Friday, May 27, 2011

Guest Pass


As you can tell the tangible world is holding some serious sway over me right now, but if you're in need of an extra Milla-fix (how I flatter myself) the amazing time-traveling Brigit gave me an opportunity to guest post on her log this week. In her absence Brigit has thoughtfully set her readers up with guest-posts on yummy recipes, 70s cinema and kid's book illustrations, all things I heartily approve. And if you're inclined to wander on over, my post has a wee (big-no seriously this book is pretty epic) book giveaway attached. Just leave a comment and I'll fish out a winner one of these days.

Hope it's not raining like a mofo at cultivation time in your neck of the woods. Imma gonna go and hunt me some slugs now, but I look forward to checking all your lovely logs and the posts that have accumulated in my absence. And there the next post on Simple Living is in the works.

All my love and bright skies,


  1. Dear Milla, have been looking in on you for a while now :-) Last night there was a little concert in my village - Pauliina Lerche. The concert was arranged by the german/finnish society. It was the most lively, lovely traditional inspired music. And I thought of the finnish people that I "know". Have a listen!

  2. What on earth are you going to do with slugs?