Monday, January 31, 2011

...and we'll follow animal tracks

You follow me
There are many places on this Island that are secret, known to a few, those-in-the-know and on my birthday I ventured to one close to home.
Eagle Tree
The path is steep and half-obscured, mostly used by us and the deer. It can be a little precarious even.
I enjoyed its marvels in the morning, before the rain came. There is tiny life everywhere, faery rings on old stumps, feathers and bones and small insects that hatch in the spring. All you have to do is to stop and observe.
Faery Ring
There is a light
Sight see-er
My birthday morning started with coffee and finding this lovely little coat at a garage sale, along with some other beautiful clothes. C. and I love going thrifting and Dump-finding and antiquing together, finding old loot is like a family tradition for us.
I feel like one of the lost Romanoff-sisters in this coat. It evokes all those old Russian novels I used to devour as a girl, sometime between childhood and teenage years; The Brothers Karamazov, Master and Margareta, War and Peace. I saw the Cherry Orchard when I was ten and never quite recovered.
There's this perfect mountain on a mountain here, that we picnic on in the summer, a little mossy knoll just above a precipice. The view is well worth a little vertigo.
Mossy Knoll
My birthday since you ask (I discovered Dorothy Parker awful early too...) was wonderful. Low key just like I wanted with tequila and dominoes and fish tacos from halibut caught by a friend's husband and outrageous stories on Friday. On my actual birthday C. went to the Sunday woodcarving which was moved to be a day early and I followed a little later with my girl friends. We had a steam in the host's sauna and a potluck dinner right there in the wood-shop complete with venison and salmon and berry wine. And those sourdough rye pancakes, of course.
Tiny Life
The high point in the festivities came when the lights were dimmed and an hones-to-goodness store-bought cake, complete with purple and green frosting roses was brought out. Earlier in the week we had communally lamented how hippie children always got the short end of the cake stick, with spelt flower and honey frosting, or even a watermelon with a candle stuck on it, so the girls decided to conspire and get me my first ever "regular" cake. It certainly made for a day to remember. I really wish I had a picture to prove it.
Insect's Cave
I wasn't expecting any presents, but ended up "making like a bandit" as C. said. I got a pair of beeswax candles made by my friend's kids, a beautiful hair stick that my friend sanded to two colors (you'll be seeing a lot of it), lilies, home made wine, seed potatoes, a ladle from the master carver himself and a promise of my very own Frog bowl from my sweet craftsman.
All the gifts were lovely, coming from some of my dearest folk here, so thoughtful and perfect, but there was one I certainly was not expecting. Callie, who's made all those beautiful dream catcher earrings gifted me the most amazing mobile ever.
Spirit loom
It's so lovely I could hardly believe it was mine. Carefully wrought from materials both manmade and natural, perfectly balanced and aesthetically pleasing, we decided it was our chandelier and hung it above the dining room table.
All in all, it was a birthday among the best of them. I'm a very lucky girl.
How do you like to celebrate? Big party, no party, hiking, drinking champagne?
Oh yeah, about those Animal Tracks...


  1. so glad you had a beautiful day, lovely lady. i love mountain man! have had their album on repeat for weeks!

  2. happy birthday, lovely! indeed i am a fellow aquarian! today is my birthday. what a beautiful birthday you had. you've inspired me to get my butt out into some pnw beauty today. thanks for the gorgeous pictures to start my day with.
    again! happy birthday!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday. What a beautiful place to celebrate. In that coat you look straight from another time, lovely. That mobile is stunning, I would feel lucky to have it as well. Many blessings to you on another year.

  4. sounds like a beautiful celebration and a beautiful day - you look like a little faerie in the woods. happy birthday!

  5. Cute gunnysack, cute coat, cute blog :)

    haha... yes the children of hippies always get the "healthy" cake. As a kid you just want the same store bought cake all your other friends have. Now I'll take my slice of home made carrot cake (or better yet blueberry pie,) any day.

    By the way... what island is this island?

  6. A perfect post, I think! The forest looks gorgeous, you look lovely, and then mosses and mushrooms and a enchanting mobile... what more could anyone want? Happy Birthday!

