Sunday, December 5, 2010

All the kids have always known/that the emperor wears no clothes

I could tell you that my weekend was a whirlwind of dancing, great thrift-finds, coffee on the beach, and a romantic row-boat trip at sunset (with the king fishers and herons hollering over the water and lone seal trailing the boat). But that would be a lie. Or at least a half-truth. One of the things that gets to be a little grating about the land of blog, is that at times it seems as though everyone else's life is one long, well-dressed adventure, when your own is burnt toast and mounds of laundry.
Relax, dude
Not that there's anything wrong with a little fantasy. The internets can, and should be a place where one can indulge in a sole facet of their personality, be it clothes, literature, musings on the nature of the universe, or pygmy goats. Still, I myself tend to gravitate towards logs where you can see a glimpse of the real person behind the blog. I don't necessarily have to hear about what you had for breakfast, but if you want to tell me, I'm interested. (Or if you just want to share pictures of your husband and cat.)

I swear this cat is not dead, just relaxed.
So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I spent this weekend partying on Friday, recovering and doing chores on Saturday, as well scoring some sweet presents at our thrift store's bazaar, for a certain someone who definitely sometimes lives in a fantasy world. I also turned over and covered my garden in cardboard, in an attempt to fight back the weeds. I re-started my sourdough, did laundry, cleaned the house, sorted trough 20 pounds of potatoes, some of which were only good for seed, and all of which were dirty.

And I did not do all this dressed like a woodland nymph.

Carhartt & Xtra tuff elegance
An alternative Wardrobe Remix, anyone? One where everyone shares their painting clothes and home sweatpants? (Actually, when I worked in a department store that had a uniform, I used to fantasize about Uniform Remix-where you would show how everyone made the uniform their own. There were some truly original takes.)
Trying to ignore each other
To be truthful though, I did do some of it dressed like this. And that sunset journey really did happen. Romantic and prosaic in turns. Life, that is.
How was your weekend? And what's your preferred amount of reality?


  1. sometimes, while i truly love reading the blogs i do, i get exhausted and a tad depressed, seeing everyone's good times and great outfits and thinking about my own seemingly mundane life...but it's true, we all have to do the laundry and sort potatoes at some point! gotta keep everything in perspective. :)

    this weekend was exciting ...typically i have only day off in the week but i have tomorrow off too, so i am luxuriating in free time currently! the bf, my boyfriend's son and i decorated the heck outta our apt and i was pleased as punch to find my pinecone collection in with the christmas decorations. i don't think many of them will be going back in the box at the end of the season. it was a homey, warm and totally inside day today with marshmallows, race for your life charlie brown (anyone remember this movie?) and listening to the rain.

  2. that dress is beautiful! I love the little petticoat/lace at the hem :)

  3. My weekend was not blog-perfect. We're having arctic weather here in Ireland and on Saturday I crashed the car into a stone wall after hitting black ice. End of weekend plans! Like Sally, I enjoy reading everyone's blogs but the (seeming) perfect-ness of people's lives, clothes and relationships can be very very depressing!! Have a happy week ahead. And I love reading your blog. ~Siobhan xox

  4. We spent the weekend at the beach...which is totally blogworthy except all i posted about it was that my daughter got carsick and vommed all over the car...and the next day my son picked up a dog poo - mistaking said poo for a stick. It was fresh, and broke when he tried to write in the sand with it. my blog follows no rhyme or method - but i like to post about what i'm making...and basically how much i love my fams.

  5. ...however that isn't to say, that this blog post i didn't also include an outfit post....but it's a poorly styled one. hehe.

  6. Oh sweet refreshment of waves of little things, burnt toast and hangovers and shovels. However I must say that's pretty much the cutest sweat pant get up ever. You look radiant doing chores. Rowboats, birds, and luscious green mossy yards? Methinks tis a beauteous world!

    I sometimes think maybe that no matter how I try to let my lazy ass raggedy boring silly self shine through, I am relentlessly appearing like some Pollyanna over here, oh well, such is life and all I wanna do is have fun and love a lot like some damn care bear!

    But I will admit, this time my weekend was indeed blessed. Western village, friends birthday party, rain, bookstore, Christmas parade, lights. Just way too much fun stuff going on in december!

  7. Ah, thank you for this. Even when you're in your gardening gear you look cute! Most days I don't get out of my pajamas until 12PM, and then it's only to put on cruddy clothes and do homework, muck out the horses' shed, or dig around in the garden. Blogs that only seem to present the pretty, neat, and clean aspects of people's lives kind of turn me away. Even when I do put on some decent threads, I look messy at best, so why bother reading about someone's "perfectness."

    This weekend? We had no water, though it's not any huge surprise (and we won't until Wednesday. But that's a whole other story). I got dressed for real both days only because I had to. Entertained company on Saturday (gag), went to the produce market Sunday. Played video games with my sick sister and neglected my homework. Oh, I retrieved my horses from the neighbor's yard for like, the fifth time this week. Turns out they don't even need the gate open to escape and go roaming. The only good part is that it FINALLY got cold yesterday.

    All in all, my weekend was pretty average. It could've used a bit more magic, but I think the weather finally turning redeemed it.

    Hurrah for the mundane!

  8. ha, what a wonderful post - i sometimes need to remind myself that the magical moments bloggers share aren't exactly the whole picture. i spent my weekend working on a comp. exam - i wore leggings with holes in them, slipper socks, moccasins, my dad's college soccer jersey, a man sweater and a kashmiri shawl. and i didn't change out of this ensemble for three days.
    i love reading your blog - your world does seem pretty special, even if it involves dirty potatoes! xx

  9. There are so few breaks in the constant chores of my life that my whole reason for having a blog is to give my mind some wandering space. I used to get sad about blogs -especially city girls with really happening social lives- where the world was just one amazing art gallery/photo shoot/jaw dropping outfit after another.

