Monday, September 6, 2010

That 1870s Girl!

I know you can't exactly necessarily tell from my recent posts, but lately I've been craving some rather odd colors.

Blame it on the fall, or something, but in addition to the denim, preferably in chambray, and creamy lace, that's been bugging my brain in all shades, I've also started thinking of maroon, grey, dirty coal black and earth tones. Usually a lover of bright colors, skirts and dresses, I've found the more muted pallet to my liking.

In addition to digging the outfits of these lovely ladies;
(Flaming Hag Folkwear rocking the lace and denim like no one else can!)
(Missa looking Old West perfect. )

I also stumbled upon some unusual sartorial influences in the form of an old favorite, that embodies the exact feel of what I want to wear (although I'm not quite ready yet to go into the re-enactment business).

Upon checking out one of my all-time-favorite TV shows (along with Twin Peaks, My So Called Life, and anything brain-birthed by one Joss Whedon), I discovered a throng ladies that, were they a groovy cabaret band would be calle Calamity Jane & Other Unlikely Fashion Icons. (Or perhaps Calamity Jane & Other Ladies Of Questionable Repute)

That's right, folks I want to dress like 1870s whores, dykes and laudanum addicted heiresses.

Where's my doggone barkin' irons?
I seriously need some barkin' irons.
Tough as nails
And maybe some attitude.
At least the old homestead's got some farm animals again. These two came for some rehab here at the sanatorium after their kin attacked them viciously.
Lookin to the future...the past that is.
So about those barkin' irons...and maybe a filly too while we're at it Jane.

Also, if like me, you're a fan of olden time-y western entertainments you might do well to invest some nuggets from your claim on this awesome lookin' project by one fine and dandy gentleman named Darin Coelho. He be wed to our Heather, in case you's wondrin.

Good eve to ya'll!

ps. I would just like to say that it has been overwhelmingly hard trough out this post not to call everybody a c***s***er.


  1. Ha! I always wondered if there was any historical significance to the ample usage of c***s***er, was every other word actually c***s***er?

    Lucas was real into Deadwood back when it was still on HBO and watched the whole series. I didn't get in on it early enough and only ended up watching some episodes here and there. I don't think I was really ready to appreciate it back then anyway. I feel like maybe I'm ready now though, and my mom has the whole series on DVD. I think I might need to borrow it.

    I do like where you're goin' with this sartorial influence though!

  2. I want to dress like a 1870s whore too!!! Have you seen Bad Girls with Drew Barrymore? I love watching that one. Nothing like wearing a corset and chaps! Fun post, thanks!

  3. YES! I adore this era too, the beautiful and delicate tops and long skirts, it made every kind of woman's figure very flattering. I was watchin A Room with a View for the first time ever( I know, I know) and I got really inspired to make a top like that, I just kept noticing the smallest details that went into one piece.
    Thanks for sharing and I think you look LOVELY in your outfit.

  4. Hi Milla,

    I've been lurking around these parts for a while now and decided to come out and say hi!
    I love Deadwood, I'd have to say Trixie was my fav female character hands down, tough and dirty.
    You are definitely looking the part of a modern day Western woman (I say woman as I didn't want to call you a whore, not that I thought you looked like a whore lol) in your outfit!

  5. oh my, i am so flattered!

    i never watched deadwood, i should probably check it out considering my weakness for western films like tombstone, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, etc. well, that and my fondness for using the term c***s***ker way too much.

    love your outfit!

  6. RADICAL MISS! thanks for the shout out for darin's project and your digs would fit right in...maybe you'll have to make a cameo on your spring excursion! i can't wait till it is fully cool enough in our cali climate to wear layered skirts, quilted vests over peasant blouses, and beloved scarves and bonnets...oh my!!!