Wednesday, December 1, 2010

With love from me to you...

...and vice versa. Here's one of the outfit shots I meant to post before my whirlwind gypsy adventures of the last two months. This dress cropped up with one of my favorite etsy searches: dandelion (some the other's are cranberry, Woodstock, and of course Gunne Sax). I could hardly believe no one else had snapped it, what with the sweet cut and a reasonable prise.
I did post this picture of Kissa and I on my facepoke, and lo and behold, if it didn't incite Sara (of forestlass-fame) to exclaim that she had indeed been eye-balling the very same garment.
Having already felt that the dress wasn't quite right for me, I'm delighted to tell you that the dress is now with its rightful owner and cat.
Packages, as you may well know, are just as fun to send as they are to receive, and it seems that there's a great deal of mail travelling around the globe in our little circle.

For instance, the day before leaving for the Fair, I received this elegant package from the lovely Nicole of Flaming Hag Folkwear.

Bear package
The packaging itself was so pretty that I barely dared to cut into it, but when I finally got up the nerve, I discovered it was filled with the most amazing goods one could ever hope for. The whole swap started back in April with my Norma Rae post, when upon lamenting my lack of 70s T-shirts, she graciously offered one up.

Of course, being the consummate vintage purveyor, Nicole's package was a dream, including not one but TWO 70s tees, some customised socks, an awesome skirt, a groovy necklace, a beautiful slip and the perfect pair of 70s jeans that I've worn all over the world since then, though sadly not yet caught on "film" with them on. (One of the things I love and admire about her blog, is that she definitely posts a lot of her daily outfits, which are so inspiring to see.)

Flaming Hag Folkwear
Lace and paisley

Tom Boy

Thank you, my dear. Apparently there's a swap in the works between her and my best girl Missa, and I can't wait to see what goodies those two find for one another. Speaking of which, that cranberry top is completely in keeping with theme of Missa's most recent package (We send each other theme-packages! We're nerds!): California! Everything in the package was either made in the Golden State, or about it.

The Little Island
Floral dresses with cool Cali-labels, a theme-cd, a book about a little Island and a little kitten, a sea-side box for shell-gathering, a floral romper suited only for the eternally sunny climate of Californ-i-a, a little stamp that I will sign my letters from here on out and a locally made ink-pad to match, oh my!
The theme, of course, was engineered to bring me over to the magical land of Northern Cali, where all my best girls are at. Methinks 'tis a charm that just might work...

In addition to all this, there was also a certain book that will be the topic of the next Book Report. I've got a bunch of posts on music, books and other curiosities in the works. And witches.
Here I am today, wearing my lovely Flaming Hag Folkwear slip, a thrifted denim skirt, recently acquired booties and a scarf I finally finished. Notice the difference between these pictures and the ones from 6 weeks ago.
Lately I've managed to look absolutely possessed in all my pictures and have all kinds of witchy inspirations. I can't seem to help dressing like I'm about smear myself in ointment and fly off trough the trees.
Latigo or lace?
Every witch needs a familiar and a cloak. And a circle of fellow sorceresses. Lucky for me, these things I have.
Dead Leaves
Good eve to you and I shall return soon from my nightly wanderings.


  1. i would so love to do a swap... i didn't realize you are milla from nicole's posts until just now. how does it work? can we do one? i have lots of treasures to pass on.

  2. Yay, swap magic all around!

    Have you been casting spells from that little witchy book? Haha, it had some pretty funny ones as I recall.

    You know, I thrifted that Little Island book for you before you even got Kissa because it reminded me of your little island and the kitten loved secrets which reminded me of you. It was a premonition!

    Ok, now cast a learn-how-to-drive-quick spell on yourself and plan that road trip girlie girl :D

  3. treasures spilling, troves unknown
    i cast a spell from me to thee
    that i shall fly the sky you've flown
    and with kissa the cat take a cup of tea.

    yeah for gifts, generosity, spirits and familiars. the stuff of my living dreams, rah rah!

    i love this witchy little world.

  4. LOVE your witchy ways Milla! So neat to have all these brilliant ladies with RAD taste swapping...I can't wait to swap with thee!!!

  5. Haha, I was like, "oh hey, that's me!" Thank you so much again! I'm wearing the dress today too. It's a nice pick-me-up on this gray day.

    In the flurry of papers, books, and yarn that my life presently is, there are some knitted goodies in the works that I *think* may find their way to the fair state of Washington ;) Well, knitted and others!

    Also, Heather! I loved your wee poem. So adorable :)

  6. love that slip! have you been to california? it's COLD here in the PNW portion of cali, where i live. cold, cold, cold.

  7. Goodies are so much fun! I've been searching for a scarf for a special someone in our circle, but it has to be the perfect little scarf... You're right, giving and receiving things with friends is just so much fun. :) Can't wait to read all your upcoming posts!

  8. ok. i want to do a swap. how fun to give and receive all that wonderfulness!
    the slip is great. so are all your other treasures. and i love the dress you gifted to forestlass, it's super cute :D

  9. love the scarf you made...the chunkiness just yells warmth on a dreary day!! reading your posts provide quite a pick-me-up... you and your "girls" have been truly blessed to find one-another. LOVE the dress you is a charming piece!! look forward to reading about more of your adventures!!

  10. Hey, some cute little birdies just arrived at my door. It seems they flew all the way from Finland to tell me what a sweetheart my best girl is ;)

    Love love love my wee package! what a fun surprise to brighten up this cold gray day :)

  11. I LOVE your outfit with the slip. So sweet & pretty. Very cute boots too. I just discovered your blog because I noticed I randomly got several views from it to my shop today. I'm so pleased to have made the discovery! :)


  12. What a bright shiny surprise to receive a little package from Finland on my way out into a cold and grumpy morning! You are so sweet to think of little old me. Thank you thank you thank you.

    I am so glad to see you enjoying your swap goodies. I feel extremely proud that I was able to send jeans that actually fit, and happier yet that they have become so well traveled.

    Thanks again xoxoxoxo

  13. one of my very favorite vintage shirts is eber of san francisco, just like the one you received in your cali-themed box from miss missa. weirdly, because i live in sf, i got the shirt many years back at the chelsea flea market in nyc. it is very gunne-like, and when i wear it i feel like an aw-shucks full-on country girl!

    loved seeing kissa in this post -- what a beauty! esp in the pic when she's balancing on the post! darling.

  14. yay for packages filled with sweet treasures!

  15. i am coming out from the world of lurking to say oh my gosh, i wish i could dress like that every day. not to say i can't, but to say that i always grab the jeans and some odd layers of shirts...and then i dress my daughter in the clothes i wish i had :)

    i so want in on these swaps!!!