Sunday, May 29, 2011

At The Gates Of The Animal Kingdom

Right now, time is so precious to me. Every minute from sun-up to sunset seems occupied by the Absolutely Necessary.

I'm not just neglecting this log, but emails and calls, letters and dates. So to anyone to whom I owe a reply of any kind, all apologies. All I have to offer right now, is this little post of odds and ends, a small window into my life.

There are presents and birthdays and parties. There's the never-ending list of packages to mail and things to make. Curtains to sew, lamps to fix, beds to dig, cupboards to paint, wild things to harvest, starts to plant, mulch to spread. Hoop houses and volunteering and more work than I can do, raspberries to dig, promises of poetry readings, summery days filled with frantic activity.

And yet, as a favorite literary character likes to say. And yet, there are also soft creatures on the side of the road. Children running in the orchard as I have my hands elbow deep in soapy water.
Meekest one
There are new interesting friends, and old, longed-for friends. There's even new life in a small cardboard box.
Life as we know it
Chip or dale?
Little peeps
There's time if you take it. Small snatches of it here and there that can be had.
Row row row your boat
Morning rows and herons, some like Narcissus looking at himself in the water.
Herra Haikara
Some days I receive beautiful faraway mail, from inexplicably kind people who send you frocks and little hand painted recipes and cards of great significance for no reason other than that they thought you might like them.
Pure love
My Husband the Florist
I have a husband who picks blooms. Most often I would just leave them where they grow, but it makes me so happy when there's a bouquet on the table.
I wear Short shorts!
Our thoughts are going way out to Alaska to C.'s cousin's new little girl, hoping that she gets to go home from the hospital soon. And to the lovely Anne who has also given birth to a beautiful baby girl this spring.
True colors
I wear colorful gifts from Anne's package, mixed in with others from Heather, and my only craft in weeks has been this little Spirit Pouch to host one of them.
Heathered Friend
At night, as I sit in my study, trying to finish something or another, I look up and see this gorgeous, melancholy card of Johnny Cash and his progeny living the life of dreams, a gift from the lovely Andrea, who's artwork I hope to hang on my wall some day soon.
The Cash Porch Band
And as I type this, I listen to the lovely sounds of these little peeps.

How are things in your spring-world?


  1. I love your spirit pouch! It reminds me of this day camp I went to in 5th grade...
    This Spring I've been FULL of ideas! I'm going to sew my first ever handmade gunne sax, craft jewelry for my friends, forage in the woods behind my favorite river, ride my bike to the farmer's market, and teach myself to cook new and exciting things. Maybe it's the spirit of Springtime... but I just feel like creating.

  2. Hei! Löysin tänne juuri äsken,jotain hyvin kiemuraista reittiä. joku johdatus varmaan:-)
    Elämäsi näyttää aivan ihanalta!

  3. so many things i want to say here! first, before i forget, thank you again for your incredible guest post. i loved it so much, i've read it a few times, and i look forward to picking up the books you rec'd. that post wins the prize for most comments ever recieved on my blog! thanks for taking the time to do such a well written and valuable post. okay. next. OMG THAT SWEATER YOU ARE WEARING IS THE BEST SWEATER EVER. i actually feel a physical yearning for it. it looks amazing on you! and perfect with that darling pouch. i can feel how soft that leather is through the picture. i love the idea of keeping a crystal in it. i love secrets like that. okay...what else, what else. ummmm, oh yeah! you are so pretty! and your husband is such a cutie. you guys pretty much need to stop being adorable in your cool hats and awesome sweaters. oh! i loved your last post about bees. i'm askeered of bees but find them fascinating, and i am in awe of people who let them land on them. my poor sister has been attacked by bees like, four different times. maybe she smells really good? who knows. anyway, what an awesome new hobby/lifestyle. looking forward to hearing more. okay...was that it? holy shit i almost forgot the baby chickies! i want chickens so bad, but until we have more time (i.e. until my partner gets done with being a slave oops i mean grad student) its a no go. okay, that's it i think. this post makes me want to be productive. love ya!

  4. You have such a lovely, lovely, lovely blog!
    Your posts brighten my days and I must thank you for this: THANK YOU!!

  5. I'm glad for you that your time is spent so happily, making stuff, nurturing little creatures...chickens and bees!!! Faaarrrrrr out, it's exciting as this Milla adventure unfolds. and Brigit is right, that sweater is marvellous.

  6. oh my dear i am so glad to meet your sweet newest chickadee friends!!! their peeping kills me ol heart. the colors of your post are the colors of milla's spirit: scarlet red, indigo skies blue, earth adn wood brown, and forest lover green. colors of islands, colors of songs, colors of hearts and moons. it is like they are reaching out and pouring an infusion of milla life and creativity into my hands and heart. oh dreamy sweater, crystal hidey, handworked leather, and spilling over bits of animal and countryside joy: LOVE.

