Wednesday, January 12, 2011


All winter I've been praying and hoping for snow, or at least a long enough cold snap that the ponds would freeze and we could try out the new/old skates we bought last year. Thus far the snow and cold has come in small, inconsequential increments. I love the rain, I love the snow and generally, I don't see the point of complaining about the weather; it is what it is, you just have to follow it. (I barely ever check the weather report-what's the point?)
Our house
Still, cold, snowless and grey can be a little hard on a girl from the North Country, so I was happy for this last little snowfall. I love the fresh smell, the light it casts off.
Walking in the white
Up up
Little Red
Snow Beach
Exploring the full potential of the creative freedom afforded by my vintage tripod has been fun, it certainly makes the daily outfit-shot more inspiring, even in this cold weather, when it can be a bit of challenge to peel off those protective layers.
I don't care if its cold!
Not today though. Frankly, wouldn't care if it there was thunder, a snowstorm, gale force winds, hale or rained frogs, cats, dogs or unicorns. Wondering why I look so mischievous? Well...
Cos Imma gonna go to freakin' California.
Ever since we got our new calendar (by the amazing artist Susan Seddon Boulet), there's been a rather special event marked on it.
Travel plan
Check it!
The month of the cat woman

That's right! We're going to California! Cali-forn-i-a! (Hey, at least I kept myself from quoting the O.C theme song this time, Amber!) No wonder then that I had to do a little "California Twirl" for this one. It's actually just a regular-old-twirl-your-partner-under-your-arm-and-back-move, one which we learned at the last Saturday's contra dance, but a very appropriate title.
Twirly Top
Sun dancer
Man, was there a sweet gif. sequence here, but I just don't have the technology or the patience...
Mirror for the sun
This journey has been a long time in the making, at least since this time last year when Missa, Amber and I were swapping birthday gifts and dreaming of a big shindig. Really it has existed as long as Missa and I have known each other (coming up on 3 years!!!), but before it's always been on that hypothetical plane "if and when and someday". In the last year it has become a lot more concrete, with everyone asking about if we ever thought about coming to California. Things really came to a head though when I was exchanging emails with Heather in the last few months. I suddenly felt very strongly and concretely that this had to happen. So it's going to!
Oh the adventures we have planned! I'm gathering gifts left and right, making lists of supplies, marking maps and laying out camping gear along with my best frocks.
SGFPTG (Support Group For Pigeon-Toed Girls)
I just had to include this picture, because certain people's husbands seem to think that W_R where it all started for us, is just a Support Group For Pigeon-Toed Girls.
Snow Falling on Cedars
Until then though, I'll be loving my little Island even more, knowing that I'll always be happy to return here, to these woods and hills and coves. Having survived the beginning of this year with its considerable obstacles, worries, people behaving weird and passive aggressive, uncertainty, mounds of paperwork, I feel all the better that I'm heading out to meet some of my best girls; sadly and gladly spread over the globe. Let the Moon Dance and Magic happen!
Little Red Lumberjack
Lots of love, peace, blessings and good intentions to all of you!


  1. omgosh, i'm excited for you all!!!! It will be so fun to read your posts as they come! fabulous.

  2. Woooohoooo!!! The golden land awaits. you. xo

  3. oooooohhhhhh yeeeaaahhh baaabbby!!!! here's to the new year, to bringing phoenix up out of the ashes of the obstacles! california is so lucky to be blessed with your vagabondian magic and you two are going to have such wanderings down through these misty lands. your entire trip is the kind of thing darin and i daydream of every day...i know that feeling and oh how i love it. and luckiest me and the gals to get to hang our hats on a star with you at last!

    the snow fell, the maiden's dress twirled and spun, the light came slanting through the trees, and milla's january heart was pure and free.

  4. That's so awesome! You all have to take tons of photos! It makes me so happy that some of my favourite blogging ladies will all be together :)

  5. oh my, i'm giddy for you!!! What a great group of gals to get to visit... alonside the lovely frocks & maps, please bring your camera and takes lots of pics :)

    After being a follower of the lovely Missa & Heather (as well as you) I'm quite enamored by the great northwest. Heather always finds these perfectly magical & peaceful forests and streams. I've never actually been that far west so it still looms large in the imagination as this tranquil, serene place blanketed in trees. Of course the above blogs help to foster this idyllic image :) Hopefully you will share some Milla wisdoms with us about your travels!

    PS: And yes, your hubby is right about W_R... haha!

  6. Perhapd there will time for a stop in Sacramento :) ?

  7. milla, if you will be coming as far south as san francisco, and esp if you are bringing missa too, and would want to have tea or something, do let me know! have a wonderful time here in cali.

    snow on the beach! what a sight!

    my favorite california song:

  8. oooo so exciting to meet you! Can't wait! I've got it marked on my calendar as well, Heather's keeping me well informed of goings-ons:)

  9. you're right, complaining about the weather is a damn waste of time! i'm wildly jealous, not so much of california but of the idea of a trip like that, on the road, just your favourite gypsy dresses and a few books, out under the stars all the time.... i think i need to make this happen here in australia!

  10. oh, what fun! i really wish i lived further north so i could meet you in person. you will have an amazing time for sure!

    i love the twirly pictures! you have much to be excited about. a great beginning to 2011!

  11. Yeehaw! You're going to have so much fun, I just know it. And snow? Girl, you're all kinds of lucky this year. You in your lovely dress, playing in the snow reminds me a little of Vasalisa; this is after she's gone to Baba Yaga, overcome her obstacles, and found her prince :)

    The only thing I wish is that I lived on America's west coast so we could get together too!

  12. I want to live where you live! And twirl in the woods like you do!

    You are right about the weather report, of course. Our local news online report predicts 5 days of random weatherliness, and then when it doesn't appear by lunchtime, just changes the report to reflect what's going on. Looking out of the window is so much quicker!

  13. Moon-shine moon-dance... here we come!!!!

    Love the plaid over the Gunne. Love the snow sweetened landscape. LOVE your mischievous little smile! (Which I even blogged about today).

    Now I gotta go start a Flickr support group, you know who for...

  14. WAIT... where are you all meeting up?? California is one long state! I sat in the Diner that Heather works in and didn't even know it (she wasn't there). She's from Northern Ca (where I had road tripped to) and I'm from Southern Ca. I wanna join in one of these fun meet ups!

    Glad you got some of that snowy weather you were hoping for- love those dripsicles in the first picture! And that RED coat!!! So cute! :D What a cool spot you have for snapping shots. Love your twirl in the woods outfit too- quite lovely ;D

  15. Haha! Pigeon-toed girls unite! Lucas is sitting here reading next to me on the couch so I showed him your pic. He’s gonna give you some pointers on how not to do that when you arrive ;) Yay!…WHEN YOU ARRIVE! Wow, I can’t believe we’ve known each other for almost three years!!!

    I’m loving these snow dusted photos of you in your gunne doing twirls of happiness. There is something really wonderful about snow on the beach. Kid gripes aside, I really did enjoy getting in some snow time this week for the first time in years.

    Still giddy over the thought of getting to give you a real hug soon, instead of just a virtual one, and hey, maybe we’ll even change my alter-ego’s nickname from Mexico Missa to Moon Dance Missa, eh?