Friday, March 11, 2011

The Heart Of The Forest

There is a whole other post waiting for its turn, one about being home again, how good it is, the struggles and...well, nettles. But today the mail-lady dropped off a package from the lovely Nicole, the queen, it seems of the surprise package.

I had mentioned to her a few days earlier that I was feeling a little bummed by a number negative things that I just didn't seem to be able to shake: financial woes, endless paperwork, uninvited bad vibes and selfishness from others, health problems stemming from feeling down...
I don't know what will cure the mean reds and the blues and all earthly woes, if not picking nettles wearing a fancy new dress and necklace from a very dear spirit.
Nicole has previously gifted Missa with its sister amulet and wearing these things gave me heart (pun intended), connecting me once more to the lovely sisterhood of witchy women all over the internets.
As I wondered around and picked my prickly little sisters, I came upon this here small omen, a promise of good things to come.
Thank you Nicole. Thanks too to all the beautiful, sisterly spirits who commented on my last two posts about sorrow and hardship and glorious sisterhood. And thanks to the non-competitive, genuine, pure-hearted women who support one another through honesty and compassion. Tomorrow things will be back on track I'm sure, starting with a recipe for some lovely nettle pesto and other medicines for melancholy.
Lots of love and good vibes,


  1. dearest milla, i'm so sorry for your ache. if only you were closer we could hide from the clouds and spend our days building fires and baking cookies. but i know that you will create both fire and sweetness in your own heart, regardless of kitchens near or far. i am glad nicole sent you some extra feathers for your wings. much love sweet one.

  2. Yay, the flickr glitch seems to have fixed itself and I can now see the pics, and oh, what glorious pics they are! That dress has MILLAAAA!!! written all over it, so perfect, that Nicole, she really knows her stuff :)

    Isn't the feather necklace just wonderful? I really love the weight and feel of it, it's beautiful, and if it came down to it, you could totally use it as a weapon, haha, it's true though.

    LOVE the moss-covered heart rock, a good omen indeed!

  3. Oh! You sound a little sad and a little brave. I hope that whatever gloom is painting your mood leaves you well alone very soon. When people put bad sh*t to you, remember that it is their sh*t; and you are still lovely kind Milla. All of my ferocity and protective mama-ness energy coming your way.
    xxx much love

  4. That dress definitely says 'Milla' on it! Perfect!
    Nettle pesto is so gooood...Can't believe you already have nettles while we still walk on snow and ice!
    Haleja sinne! Ei kai teille tullut isoja aaltoja eilen?
    Olis kiva jutella joku päivä?

  5. What a sweet surprise gift - the perfect little pick-me-up! Hope that you have a lovely weekend that will continue to lift your spirits!

  6. i hate the mean reds. and i hate paperwork and money troubles even more. that dress is so perfect for you, and what a necklace!!! i'll be thinking of you and your package will be on its way today!

  7. like the old saying: when you are low & feeling down, turn to nature. Or something along those lines. Sorry to hear you are blue. I think we all understand your current troubles. However, any girl who can wander into the forest and stumble upon a moss covered heart shaped stone and feel enlightened by it's promise and beauty, is going to be alright I believe. You are a glorious sight in that dress, standing beside those tress. All the luck with your nettle pesto. Enjoy your walks in the woods and that super cool feather around your neck. xx

  8. I love the picture of the little omen you found. I agree with the idea mentioned that nature and the woods often provide answers and solace. I draw a lot of inspiration from the way you put words together and hope things start looking up for you. I don't always have time to comment and sometimes don't want to "intrude" but I do want you to know that there are a lot of readers out there that find you to be quite wise and wonderful. Real, too.

  9. i too, just recieved a wonderous package from nicole (post to come soon)! you look radiant in the fantastic dress and amazing necklace.
    i look forward to reading about the nettle pesto, sounds yummy.

    sending sunny skies, positive thoughts and lots of love to you!

  10. Hooray, that dress is perfect on you!
    I am so pleased that the package arrived at a time that you could use a little cheer.
    I am fascinated by the idea of nettle pesto, and believe that it must taste magical if only based on the fact that the nettles were gathered by you in a basket from woods where moss covered heart shaped rocks lay.

  11. ahhh what a perfect post and idea, brilliant way to cure the blues :)

  12. Sending love your way! Little gifts from friends can definitely lift low spirits. Glad you saw that little omen...only good things to come! xoxo

  13. Hello Milla!
    Thank you for your comment. I think we will all share a big collective sigh of relief when spring finally settles in. Your nettle plans sounds wonderful. I would like to try that pesto out myself.
    I loved your post about meeting with all your sisters. Thank you for sharing that experience! Very inspiring. I was felt so happy for you all. The internet can certainly inspire it's own kind of magic. All the very best to you. I hope the gloom has long since passed you by now.

  14. Oh my dear Milla. I love you and send you all the best (and, in my heart, commiserate with you in full empathy right now).

    The dress is absolute perfection.

  15. beautiful dress and necklace. love them.