Thursday, January 27, 2011

As the night comes falling, hear your lover calling, soft like the wind from the hill.

On Sundays, I've been spending a lot of time by myself. C's been going to a friend's house to do woodcarving and though often invited, I haven't felt like biking out there, opting instead to read, write, sew and walk the beaches on my own.
I might even remember to bring a steaming cup of dandyblend with tinned milk. My camera. A book. A pencil. A magnifying glass. It might be early morning, or dusk.
I go slowly, pause to observe hermit crabs, herons, seaweeds moving with the tide receding, or returning. I might write a line or two, or read a few poems, maybe a book of essays, listen to birdsong or music. Sometimes I do nothing, think of nothing, just walk.
On Sundays I dress up, wear favorite clothes, but only to feel comfortable. If its raining and the air and water seem close enough in temperature, I might shed them entirely and wade into the ocean. It is freezing cold, but when you come out, you are completely comfortable, like your never going to need anything between your skin and the world again.

It feels lonely, often. And that's good. It's a feeling that one has to the get comfortable in, have time for. Before long it's almost time to go home, build up the fire again, start dinner, wait for my one and only.
But not quite yet. There's still a little daylight, still time to wander.


  1. Looking lovely in that little burgundy vest my darling. I can't believe you swim in the winter! You are amazing! Have you read the Clan of the Cave bear books? Reminds me of that.

    Um have I ever told you that you are the cutest thing there is?

    Milla thank you so much for posting this video. Holy shitballs. In love.

    I am envious you live by the sea. It's been too long since I've been, but it's in most all my dreams. Do you ever see whales?

  2. Your sundays sound like a little slice of heaven! How I am needing a day just like you described (maybe not the part about wading into the freezing cold ocean, 'cause lets face it, that doesn't sound like me) but the rest of it please! I long for a little loneliness :)

    As for the outfit... simple perfection!

  3. I love how you say you wear your favorite clothes, but only to feel comfortable! I feel such the same way! I feel most comfortable when I feel pretty. Unfortunately, sometimes I get lazy and have many un-pretty days in a row, but those are nice too, in a slightly uncomfortable way :) Your smile is bright and good by the way.

    How peaceful and good for the soul, to go out and to sit with nature alone and to bring a little writing book and tell your own heart of the wonders around. I need to remember to do it more oft! Especially with this weather we are having down here, it might as well be May, so nothing is holding me back.

    So inspiring.

    thank you for the French comment!

    A bientot. (I can't find accents either!)


  4. i'm with missa, that sounds sooooo amazing. i haven't been to the beach with out my kids in years...i think i'll have to make time for some loneliness for myself. beautiful as always, milla.

  5. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring post. "It feels lonely, often. And that's good. It's a feeling that one has to the get comfortable in, have time for." Couldn't agree more! So lovely how you put words and images to it.

  6. I love wandering around by myself like that too. I can't wait for winter to be over so I can start up again. I wish I had the ocean to wander by!

  7. those green rocks in the pictures that show your boots are beautiful!

  8. Wow, that shot of the trees dangling off a cliff is crazy amazing- what a gorgeous environment! Do you ever do any writing out there? Seems like the kind of place that could fuel some creative writing for sure! :D

    I was going to send you to my labels link on my blog: "embroidery" and "things I've crafted" but I just looked myself and realized I need to be more choosy about my tagging! You can find some of my past projects there though :D
    I'm going to do some embroidery tutorials soon with pictures and videos and provide some great sites for patterns! :D There are some super sweet folks out there who have taken the time to scan old transfer patterns and have made them available to download!!! RAD!
    Happy Friday Milla :D

  9. oh, a lonley day...that is something i seldom expreince but crave more than you can imagine. i'll have to live vicariously through your sundays :D it sounds like the best way one could spend some time.
    the song is beautiful! and so are you! thank you for such a peaceful post, i really needed it!

  10. This post really made me miss being able to go for long walks by myself. Beautiful photos, really.

  11. for a long while this is how my sundays felt...but in a town. i love the feeling and treasure it. if only i could have a tiny forest house and wooded paths to wander rather than neighborhood hills.

    your outfit is the perfect wandering get up and you look fresh and serene.

  12. You live such a wonderful life, Milla. So peaceful! I love your blog.

  13. wow.. your sundays sound magnificent and magical :)

  14. You look so very pretty and I'm certain no one has done red, white, and blue better.

    I have to send you this article by Barry Lopez about the importance of place and how it influences us. He also discusses how to feel like you belong in a place, how to open yourself up for communication with the land. It seems like this is exactly what you're doing without even realizing it. I think I remember you saying in a previous post that you feel that you belong. Right? In any event, you look like you sprouted from that forest! THAT'S how natural your presence looks.

    And WOAH! Swimming in January? You crazy polar bear, you. I'm a mite envious that you live so close to the sea, but I'll hopefully be moving to a place much closer to the coast. I'll be able to walk/bike to the water!

  15. I love this post, dear sweet Milla :) I was just talking about this to D.-- about dwelling and loneliness. I'm a lover of sadness, of tragedy and the mystery of the unknown that I so often find there. I think it may have something to do with my Iberian ancestry and their dark relationship to the sea, that I find the location particularly perfect. Sounds like perfect Sunday mornings and new locations we get to see with aforementioned tripod!

  16. Well done you fantastic Wood and Ocean Nymph! I know I need to connect more with nature, lately been stuck indoors sewing away but cometh spring and I shall fly around like a new hatched birdie and take to the sky! Beautiful Pictures.