Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hooray For The Riffraff!


I wish I could find a video of Casey Neill's ferocious "May Day Jig"-online, but since I can't here's another favorite in honor of this day of celebrating Fertility, The Goddess, Pollination, Solidarity and Labour.

I could go on about the ancestral traditions of The First Day of spring, the fertility rites and my own Labor Marching up-bringing, but I'm off to spring clean, watch my bees gather pollen and dance around the Maypole.

Here's a lovely songstress C. found who's band is named after Neill's counter-culture anthem. His songs so bring me to the spirit of this place and my people here.
Happy Mayday My Merry Folk Around The World! Hooray For The Riff Raff!

ps. I have been working on, here and there, a reply post to all your amazing comments on Simplicity and hope to get back on blogging track shortly. There's just too much growth, sunlight, human and animal friends and fertile soil around right now...


  1. pretty sure you are the absolute best girl around to celebrate spring's arrival with :)

  2. riffraff unite tonight!

    i'll be dreaming twinkling dreams of your maypole sweet island sprites. SOMEDAY i vow my community will make one. for now i will sew with momma and take walks with darin and read books in the sun and place jars of wildflowers all around me. and that will have to suffice for this riffraff's mayday celebrations!

    my dear one, you should do a little tutorial video for your dandelion crown. twould make my life complete!

    much love, i thought about you and the buzzies today, and the man and the kitcat and the whole lovely green and growing foresty kaboodle. spring fertile messy joyous love.

  3. Beautiful crown! Must try that sometimes..

  4. Oh, I have that book too! I found it in a fleamarket last year and fell in love with it :)

  5. Duuude... banjo and accordion! How absolutely perfect! Happy May day to ya! I love that you are making the same face as the girl in the book :D

    Here's a lil yellow flower wreath I made while camping in Big Bear- I guess that's nature crafting?
    Happy Monday too!

  6. your crown is too too much, m'dear!

  7. Beltane is my favorite holiday (along with Halloween). My friends and I had this huge celebration planned but when it came we were all busy with family things. So, we're going to celebrate it this weekend instead. Better late than never! I'm sure you had a perfect May Day, you seem like the type! :)

  8. oh, that first photo of you is sublime. and what a joy to have enough dandelions to make a crown (that's a good day!).


  9. Aw, you are the picture of May Day basking in the sun in your beautiful dandy crown :) There was the sweetest May Day celebration today at the farm with all the kids. Bringing paper baskets of flowers that they made to the neighbors and a maypole with all different kinds of floral fabric ribbons!

  10. i keep seeing your golden halo face in my mind's eye. i delight in you, ms. queen of may! i love that you truly wove your crown, with directions of awesomeness, no less.

  11. You're gorgeous and radiant! I hope you had a beautiful, amazing, splendid, all other words meaning positive things, Mayday!

    And you're right- there's just too much going on outside to bother coming in. I've been inside only to sleep these days ;)

  12. Ah poop! I hate it when i think I've commented but I haven't. I thought I spoke here a coupla days ago, but I didn't. i love that you are truly celebrating Spring. I thought of you Northern Hemisphere girls today as myself and my little girl were out walking - I thought of you all because there were no flowers for my baby to pick, and I knew that you would be looking at new blossoms and tiny buds all around. Your Dandelion crown? is a work of art.
    Happy Spring!

  13. Oh I just love the dandelion crown. Looks quite simple too. May Day is the most wonderful time... of the yeeeeeear!

  14. girl, that is so great. Its a great thing to be wrapped in Dandelion!