Monday, December 20, 2010

We Are Circling...

...tonight and ringing in the Solstice. C. and I are excited to see our second lunar eclipse together. I, in fact, was so inspired by tonight's celestial events that I incorporated them into my Solstice gift.

The Gift Of Solstice
Eclipse Around Your Neck
Be aware of your intentions (I seem to be failing at this right now) and emotions, beware of technical mishaps, and general chaos, enjoy the dark and the light.
Merry Solstice One And All,
Bright Blessings and Safe Journeys To You And Yours Wherever You Are,


  1. Happy Full Moon Solstice Eclipse to you also Milla! It is happening here in Ireland at 8.15 am tomorrow morning, so my husband and I are also hoping to witness it together, just magical. ~Siobhan

  2. Much happiness your way. From the other side of the world

  3. That pouch is beautiful!! Many Blessings to you.

  4. i can't wait! we're celebrating solstice tomorrow night with a big fest at emily and joey's house. but tonight darin and i will hopefully quietly watch the eclipse together after he gets home from work. it is an amazing night down here, the skies cleared a little and the mist is creepin. i feel exhausted ... could this be the universal events?

    season of renewal, return of the light, chants and toasts and fires and yule blessings to you!

  5. We saw it! I thought it would be too cloudy with all the rain we've been having, but no.
    I hope you and your honey had a lovely evening under the sky.
    (And the pouch is gorgeous)

  6. I´ve just discovered your blog!

  7. I couldn't see the eclipse from here this morning. The snow clouds were too thick :( Happy Yule to you x

  8. Lucas went to bed early cause he had a really clogged ear and wasn't feeling too well and of course Clover was asleep, so I ended up watching the eclipse solo from a rocking chair out in front of my house all bundled up with a blanket and a hot cup of tea.

    It was cold and peaceful and I caught clear glimpses of the darkened moon through moving patches of gray.

    The power lines overhead and the not quite distant enough sounds of cars on the freeway made me wish I was in a dark field somewhere, but other than that, it was really cool and I'm glad I didn't miss it.

    Oddly, when I came back into the house at 1:00am or whenever it was, Clover was just sitting quietly cross-legged on the couch staring at the Christmas tree lights in the dark. Spooky. I have no idea how long she had been sitting like this before I came in. Anyway, it was strangely eerie, but I was happy to see her :)

    Hope you and C. had a good view of the eclipse and a lovely Solstice! That's such a wonderful little pouch :)

  9. Love and blessings to you in your rainy forests. <3

  10. sending those blessings to you magical milla! hope your night was one for the books :D

  11. check thy mail Milla! I will be out in the East Coast for the next 2 weeks. Let's get a sawppin!!!

  12. ooops! I meant "thy e-mail" !
    : )