Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spokes Person.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on the "ever expanding wardrobe and the story of MY stuff"-post. I'd like to add a short (promise!) addendum to it, saying that I may have not fully considered all sides of the issue. Like my dear, older, wiser, long-distance sister Missa pointed out: there are things much beyond materia that we can gain from thrifting. How could I discount the creative outlet thrifting, this blog, swapping, simply wearing my finds provides, or the thrill of the hunt, a pleasure fairly innocuous compared to many that one could engage in. Thank you very much for this beautiful, if enabling, perspective.
I'm actually off to thrift some more and then see Elephant Revival at the Hall! Woo-hoo! I just wanted to stop by and share an outfit from yesterday, the difficulty of full outfit shots while balancing on a piece of pipe, and my new bag, the crowning jewell of my tote-collection.
Off Kilter
For Folks
Ah-mazing, right!
Spokes Person
More bike-relate business in our next edition. Hugs and spokes and pedals!


  1. I looove this a lot. I don't know what it is about it... I think it fits really well under 'the girl who married a bear'!! Love the shoes with those tights

  2. Aw, I knew I was speaking for both of us when I wrote it ;)

    Hey, spent some time getting stuff together for your package today. Gosh I lag, but it really is up there on ye ol' to do list now and there's just one more wee thing I need to get together for it, so it shouldn't be much longer, for reals this time!

    Good luck with the thrifting and have fun at the show!!!

  3. Aww, I love you shoes and your bag <3
    Looks like such a lovely place where you live.




  4. Ah! So adorable-your outfit your tote... You are awesome sauce as always Milla : )

  5. I quite adore your lovely outfit, and must admit I'm a wee bit jealous that you get to wear tights already :) Still in the 90s here.

  6. You are just too adorable, I love your tights and tote! Sorry for writing so much last time, your thought-provoking posts always get me, well, provoked :). And it's very true, thrifting is just one more great outlet for fun and creativity. Looking forward to your bike post!

  7. I adoreyour blog. It makes me feel all warm inside. Really. xo Julia