LOVE those little houses, and i love you!

  9. i love that we both have our patient, well-mannered, nap-happy and heavily bearded boys. there's something so comforting and comfortable about a man with a cozy lumberjack beard.

    glad you had some respite and lovely to see your little cove! i've been enjoying some quiet time of late too and it feels soooo good! my man recently picked up a giant piece of weathered and branched driftwood and brought it home, so now i have a constant reminder of the sea in my city apt. love it.

  10. oooh what a blessed dreamy afternoon for you and the hubs and glad to see he's rocking the tee! it is perfect on him, and so is that dapper and magical lil pipe and the handy dandy jar o water.

    your loving vibe is just what i needed today, being a bit of a crazy-lady grumpsicle. poor darin had to be mighty patient with me as i tornadoed through the living room rearranging everything, making precarious stacks of books to organize and lugging the dustbin about filling it with the runaway bits and pieces that end up under the couch. that's the kind of day we had; on top of that no phone or internet...i was not sharing the love very nicely ;) UNTIL NOW, the witching hour! clean, reorganized living room, smell of bonfire in my hair, indian food in my belly, sweet milla vibes on my screen, and a sweet hubs nearby who ultimately knows how to calm my whirlwinds.

    all smiles now; yay for love, busyness, and then taking it down a notch too! precious reminders these crazy making days...much love back at you moonsis.

  11. what a beautiful place you live in~i love your little fim, i always love the sound of running water, thank you

  12. this is a really great post.
    stephanie claire

  13. You are amazing Milla! I also love the hairclip you are wearing in one of the pictures :)

  14. Milla, Milla! Hi. Sorry for being a flake and forgetting to send my email days back: (for future reference :)

    I think those tiny beach crafted huts are the best thing I've spied online all week. I want to move in and indulge in an afternoon nap. Looks delightful. And naps? Almost forgot what they feel like, mid day, when the house if quiet...

    Hope your energy keeps you reeling with all the birthday celebrations and summer festivities headed your way. Looking forward to hearing about them all.

  15. You and your beautiful Soul...Milla WE LOVE YOU!

  16. I am no stranger to the feeling of pure joy at finding faerie houses on the beach! My family like to camp next to this little creek and every year when we get there someone has made little castles with the multicolored flat rocks in the stream... I like to think that it's a mountain man, or an elf, or possibly a wild forest-dweller who leaves little gifts on beaches:)

  17. Oi tämä oli kaunis/mukava postaus. Me rakensimme tyttäreni (kohta 3v) kanssa majan kukkivan omenapuun alle ja nukuimme päiväunet siellä.

  18. ahh! i feel the peacefulness!
    lovely pictures. enjoy all the festivities!
    sendin' the love back to you!

  19. oh, i feel transfused with the magic of your day. its that kind of sunny bones feeling that only comes with long hours spent outdoors at midsummer. you are beautiful, your man is beautiful and you know the feeling is mutual...we all love you, and to me at least its obvious because of the way your heart just SHINEs.

    thank you for recording the voices of the creek. i listened to it three times. :)

  20. Love from me to you, too! And that's very much true. You'll always have a place in my heart as one of the special ladies who unknowingly set me on the path to finding myself :)

  21. This post calms my soul. I love you too my magical friend <3

  22. Milla,
    You don't really know me (I've only left one other comment here) but I've been a 'virtual stranger', following your blog for a year or so! In a few days I'll be leaving home alone (for the first time!) to work on an organic farm for the summer, and I really have you to thank for the coming adventure - and so many other things. I was raised very suburban-ly, and (subconsciously) the rural life seemed so far away, like I was somehow not 'destined' to be in the country because I was born in a different sphere. But your blog made it seem so accessible; it's like a little window to your life, showing even the imperfect, the un-idyllic. You don't have a mysterious income or run a farm for business, your photos aren't just of wooden utensils and rustic whatnot, and (best of all) your writing is frank and substantial, not just some sort of meditative blogger haiku stuff.
    This is getting very long and gushy, but I just want to say thank you; thank you for taking the time and effort to show that simple, rural living is more than possible, even when you can't hope to make much money, thank you for showing that you don't have to dress in a planned or put-together way & spend loads on clothes to be beautiful, thank you for explaining that there is infinitely more pleasure in making & experiencing than buying. I love you, too! Hopefully the light that you've lit will be able reach everyone & everything in some way or other.

  23. So moved by Katherine's blog above, Good Luck dear Katherine on your earthy adventures!!!!!

    Milla, This is another love filled blog, Its good to have found you as a reminder of Love, beauty and the blissful peacefulness that comes with the days where afternoon naps feature. Isn't it so very right for us to move at such a pace. To do good work, and good rest. I used to live in The Pyrennees before my daughter was born, and I was always nodding off, simply so completely relaxed, I could cat nap here and there and everywhere, under a fig tree on a hot afternoon, or by a river after a cooling swim. I am in Ireland now and Mom to a six year old girl, which doesn;t allow for the same quietude, BUT I am doing all I can to instill within my sweet girl that very wonderful gift of being, just be where you are, with peace.
    xx E