Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Immigrant punk!

I know, I know. I reference Gogol Bordello way too much for such a dainty, well-heeled crowd. But that's what I am dammit. We're doing the last of our immigration. Oh, mercury must be in retrograde 'cos tensions sure are high around here. Feels like we've plunged head on into the new year with a lot of things that absolutely need to be addressed.
One layer
Thankfully, whenever I feel like fully freaking out, I remember that my worries are pretty small compared to most people's on this island Earth. It's all just paperwork. When it's done I have a ton of film posts and Book Reports waiting, so bear with me here. I'm hoping to add a little more substance after the packet is in the mail.

Two layer
I'm loving this cold weather though, even if it brings layer upon layer, upon layer. Especially since their layers from some lovely ladies.
More than
If I look cold, it's only because I'm freezing!
Three layer
I'm wearing those amazing legwarmers from Sadie fifth day in a row (more of Sadie goodies coming up shortly), with a skirt from the Mighty Missa and my newly beloved (and oh, so matching) wrist warmers from Black Sheep by Velvet Leaf. I love them. And love is what you should feel for your things. If you don't love them, what's the point of having them?
Warmth By Velvet Leaf
Good thing that amidst all this chaos I can go outside with a friend (Hi Sarah!) and find a giant dead fish. Or just wander on the beach and drink mulled wine (Hi Crystal!), or read lovely blog posts. Or hang out with my honey between errands and eat bad Chinese food and play board games on the ferry.
Fish heads
Rock on
That's a giant Red Snapper survey says. What's been washing up on your beach lately?


  1. Heehee there's your kitty sneaking into a photo again. And you can't refer to Gogol Bordello too much! It's fantastic. :) I love your leg warmers!

  2. That dead fish is kind of crazy...strangely fascinating.

  3. it's hard to believe that fish is real! I want to draw it!

  4. glad you have giant dead fish on dramatic seashores to balance out boring immigration deadline woes, dear one. and sooo glad you have spicy lil kissa to ramble into your pictures, what a fine lady. you look super adorably cozy, making me actually truly wish it got MORE COLD HERE. (huh?!!) if i wear more than two layers i am a sweatbath all day. or maybe this means i need to be outside more, whoopsy! those legwarmers are the BEST legwarmers in the world.

  5. Holy Moley! That's one big fish head!
    I absolutely LOVE your owl gloves.

  6. oh my GOSH that fish is giant!!! Crazy! And such a pretty colour. Thank you for your comment about my gypsy music...if you'd like to have a listen, we do have a facebook page with some tunes!



  7. hi friend, don't worry we'll bear with you :) I know how tedious and bureaucratic that paperwork can be. When we were living in Mexico we had to apply for student visas to stay in the country and had to go through the ringer quite a few times to get them-- it took several months and many visits to the immigration office before we were all on the same page. Good luck!

    PS: I'm sure you've seen Everything is Illuminated, right? Lots of good Gogol Bordello and the singer himself to boot.

  8. wow, color and size of this fish are amazing. super cozi legwarmers! do you know where i can get the pattern from? or is it improvised?

  9. That fish is crazy.

    Oooh I met Becki of Velvet Leaf at the Bizarre (through Heather of course) and scored the most amazing burgundy velvet and white lace dress from her! Wore it on Christmas!

    Your hair, darling, is darling, As is your outfit. Winter layering is so much fun, thanks for the inspiration :-)