Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As Clover (if you don't know who Clover is you're hopelessly out of the loop ;) might say: Actually I'm too tired and blissed- out and missing my sisters to even post, but I figured I better tell tale of our travels down here before we head back up the coast towards the foggy shores of Washington.

I apologize if this post is scarce in words and a little silly for the above reasons. It will beplentiful in pictures.
As anyone who's ever travelled on it knows, the Oregon coast is a world of wonder: misty pines giving way rocky shores and sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. It's damn near impossible not to stop every five miles or so to gawk at the scenery, have an ice cream cone in the deserted sea-shore towns, or ramble through junk shops. At least if you're us.
Here's the Oregon coast
Sunset Drive
We're really cute now give us our green card
Our first night there we camped at Cape Lookout, where a freak sneaker wave caught up with us shortly after this picture was taken. Our boots didn't really get dry until the second night at Missa's house.
Before the way
One of the things I love about this wild West is that there are awesome murals everywhere. It's my dream to do a little book of them. The best ones are always in little podunk towns.
Yeah, I really am a spazz
Sometimes I wish I wasn't such an awkward dork when someone else takes my picture. In the next few days you will wish this too...
Midway through our second day we stopped at a place called Devil's Gulch. There's surprisingly many places in Oregon who's names evoke the dark lord. I wonder why that is?
Devil's Gulch
Camping can be scarce in Oregon during the winter and by the second night we made it to the sand dunes where we camped by the Umpqua lighthouse. The campground was really quaint, with 50s style out-buildings, yurts, cabins and tent-sites all mixed with well-tended fruit trees and trimmed hedges. There was also a lovely little lake there and a creek that ran behind our campsite. Oh, and did I mention free showers? Oregon is the bomb for cheap camping.

I wasn't that impressed with the dunes though. Too many dune buggies wrecking the tiny life.
The next day we lit out early, and after some coffee, history lessons (the whole place burned down and had to be rebuilt) and pastries at a local hot spot in Bandon (by the beach) the wether got awesomely stormy.
Stormy weather
Faces in the rocks
They call it "Facerock". Pretty accurate, wouldn't you say?
After rounding the mountain behind me (I can't think of it's name right now, but the only and awesome campground between the dunes and the Cali border was there. And it was closed.), we managed to shake the weather. It became sunny and warm and lovely as we headed to Arizona Beach, a campground recommended to us by a friend who said it was absolutely beautiful, camping right on shore.


He wasn't kidding either; it was hands-down one of the most amazing beaches I've ever seen. In a little valley giving out to sand formations and endless shore.
Trouble was it had been a few years since our friend camped here. About fifteen to be exact.
There was no more campground, which was probably a good thing for the place, but still we briefly considered trying to sneak our little tent in. Sometimes it's hard to be good park-keepers and not brake the rules. All the same, we were so happy to have come there.
Now I pulling out of there, I thought this lion-shaped rock was pretty odd, but compared to what waited around the bend it's actually just average.

Methinks that if fifty years ago, you were the proprietor of the only Dinosaur Park for a hundred miles, next to a sweet campground, it was probably a pretty lucrative venture...
Not only am I a dork, I'm also a goof. So I thought this was hilarious.
Our crossing into the golden state of California was fairly uneventful, but before all it's splendor I do have a little travel tip to share: if you're ever near the town of Ophir on a Saturday, best check out the animal shelter thrift store. There's gold in them hills. Or at least home-made 70s clothes and books for 25 cents...
Beneath the trees
Here's where we pitched our tent upon arrival: The Jedediah Smith State Park. Not only do you get to camp in the redwoods, you are right by a river so clear you want to drink right out of it. It was our plan to stay awhile, relax, do crafts and explore and read our newly acquired folklore from America's glory days (thanks Ophir!).
Busy bee
Clear water
Who's there
someone's house
Rocky shore
Sun bathing
Laying on the beach
Folk lore
Sun bathing
Before the accident
I'd like to say all went as planned, and in part it did, but shortly after the taking of this picture on our second night there, C. cut himself with his crook-knife and we had to spend the rest of the night in the emergency room getting seven stitches. Needles to say that this was when we high-tailed it to Missa and Lucas', warm, cozy and endlessly entertaining (provided by Clover) home. Ever tried to keep stitches dry in a rain forest? Yep.
I'm small
A little piece of us remains in these woods though and we hope to return on our way back. Provided that it doesn't snow or something.

I'll see you in a week, but I'm pretty sure there'll be other amazing sources for what happened next on this adventure...I for one can't wait to find out.


  1. that water at the js state park--gorgeous! so many tips in this post as to where my little family and i shall stay on our way up to visit some beautiful folks on the coast of washington someday :)

    did i say that i miss you already already? well, i do. i hope you all have an awesome trip on the way home (hopefully you have disposed of the evil mug?). xo

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  3. Oh Milla, I adore that picture of you lying on the ground with the rocks and water and trees and sky behind you. Is it creepy if I make it my desktop photo? Shall I just keep my current Moby Dick painting there instead?

