Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost Girls and Lovers and Sisters and Futures Unfolding

Lost Boys and Lovers
Sadie Rose wrote on her blog a while back that it was the season of gifts. Being our birthday season it's fitting then that gifts of all kinds have been appearing, as though out of thin air. First a beautiful package from Sadie, the contents of which I have been slowly revealing in little theme posts like this one.

When I wrote my swap post Sadie suggested we do one and I'm so happy about it. I love the creative energy, good vibes and care that go into swaps. There was certainly lots of those in her package.
Then a New Year's gift, or a late Christmas or Solstice present from Crystal.

And just when I thought I could not be gifted further my husband revealed, almost casually a very cool and maybe even necessary early birthday gift.

On and off for the past few years I've had this blog I've been thinking about buying a tripod to use for my outfit shots. Now as you all know, I'm vehemently against buying anything less than absolutely essential new. So I kept weighing the importance of the purchase to-and-fro: more creativity and fun on the one side, just one more thing I thought I needed on the other.
There is a light
Turns out, all my hemming and hawing has been for nought. C.'s had a vintage tripod from the Dump behind the bedroom door this whole time. He just kind of forgot about it! Never mind that it's so old it will only do horizontal shots, it's a tripod! So while you'll still see me in front of my little studio often enough, I can also venture out and capture little wanderings in the woods and the beach.
Finally all of my recent gifts merged in this beautiful, mystical woodland scene. You see, as everything works in circles, interweaving like planets, it is only appropriate that since I somehow gave up the Tarot deck I had had since I was seventeen in the great move; I would receive not one, but two beautiful sets within days of each other.

Sadie's package revealed the Motherpeace round Tarot that Heather wrote beautifully about a few months ago. I was so very moved. Crystal gifted me with Medicine Woman Tarot, a set radiating great wisdom and healing power. She also gave me a homemade cedar smudge stick for purifying a place, or clearing your inner thoughts. I have made my own from sage before and know that I'm going to love cleansing my space with it. What a great way to start a new year.

While I had been thinking about acquiring another deck on my own, I feel much more empowered by using these cards infused by girl energy and thoughtfulness. Thank you my dears and thank you much.

I did my first reading right there on the forest floor, in my little house of worship, the inside of an enormous conifer, hollowed out by a long ago fire: a Celtic Cross with the Motherpeace and a Tree of Life with Medicine Woman.
Now you don't
All hands on deck
This is it too
This is the future
While the readings were for very specific questions, I also picked two cards to show you and to represent what I should be mindful of in this present moment. The Motherpeace gave me a card representing success, outright telling me that I have received enough blessings and gifts (!) to share with others. I will certainly take that to heart.

The Medicine Woman Tarot told me that liberation comes from revisioning the world, which I interpret as trying to first visualize the world (whether internal, material, universal...) as you'd like see it. To change things you have empower yourself with a clear vision of what you'd like to see happen (nd I don't mean any king of corny/selfish The Secret kind calling all material good things to coAme to you.). I've certainly been working on seeing the world a positive, ultimately kind place during some of the hardships and obstacles of this first week of the year. So far its worked out great.

I also took this card to embody two big personal projects/dreams I've envisioned in the last week days and weeks and it seems as though they're coming true (One somewhat selfish, the other hopefully more altruistic.)
Your protector
Sadie also sent me some of her beautiful Lost Boys and Lovers jewellery, most notably this necklace she calls "The Guardian", my birthstone crystal, who's protection I have certainly needed in these last few days.
Rings or feathers
Birds at my ears, feet to the ground, the sky and the future are bright.
that never goes out
That future, by the way, will be revealed shortly. Stay tuned to this spectrum of light and electricity ;)


  1. oooh, love your foresty pics and guess what?! the six of discs is the same card i drew for myself last night in my motherpeace deck! isn't it a gorgeous card that makes you feel so good about where you are at in life. and darin drew the six of cups, seahorses cresting a wave with chalices held aloft triumphantly. both wonderful cards of goodness and ecstasy; those sixes are powerful. i love the gifts you've been giving and i think i mentioned before that they say the best tarot decks are the ones gifted to you. some powerful energies moving in this little corner of the world, woooo hooooo!!!

