Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There once was a girl who lived in the middle of a big, light forest, on top of a mountain, with her dog and cats and the wild, wild birds....

Since this week is all about what we love here at Bear Matrimony Headquarters, I thought I'd introduce you to someone who we are much in awe of. Some of you know her already, but I think the rest of you should go over and meet her as well.

I will not bore, nor terrify you with things that I did more than a decade ago when I was 20-years old, but let me assure you, they were nowhere near as cool as the life pursuits of Sara the Forestlass.
Singing songs...
Already working on her bachelor's degree via the magic of the internet, Sara is not only a wonderful writer, but also a master gardener, a knitter extraordinaire, an expert at animal wifery, an artist, and...did I mention she's a snappy dresser too?
Hecks, yah she is! Not only the owner of several mesmerizing Gunne Sax, Sara has more style in her pinky finger than a lot of girls her age will ever possess. And of course, I love the fact that she wears such amazing dresses on a daily bases. (She's also the inventor of the phrase "gratuitos cat-shot". My hero.)
Move away from your western guns
However, being a country girl like myself, there is nothing impractical about her dress or her attitudes. Sara's all about getting projects done and I'm in awe of the energy that seems to be required for her many pursuits. Oh to be young again!
rainy days
Raised in the US. Sara now lives on a mountain top in her folk's native Turkey, who's language she's had to learn, and go through much paperwork to acquire her passport. Not to mention culture shock I'm sure. Moving to a whole new country is like starting your life over on an entirely different plain and though Turkey has one foot firmly in Europe, it also has another equally firmly in the Middle East, a Nation rather subtly different from the traditional West.

It's also, from this point of view a faraway nation mailing to where can be precarious and which recently banned the use of blogger (!).

A few grim days after she was no longer able to access her blog, I was happy to discover that Sara had created a new site on wordpress.

Luckily, Sara has befriended the folks at the post office (Then again, how could they not take extra good care of the mail of such a lovely creature.) and actually got the one thing I've ever managed to mail her (more to come-I swear): a dandelion dress she'd been eye-balling on etsy, that I ended up buying and realizing it wasn't quite right-for me ;) And just the other day she purchased this namesake dress from Sadie. I can't wait to see it on her!

Rust and Cables
If you're ever feeling blue, I heartily recommend a visit to the Forestlass archives. You'll learn resilience, kindness and how to eat crocus bulbs.
Rust is a must

Speak no evil
As amazing and uplifting as I find her writing and pictures, Sara isn't immune to the ennui that sometimes catches up with all of us. Like many of us at her age, Sara has been faced with some though choices lately, something she bravely posted about just today. Happy, sad, or just plain pensive, Sara's honesty always shines through.
If life were all sunshine...

Without Jacket
I have all the faith in the world in that she'll find her path, because whenever I read Sara's posts and messages, or check out her beautiful outfits, I can't help but wish I had been this self-possessed at her age, able to determine what I liked, who I wanted to be and to doggedly (this one's for you Sara!) pursue those goals.

It has been a pleasure getting to know this lovely lady over the last year, and I sincerely hope that this is only the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship, connected by the internets and the taproots of forest-dwellers.
Little Bear's Friend's Grandmother


  1. i love her blog, too. she is such an unusual kind of girl, you can see that determination in her eye. i especially loved her post about body image recently. if only i could have had that view at her age. i'm jealous she lives in turkey. some of the loveliest people i've met have been from turkey, and the music and dancing is to die for.

  2. Oh! I'm glad you posted this. I had discovered forestlass's blog through your blog and had wondered what had become of her posts since she she had not updated in awhile. :)

    I love both of your blogs very much. :)

  3. Aw, this is such a sweet and well-deserved post for the lovely (and geez, so talented beyond her years!) Sara. So glad to hear she got around the whole banned from Blogger thing and started up a new one. Off to check it out!

    p.s. She sure does own a lot of cute dresses!

  4. oooooh how great, following her!

  5. thanks for posting this! I'll check it out! great photos too :)

  6. oh sara is such a wonderful dear person. i feel so lucky to know her in this webby world, and your tribute to her was so lovely and touching. i am mesmerized by her strength and wisdom and capabilities. and yes, by her gorgeous dresses! that red one with the little flaired sleeves is like my favorite thing i've ever seen!

  7. thanks for the post, I'm following her for sure!

  8. This is so sweet Milla, thank you for a look into the Sara's life. We connected back in 2009 on Etsy but haven't much kept in contact, and I am glad for the reminder of her blog (and very glad for the cozy knit hat that keeps my head warm). I knew she lived in Turkey but not that she was raised here, nor that Turkey banned Blogger! Insanity!
    And yes, a boatload of cute dresses. Yum.

  9. You know, I'm absolutely going to have to visit Saras blog now. I agree with Bonfire...there is a resoluteness in her eyes. I was a mess for most of my twenties; and I feel sorry for that hapless, brave fool-girl that was me...but I'm here now and happy and so much wiser; and will try to give my own daughter guidance and kindess when she also (hopefully not) enters into the highs and pain of love and life.