  7. it sounds like the perfect birthday! all the food and drink discriptions are making me hungry, and excited for the day when i can drink again :D the mobile is so cool! what a special gift.

    the photos are simply amazing! you and that dress and the branches and mushrooms and moss! my goodness, i want to jump through my computer and be there right now! your new jacket is gorgeous as well. that's fun that you and c enjoy thrifting together. ruben will go for little bit, but he definitely lacks my enthusasism for it.
    for my birthday i always like small and low key. a few friends and family, some yummy food...pretty much what you described is what i like.

    oh yes, how could i forget to comment on the hippie birthday cake! you had me cracking up! spelt and honey, it sounds like something i'd make :D i'm glad you got to experience a brightly decorated, store bought cake! and that you had a wonderful birthday :D

  8. can't figure out how to email you, mama. mine is
    email your addy too so i can return the aquarian love!

  9. So so so so dreamy and beautiful Milla! I almost cried. You are such an enchanted creature. I really love the photo of your boots and the hem of your gorgeous Gunne. I am just suffused with such a warm feeling right now.

    The last few years I have had epic birthday parties (speaking of tequila...). This year I am keeping it mellow with a day gathering at the park. Mostly because I am saving all the fun for YOU GUYS!!!!!

  10. I am looking at this picture and feeling the forest smell

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  11. I loveloveLOVE the photo of you sitting on that big stump! And that mobile you got for your birthday is fantastic. My birthday falls on Halloween, so most people tend to be too busy to really celebrate with me. Last year I traveled from Ontario to Alberta, to spend my birthday with my boyfriend. We went out for a nice dinner and stayed in watching old horror movies, probably my best birthday yet :)

  12. Umm, those are some effing awesome photos, girl. I'm so glad you had a special birthday. It sounds ideal :) And you DID make away like a bandit! Those are some beautiful, rad gifts. Nothing like handmade for goodies with tons of love. Reading about your little celebration made me smile; thank you. And as always, you're lookin' bewitching.

  13. Sounds like quite the magical affair. I'm happy you provided full details regarding the coat btw (I was going to ask for more on it, it's adorable and very you).

    I was laughing really hard about your cake story :) I'm sure the holidays were harder, but at least you weren't poisoned by your parents like the rest of us, ha ha! Much love and peace to you on your birthday week!

  14. Crazy love on this post! Especially Mountain Mans, animal tracks..woo doggy! Happy Birthday !

  15. wow, those trees are pure magic, like dancing through the green and light...i can't even imagine the pure birthday energy you inhaled there! i had to look at that forest many times; it's like no woods i've ever seen, strange and mystical lands full of strange and mystical findings and friends.

    glad your birthday was so blissful my dear. hope that perfect joy rides along with you for the month of february :)

  16. Oh my goodness, what a perfect vision of birthday loveliness you are! These photos are so magical. I'm especially loving the one Amber mentioned of your boot and hems and also the one where the madrone branch is reaching out and perfectly arching over your head.

    Oh, and that coat! that coat! It's perfect on you, not too dressy at all :) You just look so naturally placed in these beautiful surroundings, I am swoonin'. Over you AND that spectacular mobile, lucky girl indeed!

    I don't have any plans yet but I think this year's birthday is shaping up to be pretty mellow. Like Amber, I'm saving the fun for the next week! Woohoo!

  17. Happy, happy birthday lil' lady!!! Those photos are absolutely breathtaking!!!! If you could just photoshop a bear in to the one of you on the tree stump, well that'd be just about perfect!

    Your gifties sound so enchanting, hand made and all :D

    Birthday's are very special to me! We always try to do a little something at least, usually a party in the park (for my girls) and maybe dinner out for mine and hubby's! For my 27th my he decided to throw me a surprise party- I knew about it, but not about the FANTASTIC mariachi band that was standing in the living room when I walked in. I cried tears of joy! Best bday yet!

  18. Looks like you had fun at the forest!
    You look lovely in those photos! Happy Birthday!
    Brad Fallon
    new reader

  19. Totally deserve all that and more! I love home made gifts,so glad you had an awesoome time Milla. XO

  20. Great post, you look fabulous in the forest. You seemed very nature loving.

    Silver MLM