Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is the s***!

No, seriously. It's spring, people, a time of year when a young man's heart fills with a certain desire to show his affections to his lady, and what better way to do it than a truck bed full of...well s***.
As I've mentioned before, fertilizer is key in making your very own garden of eden happen and what better fertilizer than free fertilizer? I heartily recommend that if you have an interest in a little bit of poo, you contact your local (Organic, if that's the kind of garden you plan to have or at least grass feeding and un-hormone-crazed. That's the animals, the farmer can be hormone-crazy if you like.) farmers and ask what they charge for a yard.

Often times, they might just be happy for you to take some off their hands. Well, field. Even if they charge a bit for it, the cost might not be much, especially for a little garden patch. If all you need is a few bucket-fulls, it might not be worth their while to ask you for the monetary value. Come fall, you can pay them back with some of your fabulous preserves.
And if you happen to have a wood burning stove, you know what's good mixed in with your s*** and compost and seaweed and whatever other kinds of fertilizer? Ashes! But not too much. You don't want to increase the alkalinity of your soil too much. Don't put it on your taters or blueberries, 'k?
We used the last of our home-made zucchini and tomato sauce and dried oregano and lo-and-behold if the new little sprigs of oregano didn't start peeking out of the ground just then. It has been a light-hearted few days here, quiet in recovery, but good. Busy, but relaxing. Giddy with the excitement of it all, as you can maybe tell from this post.
Some people took copious naps and other people took pictures of them. Okay, those of you who don't like gratuitous cat pictures should scroll down.
If this was a yoga-pose it would be called "mama stop taking my picture!"-pose, or Cattennappen allthetimeneshavasana (that's Sanskrit ya'll!).
Part-cat, part-raccoon, all grump. I escaped outdoors before all hell broke loose.
While some things slumber, others awake. In addition to the afore-mentioned oregano, there will soon be spinach and pea tendrils.
This time of year, even the weeds look beautiful and green. Or as, I think, Rolling Thunder said: there's no such thing as a weed in your garden, only things you don't know the purpose of yet. Something like that. Well put all the same.
I certainly know some exciting purposes for these guys. I really wish dandelions were more prolific here, the greens are rather meager and you feel bad about gathering the blooms...
If it rains a few more times, this might be a good salmonberry year. Most people don't seem to gather them, preferring blackberries and the like, but my hubby, being part Alaskan is absolutely nutty about them. We also collect Salal, which is too flavorless for most. I mix it in as filler for jams.
What about me?
Daffodils, hops, strawberry leaves, all are up and out and merry. Beautiful surprises appear out of the ground each day. Spring, you gotta love it.
The ground isn't the only place from which beautiful surprises appear, either. One came to my mailbox just the other day all the way from the magic land of Northern California. (Unlike Brigit I didn't catch the mail person on tape.)
The goodness of it was particularly heart-felt as in addition to 70s goodies and pretty cards and a book that got me trough a subsequent illness, it also contained a hand-made heart that Brigit's son apparently insisted she send to "his friend". My plan is to frame it and hang it on my newly painted walls one of these days after I paint the damn walls.

Though spring has definitely arrived, it is not very warm out yet and I've been sick for a really long time, so rather than risk it, I wore all kinds of protective layers.

I felt a little silly, but if that's what it takes to stay healthy, I'm cool with feeling all kinds of ridick (as Heather likes to say).
what spring?
When I first saw the technicolor dream coat that Brigit gifted me, I was all like "that 70s teacher! that 70s teacher!", but the outfit that came out of was more inspired by Nicole's lovely 70s rock'n'roll-queen looks than anything else ( and by necessity too a bit-is cold out there!).

So, if you've ever wondered what happens when That's 70s Teacher spends a summer following Stillwater , now you know.
The shirt was a gift from a friend who's moving off Island and needed to lighten up the load. When you need to lighten the load from too many frilly blouses, I'm your go-to-gal. The boots from ebay or etsy. Necklace by Flaming Hag Folkwear. And in other important news: I think I've finally solved the problem with skinny jeans for me, too long, too droopy after a couple of uses. Junior-sizes, or to put it bluntly tween-sizes. I got two pairs from the Dump and they've been perfect. My name is Milla and I wear tween pants.
And if you're as taken by Nicole's amazing handiwork as I am, you're in luck! She's having a giveaway over at her blog. You could win a pair of hand-tooled earrings and a beautiful lace-y spirit pouch. Lucky you.
Heron Feather?
Okay kids, who can find an animal in this picture and what kind of animal is it? Oh, hell school's almost out. Let's talk about what you're gonna do this summer instead? I'm going to follow a group of guys all around the country who seem to never bathe and have questionable mustaches.
Do you see me?
If this post was a bit too light-hearted for the more serious reader, don't worry, the next one is all business. Now to the s*** pile and beyond. Happy gardening and bumble bees and sprouting seeds,

Ps. That title is all in honor of Ms. Brigit and her hilarious posting-styles. How a girl can be this stylish, opinionated AND f***ing hilarious, is beyond me.


  1. your kissa looks like my daphne! i know that grumpy face!

    ahhh the magic of spring, all those wild goodies and leaves and greenery just ready for the taking. last years i threw dandelion greens into salads for the first time, yum! i wish i had the patience and wherewithal to make dandelion wine. my yard is covered in their shaggy cheerful manes.

    you are radiant in your bright spring coat of many colors. SO DARLING! i think that 70s art teacher gone wild is a perfect look for you. dreamy and rock-solid all at once, up for anything and ready to roll....what a sweet unfolding road of summer adventures for teacher.

    i agree about brig's hilarity. what a babe. what a rollicking spirit, wise and witty at once. you're not so shabby yourself lady!!!

    much love this fine spring day.

