Saturday, September 4, 2010

Indian Princess Jam

This is the time of year when everything seems like a chore. Everywhere you look, incomplete tasks await for your attention; the berries need to be picked and made into jam, this winter's firewood piled under the awning (we have no woodshed, yet), squash made into delicious relish (recipe for which I should email Andrea for), last of the winter greens transplanted, the broken window replaced, husband's Filson coat sent to the factory for mending. Soon the apples are coming in and need to be dried and cooked and preserved.
Sigh. I picked these lovely local strawberries a while back, and along with some salalberries and local blueberries cooked them into a variety of yummy sauces, which I then canned.
In Finland we have something called Queen (royal) Jam which contains blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, but for the lack of the latter I made "Island King Jam" (strawberry, blueberry blackberry), "Island Princess Jam" (strawberry, blueberry) and "Island Indian Princess Jam" (strawberry, blueberry, salalberry). It took all damn day for like 11 cans of jam.
Kitten, of course was no help.
Sweater Song
I've been bad and bought a new dress in spite solemn promises to the contrary. It's a lovely labeless Gunne and thus inexpensive.
I messed around in iphoto to make photos look old with green scale instead of red.
Hive Mind
But that's not all, folks (in the time-honored tradition of QVC). I also bought a wee brass beehive. It was too lovely to resist.
Feather leaves
Small treasures can be found in other places besides Etsy, though.
Licensed to kill. With Kindness
While the jam was cooking a crafted my friend and study-buddy Laine a driver's license, since The Great State of Washington had failed to give her one. (Crafted or forged, that is the question.)
Laine was rather pleased. It looks very authentic. Especially the picture.
The Little Friend
This is the last weekend our front yard looks like a trailer park/refugee camp (if the refugees were sponsored by REI), then it'll just be us and our little skipping,crawling and flying friends.
Happy Long Weekend!


  1. that is one gorgeous froggy! i wish i had your energy for making jam! sounds incredible. that one day of jammin will pay off all winter!

  2. oooh, very impressed with the jam making. I love that you used salal. I think my princess combo would be rhubarb and tayberry jam.

  3. oh, but you make chores look so purty!
    (and aww, kitty!)

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  5. Chores are fun, girly! All your jam making inspires me, but since the berry season has passed, and the jars that we did make were devoured by my dad, we're jelly-less. Now I'm waiting for the wild raspberries and wild strawberries to ripen- that'll be in October-November. I'll be scrambling around on the mountainside like a dumb goat, trying not to fall while I reach for those perfect berries.

    Ugh, firewood. Don't even get me started on the giant pain that is collecting firewood.

    I'm so very jealous of that lovely new dress of yours. It's so beautiful, and you look gorgeous in it! Lucky it had no tags, eh?

    And your little cat has grown so much. She's so cute!

  6. Aw, I love those little froggies. When I used to work at the marine lab our greenhouses were full of them. The Gunne is beautiful and such a gorgeous fit on you!

    Regarding chores, my what a busy bee you are, you do make them sound so charming though, and speaking of bees, the little beehive necklace is super lovely :)

  7. love the new dress! and the jams all sounds delicious! i'd swap you chores any day :D

  8. *sigh*
    your blog is so cozy, i love stopping by. good luck with your chores :)