Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mushroomboom! (oh dirt road)

Oh boy. I have posts piled up sky-high, carefully photo-archived outfits awaiting, book reviews saved in journals, and nary a minute to post them up here into thin electric air. Suffice to say that we made it home from the fair safe, sound and sane, and that everything was wonderful, and now it's nose to the grindstone, across the globe on Sunday...

Here's to a mellower time a while back when my amazing husband discovered a rather spell-binding fairy-ring.

Well, to be completely truthful it was Ruby that made the initial discovery and called us early one Sunday morning, to ask C. to come check it out.

Fairy Ring
On closer inspection, they turned out to be Giant Horse Mushrooms, yummy and enormous. How enormous, you ask?
Well, big enough for me to hide behind, keep out of the rain, or use as a bikini.
Though they can be eaten raw, the best way we found to consume these monsters was to cut them into thin strips, fry them in butter and put them on our (sour dough rye) toast. Hubby remarked on how they taste a bit like bacon.
Nom nomGive it!
When it comes to mushrooms, a food dehydrator, no matter how wimpy it is, can also come in handy, as they dry beautifully and can be then used just like fresh ones at any time of the year.
The next day C. and I mounted a little walk-about/ gathering party, to find more of these yummy ones.
Unrelated to mushrooms, I'm happily wearing my new dreamcatcher earrings made by my friend Callie, who as a woman of many talents was also the minister at our 2nd wedding. They're simply marvelous.
While we saw plenty of fungi, we scarcely found anything edible, but that didn't take away in the least from how nice the walk was. Sometimes I have to be reminded of the fact that I live in the most beautiful place in the world, my own personal idea of haven. (that's not a typo by the way)
in the whole wide world
Surrounded by the sea with its kelp forests, seals, blue boats and bordered by the mountains on all sides.
I live in the most beautiful place
Wooded hills to explore with my partner in crime.
And magical birds descending gracefully into the water.
Now what was that stress all about again?


  1. so nice. my partner is in grad school studying mycology of the pnw, and i've been reaping the benefits of his mushroom hunting. and i agree that the PNW is the best place on earth. we live way down in humboldt county, but i hope i get to go up north someday and check out the nature.

  2. Love those earrings!
    What huge mushrooms!

  3. Wow, those mushrooms are ginormous! It's cool that your husband knows enough about them that you can eat some of what you find, my great-uncle used to do just the same.

    I have to agree with you that you certainly live in one of the most wonderful places in the world, and I'm rather jealous :p I hope you have a fantastic trip starting Sunday!

  4. Oh my gosh, I've never seen mushroom in such a huge size ever before in my life. I didn't even know that this size is existing :)

    Great pics, love your bag and earrings!!!

    xo, Mel


  5. Glad to hear the fair was wonderful and the shrooms have been bountiful, my goodness they're huge!

    Well, I did it, I just returned from sending off your package and they say it should arrive by friday. I really wanted to get it to you before you set off across the globe, so it sounds like it should make it there in time :D

    Of course, I didn't have time to make the package all pretty like I like to, but hopefully the contents will make up for that and I didn't get to include a proper story of the stuff type letter either, but I'll try to get an email to you very soon.

    I hope we'll still get to hear from you while you're on your trip. Take care Millakins, and try not to stress too much :)

  6. Rad!!!! Those Mushrooms are completely amazing! I so wish I lived in your neck of the woods, but hopefully soon I will arrange to at least move up Northern Cali for a few years.
    You look so well too, I guess that's what fresh air and some good eating does for you. Those earrings are charming, I just made some feather ones-they came out pretty cool. Glad your back Mrs. Bearific girl!

  7. yay, miss kissa made an appearance! you are right that you live in one of the world's most beautiful places. it's been my dream to live on one of the islands since i was around 19. you are truly living the life! but i doubt i will ever leave sf...it's pretty easy on the eyes here too! :) can't wait to see pics from this year's fair.

  8. It's awesome that you can properly identify edible vs inedible mushrooms. I'm impressed! It's a skill I wish I had.

  9. Hahahaha, those are BIG mushrooms. A crumbly bikini they would make. Interesting that they taste a bit like bacon?!

  10. Definitely wishing I had some knowledge in mycology. There are tons of edible mushrooms around here, but I'm afraid to touch any of them.

    I agree with you 100%; you live in a very beautiful place, quite possibly the best on Earth.

    Stay relaxed, girlie! Life's no fun if you're wound tighter than a spring.

  11. Aaaaah those things are GORGEOUS! I just discovered what I believe are Amadou (Mycie's last name) mushrooms growing out of an oak tree in our front yard. Such a blessing to find mushrooms!

  12. I really can not believe how large those mushrooms are, they're as big as saucers :) I love them marinated with red wine & soy sauce-- yum! Also, love your exploring/hiking outfit. You do the jeans so well!

  13. I myself am terribly behind with the stuff of internets, but not for any specifically good reason as fairs or travel...but I wanted to pop in and say that you look lovely, those mushrooms make my mouth water (both for taste and the adventure of finding them), and I look to whatever future posts you have time for.
    Bon voyage! xo