  2. omg! i love how that looks on you! technicolor dreamcoat was exactly what i said to myself when i saw that. i love it with the dark pants and boots. you are business on the bottom, party on the top. like a mullet. hee hee.
    you look so lovely in the light and your hair is so pretty! i'm glad you liked the stuff i sent you.
    and you (and heather) are making me blush. thanks for being so sweet. so glad to have met you! and i'm excited to have a tiny friend who likes this kind of clothing. i find itty bitty clothes all the time that none of my friends here are all that into. now i have someone who will appreciate them. <3 love!

  3. Yay for sh*t! We used chicken on our garden....but there is always bags of horse poop advertised for $1 sitting at the bottom of driveways by well meaning ponyowners around here. Our area is semi-rural, close to both town AND country. I hear ya on the pants sitch. I only suit old man suit pants (which I love) or mens jeans...only once did I manage to find a pair of women's jeans..and now they're so old they're shorts. I'm down to one pair of jeans because shopping for them frightens me! :(
    You're looking pretty swish there in your tweenjeans, boots and 70s jacket.

  4. Totally with you on Brigit's hilarity. She kills me.

    Milla you are a RAY OF FREAKIN' RAINBOW SUNSHINE! Between these photos and the new pp/fb photo that Graham and I swoooooned over, hot damn.

    And you are hilarious too, btw. That 70s Teacher following Stillwater.

    You and Heather have actually made me start to like gratuitous cat pictures. Honestly.

    And hey hey hey, I so wear 'tween clothes. I consider it a total blessing that I am small enough to fit in them, because they are so often cuter that grown-up clothes!


  5. Geezus, even Brigit's comments crack me up!

  6. aww, thanks for mentioning me in this post...especially one that i like so much--poo and color!? it's all too much. the package from brigit is sublime, so sweet. and is there something wrong with me that i don't mind the funk of manure in my garden beds? i don't want to know if there is.

  7. and did i mention that you look beautiful?

  8. gorgeous, funny, lovely post milla! thanks for bringing a much needed smile to my face!

  9. Oh Milla! You are such a freaking flower! Can I please garden with you?! Teach this amateur the ways. I want to be your grasshopper.

  10. is it a night heron in the last pic?

    i live for gratuitous cat pics! love to see i'm not alone. my cat and my man are forever tired of me and my jillion clicks and coos. kissa is a doll!

    i envy your garden! and salmon berries. would love to try 'em someday. i'm always up for a new berry!

    you look fab in your new jacket, btw. glad you are feeling healthy and happy!

  11. Some big, amazing bird in that photo?

    i just shoveled goat manure with my kids this morning. Such a triumphant day of spring when you bring the poop home.

  12. Ah, the s***! Our coop runneth over ;) Seriously, that thing needs a good shoveling, and how...

    Lucas' plan is to finish up the new garden bed area this weekend. I think he's picking up a truckload of soil for us on Saturday. It's time to get this garden party started!

    The technicolor dream coat! Love! Brigit! Love! (owe her some goodies meself) YOU! Love! Love! Love!

    p.s. I need a kitty so I can take gratuitous kitty shots of my own, for now I'll just keep living vicariously through yours and Heather's I suppose :D

  13. What a cool jacket! Lucky duck :) Ah kitties are so cute when they roll up into little fuzzy donuts.

    It's still too cold yet for things to be green and growing here for the most part, but I'm actually grateful for that. I need to be in my new apartment before I can get myself some tomato plants for my new terrace. (eee I have a terrace!) Ahem. They shall be mostly grown already though, because I so DO NOT have a green thumb. I hope someday I can make my own sauces and such too!

  14. This post is the s**t :) Good fertilizer/compost can certainly make a green thumb joyful, can't she?

    Also, you do the technicolor dream coat more justice than one could possibly imagine. I quite fancy 70s teacher, she's pretty rad. I had an affinity for 80s country housewife there for a while... she comes back now and then :) ha ha!

  15. SHhhh-it that is romantic!! I love when 'boy practicality' hits the money; nothing beats a pile of life-giving goodness to warm the cockles of your gardening heart! Love your blog and am always excited about your next posts; you have this sense of humour that i really connect with ~ Love the outfits, you make me more mindful about going back to my earthful roots ~ bless :-)

  16. um. a heron? no...a crow with a gnome in it's mouth!

    for a post-sickie, mixed metaphors outfit wearing lass, you are the most beautiful wildflower in that meadow. seriously, i don't look half as good after actually putting the effort in. i'm glad you're feeling better and there is "spring" in your step.

    i love free shit. poop is good food! or it will be, someday. when i had the babe, i traded in the pick-up for a subaru (*sigh*) and last year when we needed fertilizer, we backed that baby up to some horsestables in the south city, and filled her up. ha! i haven't done it in a couple years, but rabbit poop for compost tea is the s*** too. :)

    i am in love with the salmonberries and salal. they don't grow down here. what do you do with them? so lovely. oh, and the weed quote...i once heard something similar, i don't know by who, that "wildflowers are weeds with artistic license."

    thank you for sharing your peeps of spring, it's inspiring and refreshing just to hear your tales and see your pictures. hope you continue on the mend and that your weekend is nourishing in just the right way.

    (signed in with google cuz blogger's being weird. warmly, mary).

  17. i can not find the animal in that picture but i love your coat <3

  18. seriously? Do you get much cuter???? Love your tween pants and hand me downs, they're the BEST!!! And how is it that I wasn't following your blog? (officially that is!?) I wondered how I missed some posts, but now I know! :D Happy Thursday!