Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That 70s Snuggie® and otherwise perfect holidays

This Christmas our little hodgepodge homestead decided to have ourselves a low-key celebration. My sis-in-law J. traveled up to hang out with us, while the rest of family dispersed all over the country. We agreed on no pressure, no expectations, minimum petroleum consumption, and of course the key to all this: no presents. But sometimes, when the perfect present comes along, its your duty to be its messenger.

For years now our family has had an in-joke about how Mali needs a snuggie®. In fact, the only thing stopping us from buying her the afore-mentioned hideous couch-sack is the fact that it's just that: a fugly, highly flammable fleece atrocity. But never fear: the Island Thrift Store is here to help you. Originally when I saw this beauty from the classic American manufacturer Sear&Roebuck I thought it was cute mock-quilt coverlet. Imagine then, my delight and surprise, upon discovering that it was actually a "Body Warmer" with the original instructions still attached to it! The Perfect 2 dollar present!

Naturally I had to model the darn thing as soon as I got home.
Test run
And on Christmas eve, I got to hand it to its rightful owner, who of course was delighted.

Delighted and puzzled.
Here we go bodywarmers!
Good thing it comes with instructions.
Though of course you need a man to decipher them, with his superior technical ability.
The ghost of comfort
Things have not changed
Two dollars well spent say I.
My best present was just having my dearest friends around. We hosted a little dinner on the 24th and my friend Talu and her mom came, witch just made the assortment of girls perfect. I did get some material presents too, though a little early and wholly unexpectedly. C's mom sent us some lovely kitchen condiments and a little monetary help. My mom has a mystery package still stuck in the mail. Talu gave me a lovely sweater you'll be seeing soon. My friend Summer gifted me with this beautiful lambskin coat that has already become a staple garment.
And C. found a pair of perfect "blue jay" earrings at The Dump. They're my favorite.
Blond children
Good friends, great food, candle light, purring cat, beautiful presents, and lots of laughs. Our small house can only host about 10 people and it was at top capacity that merry night.I feel very blessed and lucky indeed.
This Christmas
We even took a family portrait for the immigration people. Notice how saintly J. looks in this picture?
Family Portrait
Other than the party, we have been taking it easy, prolonging the lazy season. We've been reading, eating good food and watching a lot of movies, including family VHS-tapes from C. and J.'s childhood. They are so cute and hilarious.
Mountains Beyond Mountains
We also hiked up our little mountain to admire the storm clouds brewing above the Olympics. Sigh.
Eagle tre
The Bay
Islands beyond islands

And now we're moving onto Birthday Season for C. and I. More fun. I don't know if I can handle it. Hope you're having some too!


  1. okay, #1 dude, the seventies snuggie. holy crap that thing is fantastic. #2 i love that you guys don't do presents. i never do and people always think i am weird.3# i love the "witch" typo you made after saying your friend was coming...witchy energy! 4# i live in the PNW as well and it is a rare event for me to get envious of where someone lives, and oh my god, seriously. be still my heart. you live in heaven. and i live in humboldt, so i know beautiful PNW. wow. thanks for the pictures of the island view of the mountains.

  2. It's like a sleeping bag with sleeves! I can just see myself with one, too stubborn to step out of it, and hopping around the house in it instead. Those photos are gorgeous :)

  3. How delightfully awesome that body warmer is. I can't believe you found it!

    Happy New Year!

  4. man you guys are the PICTURE OF COZY lOVE!!!! anything patchwork already has my heart, but patchwork all-day-benign-faced-instructionally-enhanced-warmth, just absolutely slays me. such a lucky gal mali is, to get the REAL DEAL. great little group of loveys you got over there. i need a ruraller (?) life with a mountain to hike right next to me! wanna move up out into the deep forest and have a homespun christmas. love it.

  5. I used to have one of those patchwork snuggles. My mom got it for me around 1980. I used it a long time for its intended purpose then had it unsnapped and spread over my bed. Finaly it wore out and I had to say goodbye and toss it out.

  6. i sh*t you not, we own two of those vintage sear & roebuck body warmer thingees! purchased at a thrift store, of course :) my daughter is using one on a sleepover this very night (they double well as a light indoor sleeping bag for petite folks).

    your holiday gatherings sound just perfect, and those shots of and from the mountain are beautiful!

  7. Oh my, you must surely have done a little happy dance right there in the thrift store when you found that thing! So perfect, and the fact that it still had instructions is just crazy.

    What a fun and relaxed Christmas you guys had. I love that I can read this and be like hey, I know that cozy little home and the wee thrift store where you found the 70's snuggie and the Dump where C. found those gorgeous earrings. I remember sitting down there on that beach and having you guys tell us about the hike up the mountain and hey, there's the view looking down! It makes me feel pretty privileged actually :)

    Yay for upcoming birthday season!

  8. This coverlet is fabulous. It is suitable for days when the weather is bad. Sit in a chair, take hot tea, good book and Voilà!

  9. i really enjoy your posts.. thank you so much for your comment. That is the most amazing snuggie esque looking blanket EVER!

    love, polly

  10. wow! a 70's snuggie! that thing is the coolest! i think i would have been jumping up and down if i had found that. i imagine you must have been pretty darn stoked :D

    it looks like you had a wonderful holiday in your cozy home. they are always the best. the photos of the island are gorgeous. what a treat to live in such a beautiful place. and last but not least...when is your birthday?

  11. i think if i got me one of those 70's snuggies i would never ever take it off! what a rad find. looks like a lovely celebration!

  12. Love what you are doing. Your photos have a lot of of something special to them ( a little something I cant describe)

    Thank you: ) E

  13. The Amazing Technicolor Sleeping Bag. Or at least that's what I'd call it. Sure beats the hell out of normal ones :)

  14. you live in the most amazing place! thanks for all the pics. i love hearing about your corner of the pnw. happy to hear your christmas was cozy and that shearling jacket, my goodness!!

  15. The 'snuggie' is awesome! :)

    I am sorely tempted to say "we aren't doing presents" next year, or just getting everyone Kiva gift certs, or donating to charity or something.

    And is that a ukulele I spy? I like you even more now :D

  16. Holy shit Milla. You in the 70s snuggie is my favorite picture. As in, of all time. Of anyone. Ever. I just let out such a delighted yelp of glee.