  2. I love that your photography had been set free! I'm excited to see more. I love these pictures. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and buy that tripod I was whining about the other day :)

    Sadly, the link to me doesn't work and I'm pretty sure nobody here knows my name is Crystal, which isn't a secret or anything, just that they don't know I'm your friend who gives you cool tarot cards. Hope to see you soon, I can ask you why you needed some protection lately.
    *Love, Love, Love*

  3. It's great how freeing a tripod is when it comes to taking photos of yourself. Mine was given to me by my father, and like yours isn't much more than a set of legs for the camera, but it sure is handy! That forest is so lovely, I wish I could wander it.

  4. Milla, I've been enjoying reading your latest posts (and they are happening frequently at the moment too - so bonus!) You've got me thinking, I wonder if I can get my hands on a tarot pack. At the moment, my peace is largely being drawn from my lonesome time with my guitar. I hadn't played for a very long time...and my husband gifted me one for Christmas, so now I'm treasuring every moment i have to play it. anyhow, rambling aside, I love your posts.

  5. Yay, it's fixed! I wanted to tel you that your jewelry is beautiful, I was drooling over her Dove Feather earrings and Crystal Necklaces yesterday. You look gorgeous in them, and your pink cheeks are pretty.

  6. Oh Milla I wish so badly I could touch you!! This post gave me chills. What a wild thing and what a graciously clear message from the universe that you received two tarot card decks back to back. That is so cool. I, for one, am so glad I've tuned into your frequency. What a gift (come to think of it, another gift from Nicole... I think that's how I found you!)

    And I am overjoyed that my craft adorns your body.

    Big, bright love to you.

  7. i look forward to seeing more of your forest adventures! i love the forest so much, there's something so familiar and comforting about it, even though it's the opposite to the bush i have grown up surrounded by in australia. i think i belong on the other side of the world, somewhere.

  8. This is brilliant. When the cards give you messages that are so dazzlingly clear, it's the best feeling- like some spooky energy's at work and that the world is way less chaotic than you might imagine. Like everything is connected and everything, in some way, makes sense.

    Anyway, you look as lovely as always :) Can't wait to read more!

  9. yay for the tripod! i can't wait to see you in all your beautiful surroundings.
    isn't it funny how things just come to us. i suppose funny isn't the right word because i think we put the vibe/want/desire/whatever you wanna call it out there and we (sometimes) receive that which we've been thinking about. so horray for you!
    i love your dress and the great photo of you in the tree.

  10. Such lovely and meaningful gifts! And you breathing life back into that hollowed out tree, brightening its belly with your colorful dyes, feathers, crystals, and magic is such a beautiful sight. I can’t wait to follow along on more of these little adventures… also can’t wait for a certain big adventure on the horizon ;)

    We’ve got an amazing old tarot deck from the 70’s that Lucas was given by his mom when he was a kid. It’s even still in the little now sun-faded calico pouch that she made with a cute little button drawstring closure. I’ll have to show it to you, and maybe you can give me some pointers :)

  11. Gorgeous shots!!! I love that you have that huge hollowed out old tree and some woods to wander in! I'm excited to see some new tripod posts! I've heard people have little remotes for their cameras too- that'll be next on my wish list!!! Boy, what a gal could do with a tripod, remote and a dreamy setting!!! Love those feather earrings :D

  12. Aaaaah you are so so so so so amazing I am almost crying! Heart bursting! SO looking forward to next month! Bring your cards woman!

  13. oh
    I like walking in the woods
    those smells and sounds of wild nature...sigh

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  14. Another inspiring post! How I wish to have a giant tree shelter me.

    I've become addicted to your adventures, thank you for sharing!

    We'd love to add you to our blog page, wanted to ask first if it was okay?

  15. I love those beautiful photos of you in the tree hollow!
    I thrifted an old rider-waite deck that I thought I might cut up for art. But then I hesitated, worried that it would be a bad idea to split up or cut up a deck. Thoughts?
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments. And I must say that it is quite easy to put one's best forward on a blog as opposed to the whole truth. I am not nearly as productive as I wish I was, and I often look at your blog and feel inspired by (sometimes even a wee bit jealous of) what you are accomplishing. So there.