Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gypsy Carnival!

I love the Pacific Northwest, I truly do. I have an affinity with this land, even to the extent where I feel like it was my spiritual home long before it was my physical home. That said, it sure gets mighty grey out here some days. Nothing wrong with that, save for the photos that all come out blurry, even at midday and how the air seems to suck all the colors out of the earth. Sometimes even the evergreens seem a little colorless at the edges.
Cold comfort farm
But never fear! With friends like these, always willing to send a Technicolor Dream Vest to brighten even the gloomiest of days, who needs daylight? I can practically feel the California sunlight on it.
Ladies and Gentlemen
This outfit, built yelping in joy, around said vest reminds of a turn-of-the-century circus girl. Part-clown, part-acrobat, part an unexpected side-show act like gimp tricks, or just something cutes-y like trained cats. Fat chance with the latter.
Flawless landing
To add to the circus-y goodness, the vest seems to have in it every kind of calico manufactured in the 70s. It's amazing!
of every color
Sunshine and Rainbows
Fittingly, Nicole is having a sort of circus-themed giveaway over at her blog, so ladies, so if you'd like to receive one of these puppies (kitty not included) at your doorstep, enter to win now. You need to be following her lovely antics anyway.
Speaking of marvelous mail, if you have ever sent me any, it's up here on the inspiration wall in my little house, right above the sewing machine. Whenever I feel blue, pissed off, or neglected, I like to walk up to it and peruse the beautiful, clever and empowering messages I've received over the years. They never fail to lift my spirit. You are here.
You are here
Bears, ponies and prayer flags
Smiley happy people
Hen house
Here's lookin' at you kid
My favorite image of all time, is surprisingly not of Cory, but of the dread-locked high school boy behind that old-fashioned camera. I sometimes wish I could have met him way back when, because surely I would have had a massive crush on him, he seems just like my type.
A man of many talents
Lucky for me then, that most each night that same boy takes me for a little row around our bay. There's so much flora and fauna here at the park that you can easily start looking at the most phenomenal things as little mundane, as you rush about the chores of the day. Going on the water gives one time to reflect on what an amazing place we are blessed enough to live in.
This heron, for instance, flies over us each night we row.
Heron House
Over the water
Even when the days are gloomy the sunsets can be absolutely enchanted. The light is so soft and golden, and there are hardly any boats on the water. Sometimes I think that the most romantic things are the most ordinary ones, that if you're really in love, your whole life is an expression of that love.
Mountains beyond Mountains
Here fishy-fishy
and gone
There she goes
Circus girl
Thank you all for making my life better. Peace and love folks, nothin' but peace and love...and surprise packages (I'm workin' on a couple myself.)


  1. that is one hell of a mystical, epic sunset. it must be so good for a peace-n-loving soul to be so close to water. i love my town, and my nearish rivers, but big water nearby is something that i do long for. and how sweetly lucky to have a fisherman husband to row you out under herons and the moon. this here little post was a perfect mix of wild carnivalesque color, sweet dreamy whispers of friends and loves, and nature's bliss. a nice goodnight for me, thank you!

  2. Aw, that is the best little vest EVER, and so meant for you! That Nicole... I'm so glad we found her :)

    This post just made me all full of warm fuzzies. That beautiful boat ride and SO MUCH LOVE for that inspiration board of yours, what a wonderful idea! Little smiles every time I spotted the familiar bits.

    Awesome picture of C behind the camera. Believe it or not, Lucas had long flowing locks back in the day too!

  3. what a beautiful place you live in!

  4. Wow that really is so beautiful where you live =) Whereabouts is it if you don't mind me asking? (Not specifically where, just whereabouts haha!) And your vest is so cute too, all those fabrics are so lovely.

  5. Greetings from the east! I recently found your blog and your photographs fill me with such joy. I spent some time in the Pacific Northwest this summer and I truly feel it is home. So as my boyfriend and I apply for jobs in the park service I hope daily that one of us gets one on that lovely Olympic peninsula. Peace and Love to you and yours.

  6. Gorgeous! First of all, I love the vest. I also love the idea of trained cats. Have you heard of that show in Vegas, I think it is?? There was a documentary about it on PBS. I think it's a father/daughter team who rescue cats from the pound & TRAIN them to do tricks! :D Amazing & sweet.

  7. I couldn't picture you anywhere else Milla, your soul is definitely a reflection of these serene & beautiful landscapes : ) May I add I love your boots! I have been trying to find myself a pair, but no luck . I guess I will try harder. Back to watching Deadwood, my latest obsession!

  8. It warms my heart to see you in the vest and know that it brightened your day!

    I am more convinced than ever that your island is a little slice of heaven. Oh, to be on a sunset row...

  9. Those are some fantastic sunset shots!!! The lack of sun's gotta be tough, but I love how you're combatting it with a super colorful vest and that LOVELY skirt!!! So cute! And really??? A sweet nightly row? :D

  10. You're such a pretty lady, also I think that Heron has a crush on you. Or your hubby. Plus I e-mailed you and I'm tired of waiting to see how long it takes for you to check it. It's been, like, twenty hours.

  11. Not to sound bossy, I'm just excited because there are special things in the e-mail. :)

  12. i love your blog name! :) its cute!! :D XXX


  13. Oh my... my mother made me a vest very like that, with a lot of the same fabrics years ago. No buttons though, that's even better.

    You sure you aren't a time traveler who raided my teenage closet? :)

  14. having a nightly row seems like the best idea ever! i love that. the pac nw is indeed somewhere i can tell you are very connected to and i love that as well! i feel very similarly, though my connection is more to the west coast in general i guess, stretching as far north as vancouver and as south as san luis obispo and most focused on san francisco/marin. we are so lucky to have all the driftwood, grey days and evergreens a girl could wish for. i will never leave this place.

  15. layered skirts make life so much better. i definitely do not get enough opportunities in my life to appreciate sunsets.