Sunday, May 8, 2011

365 days a year

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mamas as well as those of you beautiful womyn who aren't Mothers(yet or by choice), because if you aren't a Mother, you surely are a daughter. Let us all rejoice the miracle of Motherhood, our Mamas and their Mamas and the eternal, long chain of women from which we come from, one happy accident at a time.

Isn't it mysterious to remember that your very existence on this blessed Earth is the result of endless chains of co-incidences and strange events against all odds and reason? Whether you have created life or not that in and of itself is cause for some feminine celebrations.
(Find Milla in this picture of my well-dressed hippie mama. You can't? That's 'cos I'm in the belly, best aquatic hiding place ever!)

An almost equal mystery must be how all of us have managed to have The Best Mother In The World...
Like the Earth, Mamas (and papas) deserve our love, gratitude and appreciation more than just one day a year, in fact we should we grateful for our Moms each and every day of their and our lives.

I stayed up late into the night to talk to mine on Mama's Day morn over in her far part of the world. It's hard to live so far away from my mother and I cannot even fathom how hard it is to live an equal distance from your only child, so if you're close enough, give your Momma a hug just like I wish I could give mine . I also wish I could give a hug to my mother-in-law for being The Best Mother In The World for my husband.
So much love to all the mamas and babies and daughters,


  1. Yay!!! I know I have asked for photos of your mother before, so glad to see some :-)

    Wow, that must be very hard for both of you. My biggest fear with having an only child. How often do you get to see her?

    Love & love.

  2. I love old photos! Her glasses are amazing! Happy mothers day!


  3. such sweet pics! lovely mama you got and lovely baby you were! i have no babies of my own, but i get to love and care for a beautiful boy, my bf's son. he is almost outgrowing the stage where he wants to hold my hand in public and my heart is aching and yet bursting with pride at the same time. :)

  4. Your mama is really pretty:), I love that last picture- she does look like a hippie! But a very clean, pretty hippie:)

  5. Milla,
    I follow your blog... I can never express fully into words the insipiration your spirit continually gives; your outlook, wisdom, smile, compassion and love within every post. I have many times wanted to leave a comment but could not find the right words. This post on Mother's Day has left me with one word to express those feelings and thoughts ....EMBRACE
    thank you and
    sending some love your way, Sheri

  6. That must be so hard sometimes, for both of you, being so far away. Thank you for the wishes, I had a wonderful day, my babes were extra sweet and made me edible and visual delights both. That last photo of you and your mama is especially amazing...there is a real mood to it. Does your mama remember having the photo taken? It looks memorable to me. It's only after getting over the painful parts of childhood, and adolescence that I've realised how precious my own mama is, and her overwhelming support and presence in my life; you are right, our mothers deserve our care and thoughts every day of the year. And I absolutely emailed you. And I have to warn you i rambled a bit, but mostly, thanks for extending your kindness to me.

  7. Aw, such an important reminder, and one I had been thinking about before I even read this!

    Sometimes even living in the same town, it's easy to let time pass you by because you end up taking that proximity for granted. I'm trying to make a point of doing that less with my own mama :)

    Yay for well dressed hippie mamas! These photos are so wonderful<3

  8. Very cute pictures :)

  9. oh, look at your beautiful momma! thank you for sharing pics of her. and you articulated something i think about all the that i have a daughter, i understand on a much deeper level how hard it must be to have your child live far away. it is one of the greatest acts of let your child leave home. happy mother's day to your caring soul, that i imagine must be a mother to all the things in your life, big and small.

  10. Lovely post! Thank you. I live far away from my mama too and miss her greatly. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day:)

  11. What a lovely Mama you've got (and DANG I love her top in the last photo!!!). It is totally wacky to think of all the things that had to fall in to place to get to the point where you (or I) were born! It's miraculous and cool :D I got breakfast in bed from my lovelies! Couldn't have been happier :D

  12. Your mother is gorgeous! And little baby you, with your sparkling eyes!
    I concur with Missa about honoring Mom whether she is near or far away.

    P.S. and yes! I believe that we should mark the calendar and commence saving pennies that we can all meet at next year's herbal symposium :)

  13. I love love your pictures! your mama is incredibly beautiful! Just like her daughter. lucky girls! look at your sweet little baby eyes.
    Whoa! Just noticed Nicoles comment. sisters , count me in! We should totally go! And we can do work trade to help cut down the cost. If they still do that?
    Take care

  14. SO loving these pics, Milla! Your mom is beautiful and you are seriously the cutest cherub faced baby girl EVER. I am in love with that last shot - can't stop staring at your sweet, sweet baby face. So precious. xxo

  15. um, can I just say one more time that I am most definitely convinced that you are the prettiest baby?

    Seriously, SO CUTE.

  16. those glasses are just amazing!! such cute pictures. love vintage pictures - especially when you know the people in them :) I posted a similar mothers day tribute as well :)


  17. just discovered your blog and i'm in love! love the fact taht you'Re from finland, my second home (olin vaihto-opilas suomessa 5 vuotta sitten). i know, my finnish really sucks! i really apprechiate all your photos and wish you the best!

    t. elli