Friday, October 1, 2010

Conquer and Inspire

I'm busy. I hate being busy. Last night at the supermarket (Yes we now have SUPERmarket. Ick.) a friend told me she had simply switched off the ringer on her phone. She said it just like that, while we conversed, awkwardly over the lines of people at the check stands listening. Right now, I would love to do that.

In less than three weeks I'm going to Finland and right now we're preparing to leave for Tonasket again, both of which I'm super stoked about of course, but packing for a month in another climate, or hauling your food, camping supplies instruments and drinking water for almost a week requires quite a bit of cunning indeed. Not to mention organisational skills I sorely lack.

In addition to this, I'm working feverishly to prepare things for barter, and editing a certain manuscript and other things too.

It follows naturally I suppose that lately, I've been feeling a little low on dressing inspiration. Jeans and tees and Elisabeth's old converse have been what I wear day-in and day-out.

What I dream of wearing though, are the muted browns, maroons, bright greens, denims and creamy laces. While dressing is an everyday self-expression to many of us, I sometimes find it dispiriting, a closet full of dresses and nothing to wear. Perhaps this is an expression of internal turmoil, of change.


Tennessee Sunday
What are you wearing this fall?


  1. I'm actually having the hardest time dressing for fall. Over the course of this year I went through a major change in how I dress, and all my cold weather clothes are either way too big (I lost around 30lbs this year since last winter) or I just can't stand wearing them. So I'm layering all my summer clothes and making friends with leggings and leg warmers until I can figure something out, hah.

    I hope you have a fantastic trip!

  2. cardigans and straight legged jeans never leave my routine, and i got a new pair of rich brown bootie laceup shoes and black oxford heels to satisfy my shoe craving and complete my looks.

    the weather is pretty much always the same here in sf, so though the layering effect never changes, the colors of fall are with me now: dark, ferny greens, mushroom browns, bright oranges and of course, plaids. autumn is my favorite season.

  3. Spring has just started here sunshine! But you do sound busy, which is probably a great thing really. Better to have things to look forward to doing when the weather starts to gloom up.

  4. You are not alone in the full wardrobe with nothing to wear crisis. And I agree that it seems like the mood strikes at times of change and growth. I have been feeling very weird towards getting dressed lately. In my case, we had an early glimpse of Autumn here and now that it is actually Fall we have had sweltering temps kick I am lost. That, and then also that I have been feeling inspired to further refine my style (that sounds so calculated, which I don't think of myself as being...but I think that taking photos of my outfits for my blog has really given me some perspective on what I like and how I want to wear it).
    For this Autumn I have amassed a treasure trove of sweaters and dresses in rusts and browns, velveteen and suede in shades of mossy green, and toasty coats (and that's not even counting the sh*t I have forgotten about since I packed it away for the summer). I also want to continue wearing my cream laces through Autumn and Winter, just layered more. I suppose I may be in this odd mood with regard to dressing until the weather cools since I feel so focused on Fall, but if that's the worst thing going on in my life, then I count myself lucky (if not strangely styled)...
    I hope you find time to enjoy yourself amongst all the busy (and I hope that something in the box I sent you may inspire you to wear it). xo

  5. your trip sounds fun! very exciting.
    i'm not sure what to wear right now. i'm pregnant and not showing too much, so i think i'll need to go visit the thrift store for some new stuff.
    btw- i love your denim jumper in the previous post!

  6. Sorry you're feeling so uninspired, dear! Even though I've been posting more (thanks for using that one outfit in your album, by the way) those photos only represent a few days out of the entire month. So fret not, you're certainly not the only one who's stuck in a rut. I've got a relatively small closet and am having a hard time trying to mix and match the same pieces in interesting ways. When I go to get dressed, I end up staring at my shelf blankly, then just pulling out a pair of jeans and a some kind of top. So boring.

    Have fun on your trip, and good luck with finding your lost inspiration.

  7. long, long dresses with boots and thick stockings, under sweaters and scarves. lots of layers, its the san francisco way!

  8. Well, unfortunately I've been in sick mode since Fall began so I haven't been putting much thought into what I wear other than trying to stay comfortable.

    Yeah, it's been a bit of a frump-fest around here I guess, except for a few events that have required me to muster up a presentable outfit and try to suck it up for the occassion!

    Now that I'm starting to feel more myself though, Fall, and how I'd like to dress for it, is definitely starting to creep into my thoughts.

    I'm wanting to vamp up my sweater collection for sure and all those colors you mentioned sound wonderful. I'll have to work on a Fall inspiration post soon.

    Oh Milla, I've missed you during my internetting break! I loved your post on classic reads too and it couldn't have come at a better time for me. At my next book club meeting everyone is supposed to suggest a classic for the next month's read to vote on. I'll definitely be coming back to that post before I decide on my suggestion.

    How exciting about all this traveling ahead for you. Wow, Finland for a month?! All the preparation does sound stressful though, hang in there! Gonna try my darndest to get that package up to you before you head off to your homeland, ugh!

    Hope you're havin' a wonderful time at Barter Faire, as I recall you were sick last year right? No fun being sick for stuff that's supposed to be lots of fun, I've had some experience with that lately, so I hope you were able to head off to the faire in good health and good spirits this year! Take care my dear :)