    I now gravitate to reading the blogs of people who are more like me- more focused on illuminated moments than constant revery.

    Your blog always makes me feel happy, though :)

  10. The phenomenon of the "fantasy world" is one of my toughest blogging challenges. Reality, while at times not so glamorous, can be the most interesting (and oftentimes more identifiable); however, I seem to always seek the perfect image, the perfect dress, the perfect sentence. It's a tremendous conflict of mind for me. While I cherish and value the everyday lives of women especially, and while I am overjoyed that we no longer live in a society where performing house chores dressed in a perfectly-pressed pink dress is the norm (was it ever? ugh), the idea of magic and fantasy captivates me. It's a matter of where the truth lives, and for many the answer is no one place--it's how I see myself, how others see me, the things that no one sees and the subsequent story woven from every which way. I think a blog ought to tread the line. And I think yours does just that.

  11. I like the little personal things, like photos of your kitty and husband :) It's a nice extra little connection to the person blogging, lets you get to know them. I like those bits of your blog just as much as any other really.

  12. You are sooo sweet with your chores ,cat and hubby! I enjoy every type of blog whether it be outright fantasy or everyday life situations...a bit of both is always FUN! Just started watching Deadwood and painted my nails a new color this weekend-I'm addicted!

  13. I must say that your weekend ranked far better than some... I spent my Saturday in bed with a bug, and so missed out on time with my husband, dogs, and little boys... Then spent my Sunday caring for one of said boys who just so happened to catch my bug, doing mountains of laundry, and trudging around the house with Lysol in hand!! (None of this looked very pretty by the way!!) Even on your bad days, you make them look like a dream!! I adore your gardening get-up by the way.

  14. ummm you look good no matter what you are wearing! you are rocking that brown sweater and trousers. I did a similar post like this when I spent the weekend painting the fence. I posted image of me in paint splattered tatty old overalls. great fun!

  15. I like a good mixture of fantasy and life. It's fun to live vicariously through others, but it's also nice to hear that sometimes they are just doing chores and eating chocolate chip cookies. :) I think you look gorgeous whichever way you are dressed. And I love the picture of the husband and the cat.

  16. I don’t know who you think you’re fooling with this potato sorting business missy… (I will trade you diaper changing for potato sorting anyday, btw). You and that cat cuddling hubby of yours are livin’ the sweet life. Not to mention, you could be wearing the sack those potatoes came in and STILL look like a woodland nymph! Ok, affectionate rant over ;)

    We had a fun weekend. There was a wintry horse-drawn carriage ride downtown on Saturday and a rainy trip to the Victorian Christmas Tree Farm on Sunday (are you gagging yet?), I wore some cute outfits, you know typical fantasy world shit ;)

    Oh and our hens started laying! All the while, the diapers still need changing, the never-ending demands of a three-year-old still keep coming, the dishes pile up, and the smart ass hubby gets pissy about this or that as I set up my tripod out back so all can see how well-dressed I am on this great adventure we call life! Haha.

    Nobody’s life is perfect. I can only devote so much time to blogging and I tend to want to spend it in celebration of the good stuff, even though that’s never the full picture. I guess I look at it as more of a scrapbook of good moments to remember rather than a full picture of my life. It gives me incentive to seek out those perfect moments and even just take notice of them when I might otherwise not, because life just feels like life most of the time, nothing special, at least from my own perspective it does.

    Like I said though, you in your adorable muddy boots/rad sweater get-up, re-starting the sourdough, tilling the soil, sorting potatoes while Charlie kicks back with the kitty in your cozy cabin… it all looks pretty lovely from where I’m sitting :)

  17. ah but gardening clothes are such fun! and that jumper is quite amazing. i am extra jealous because it's been 30 degrees celsius here for a few days, thus making the wearing of jumpers impossible. i like hearing about your chores and day to day life, and frankly i think clothes you can really LIVE in in are far more interesting anyway. half the joy of clothing is knowing it has a story behind it. i want to know what that story is. and dirty bare feet make a much better accessory than fancy heels.

  18. You look so sweet & cozy. I've been so burnt-out on reading blogs lately that as long as the pictures are pretty, I'm happy. I do like ones where the person has personality & a unique perspective.

  19. Oh, I love a dose of reality. And I hate to ruin your self image, but you look totally adorable in your unfancy gardening outfit!

    My weekend was pretty ho hum. Saturday working at the shop and Sunday with in laws for my nephew's piano recital. The only fireworks were when I attempted in vain to explain to my mother in law that homosexuality is not deviant behavior. I honestly don't know why I bothered.

    P.S. I am totally counting your post as an entry to my giveaway...there's still a ton of fun and loveliness that I could think to send you if you won :)

  20. That's my biggest gripe with blogs. Everyone has this perfect, dreamy life full of rare and beautiful vintage thrift store finds when all I come up with is a beat up Coach purse or a bunch of worn clothes by Mossimo. I know that people only post a certain part of their lives, though, but it's still annoying.

    The worst is when people only post pictures of themselves in gorgeous fields or the golden light of sunsets, all the while wearing expensive, out of reach clothes. It's basically just saying, "Yeah, I'm better than you and you're going to read this blog and be jealous."

    To answer your question, I don't have a preferred amount of reality. I think that a blogger can write anything, but the creativity and writing style they utilize is what makes me want to read it.

    I continue to visit your blog because I find it relevant (I too live in the Northwest and tend to stray outside the mainstream) and your content is unique and unlike many other blogs I've come across.