  7. whoops i know i'm posting like a million hours later, but i wanted to tells ya, that i emailed you back. And your tiny peeps remind me; my brother had a pet chicken called Camilla we had her from when she was a chick... that bird had masses of personality, more than any of my furry pets!

  8. it's so good to be a busy bee! it sounds like your time is being well spent. the wee little chicks are too sweet! and the sweater looks perfect on you, as i assumed it would :D

    enjoy those gorgeous surroundings you live in! i'm pretending i'm out on your boat right now breathing in the fresh ocean air.

  9. Hey there Milla :) I'm having fun reading through all your old posts that I've missed, it's like Christmas since I've been away so long. Really loving your musings on bees... we just started and should be getting our first hive soon, so please do keep us posted! Also, I'm so happy to see you got more chicks!!!!

  10. Hei Milla! Long time since I commented..Your life seems as magical as ever, really spent doing the things that make you happy. We are living a simple life in the city at the moment- I want nothing really except my family, some nature and the sea, and my computer. :D I know I'm addicted to it. Oh well. I think I'll go out to play with Indiana now!

  11. Awww cute! :)

  12. Sweet gal, being busy in real life is so much better than having the time to fart around online! I don't know if this is true for you, but I like to say that, "A busy body is a happy body." Or something like that. You know, this lady, Maxine Kumin wrote a really cool essay called "Menial Labor and the Muse," about how menial tasks are like, the things that keep her grounded and even if she's had a really crappy day of writing, all her physical tasks around her horse farm make up for not feeling productive creatively.

    You're resplendent in your sweater and cutoffs and boots, oh my! And dare I say you do the tights and shorts look like no one's business.

    Oh my goodness, what adorable little chickers! And so tiny, too. Names to come, I hope. Are they all girls or are you guys trying your luck? Hmm, would your neighbors mind roosters' egotistical crowing?

    Keep being busy, Milla, dear. Your productivity and sunny post has given me such a boost of energy that I know that, yes, I CAN finish all this homework.


  13. I am with my sis. The peeping chics kill me with their tiny helpless kindness. Kind because of the flow of life that moves through them so purely, to eat, drink, peck, and snuggle. Oh animal kingdom! Oh joys of being busy!

    Love to you and thanks for you sweet comment! I would love to visit your neck of the woods this summer or vice versa!


  14. Thank you for sharing these tidbits of Spring sweetness... oh, this whirlwindy time of year... I never seem to steal a minute! Good for you for taking the time to notice the little things. (sometimes, literally- those chickies! ai ai ai ai cuteness overloading!) Sending lots of new shooting forth Spring energy your way... and hoping you get some sunshine there soon... we are waiting for it down here with ever decreasing patience. (-: Sasha

  15. happy you are getting to enjoy the spring and have new chicks to raise! i just went through a lengthy interview process and got a new job, so all my energy of late has been focused on that and it's been quite absorbing. today was my first day and it's felt so odd yet freeing, quitting my two jobs i have had and loved for so long, but that were getting me nowhere. reading your blog helps me settle down a bit, get out of my head and relax. you are so lucky to have so much nature all around you! daily rows sound like the greatest thing ever!

  16. Ah, it's so good to read your words again! I feel like I have been hibernating and now that things should be getting sunnier and warmer,even tho they fully haven't yet, I feel alive and ready to continue with my blog readings. Also my designs, hope one of them makes it out your way -let's see what this summer brings : )
    Much love,

  17. And yet. Did we talk about how I just read that book in book club!? Loved it. Bawled my eyes out. Did we talk about it??

    It's a busy time. I'm glad that so much of your busyness is keeping you outdoors with your hands in the dirt and your heart entrained to the natural rhythms of the earth. I need some more of that.

    Miss you sister.

  18. Little chickies! I loved having little fluffy bird babies cheep cheeping under a warm lamp when I was a girl. Then watching them go through that awkward teen-bird stage, heh.

    Things are alright with me, although tbh I'm mostly living in my head. June is new and yet I feel like somehow it's already over, and I just want July 9th to happen, which is the day I finally get to be with my boyfriend again after 8 months apart, *sigh*.

  19. oh thank you for the peep at the peepers...i instantly had a full body memory of being a little girl and being awakened by something...what is that? and then hearing the mama hen clucking softly outside my window, followed by lots of little peeps....and then i would run outside in my nightgown, shrieking, "they hatched! they hatched!". there were always a few to be kept in a box for one reason or another, such a sweet, sweet time.
    i'm glad you are out in the wilds of life...i think we all feel lucky that you stop in at all. keep on lovin. xoxoxo

  20. oh and p.s...thank you for reminding me about spirit pouches! i used to wear them in highschool in the 80s, and then they became synonymous with new agey ickiness....but i think its definitely been long enough that they can be reclaimed. i love yours, you did a beautiful job!

  21. Busy as it may be, this to me looks like the life of dreams! Your new peeps are so precious!!!