    Oh and that little mushroom, so sweet.

    Darn, I wish I had asked to see the American Heritage book. Here's to you thrifting the entire collection on some Half Off Sale day somewhere.

    Interesting how we're all taking our time posting about the weekend, for a bunch of giddy, enthusiastic girls who can't get enough of sharing their lives with perfect strangers every day.

    Mycelia keeps saying "Here is a song that Milla taught me" and then singing something about what she hears her grandmother telling her. She also calls you "Charlie's wife" a lot. "Mom, when can Charlie's wife come over for a playdate?" Oh, and she told me she likes you because you're warm :-)

  4. Facerock! Stunning! Oh you make me yearn for travels with my own husband...and have reminded me that regardless of inclement weather; nature is still beautiful. Too bad for your Mister though with his hand, journeys are always full of such surprises don't you think. Looking forward to reading more, as always.

  5. sweet glory these are lovely! darin and i are craving a coastal/redwood jaunt BAD lately...i think it's high time. your lovely faces almost bring a tear to my eye, for reals. i know we all keep saying how we miss each other but DANG, i never expected to feel like that when our weekend was over! weird, happy, bittersweet, lonely, lovely, blissed, bereft...just full of love.

    i am glad you two have now officially meandered this bit of coastline. here's to many more ramblings with your lover and friends, endless 70s treasures at tiny out-of-the-way thriftshops, and successful non-perilous wood carvings. i hope you two are snuggled in someplace cozy tonight!

  6. you are gorgeous!!! i am so excited to get pieces of your story as you slowly make your way back north.

  7. This is so beautiful and cool. You are so beautiful and cool. Can you hear in my voice how much I wish I lived in Cali so I could've met up with you?

    Safe travels home, sweets <3

  8. Gorgeous and inspiring pictures ! Thanks for sharing those, they make me dream of a road trip with the windows rolled down and the cold air blowing in !

  9. Oh, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I can't tell you how much I want to throw my things in a bag and go running through those woods and over those beaches!

    Beautiful photographs too... you have such an eye for the lovely details.

  10. beautiful beautiful pictures!!!
    what a great trip...

  11. oregon is amazing. haven't been there since i was a young teenager, but i need to get back, especially since i am so close to the border. i remember those dinosaurs from childhood visits. the 101 is the greatest road on earth. thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. if you are headed through arcata, give me a holler!

  12. west coast = best coast! yes, i am totally biased and these pics only further prove my feeling.

  13. lovely pictures! I get awkward when someone else takes the pictures too. :)

  14. Oh you two are so fun & lovely! Redwoods and camping? I don't think there could be anything more perfectly magically!!!! I just can't fathom how beautiful the endless & ever changing landscapes of the NW are. So grateful to have you share your trip in pictures!

    I was very worried when I heard about an emergency room. I'm glad it was only a minor snag in the plans though... no grizzly attack or raccoon bites :) So excited to see more of the trip.

  15. Well, it just started raining again here, reminding me of those rainy days spent with my goofy little sis ;) Maybe that's why I'm especially missing you right now.

    You are such a joy my friend, my sister... thanks for being my special girl. I don't really know what else to say.

    I don't cry when I say goodbye to just anyone. I think you probably know that about me. I'm not always the best at expressing myself, or opening up to people, but you really do hold a special place in my heart <3

    Hope you and C. are having more magical camping moments as I type. This storm about to hit is supposed to be a doozy, so stay warm and cozy and have safe snowy travels home!

  16. Oh, my god. Except for the Ophir animal thrift store I have pictures of every single place here. The dunes, the campgrounds, the devil's gulch, literally everywhere.

    WHich leads me to think, how many identical photo albums are out there, of people who've travelled down the 101? People who could not resist the lure of the giant dinosaurs (the lady let us in after closing and there a picture of me riding the dinosaurs on the little nature walk which is SO not allowed) and gorgeous sights?

    Of course your trip was your own and mine likewise, as have been all the trips of all the other travelers, but still, I'm having a twilight zone moment.

    Anyway. Lots of love to you and hugs and kisses.

  17. what a gorgeous trip milla! these pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. camping is the best. i can't wait to go this summer.

    i look forward to hearing about the rest of trip :D

  18. WOW- you got some amazing shots and I'm so glad that you have enjoyed First Aid Kit. My girls actually ask me not to play it anymore (HAHAH) cause they've heard it too many times! I'm so overdue for a road trip with my hubby, I just said it two days ago in the car! Have fun travelin'!!!!

  19. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! They remind me of my childhood camping trips up the coast of California and Oregon. The sand dunes were one of my favorite places.