Friday, September 3, 2010

That 70s...Mom!

(Disclaimer-(Just in case the title made your heart jump to your throat) I continue to be happily NOT pregnant. Now for more important matters:)

Guess who I'm impersonating today?
1. Anna Chlumsky in the seminal 90s movie My Girl?

2 Meryl Streep in the hopefully-not-so-seminal 00s movie Mamma Mia!?
Or 3. My mom circa 1980?
Hipsters circa 1980
This dude, by the way, is not my mom's boyf. Apparently he was in the same set-design class and rather gay.
Here comes your mom.
Furthermore, I look like my mom, which is freaky-deaky to me, since the only common attribute we have is our chins.
Mom shoes
Mom wasn't the only one with hip overalls back in the day.
Witness the momness
So, today, I'm channeling fashion inspiration from my mom. That's gotta be a first. My mom is cool though, I'm old enough to admit it, so I guess it's okay...
I mean my mom.
How cool is yer mom?
(Thanks for the tip on the photos Missakin!)


  1. Back in the day I used to be embarrased when my mom would show up in "vanhempainilta" wearing tons of make up, bright red high heels and something totally extravagant. She was (and still is, even though smoking has taken a major toll on her looks) so beautiful that I was embarrased.(How horrible is that, to be embarrased about the beauty of one's own mother?!?!) Now in hindsight, I have nothing but respect for her fashion sense. She continues to wear 80s inspired fashions today, sometimes less successfully then other times. She's my mom though, and I love her.

  2. oh, how i cry and cry that i can never look that adorable in overalls. i love overalls so much. the white tee shirt and braids with them is perfect. i love it. and i love old pictures of moms from the 70's. i always imagine that everything in the 70's was that orangey sepia color...that it wasn't just the pictures making it look that way, that's just how it was. lovely.

  3. How RAD that Bellisimamma should point out the whole "Orange sepia" tone quality of the 70's pictures, as I LOVE that tone too. I also too, believed that's what life really looked like back then, just matt and wonderful. Anyhow, my mom and I are are way too much alike in our wild ways. We have some physical similarities but I think our constant focus on the surreal and neglect of the real is what really makes us twins.
    : ) your mom is sooo cool just like you!

  4. Aw! Baby Milla and old pics of your mom and you looking all adorable in your overalls and braids, I love this post and I want to see more old photos!!!

    As for my mom, she's in her late 50's and just this year got her first tattoo. It's on her upper arm and rather large, a hummingbird and vinelike flowers, she's got a thing for the hummingbirds.

    One of these days I must do a 70's mom style post on her! I've got a big box of slides and film that my dad shot in the 70's and a new slide/film scanner that I need to get it together and put to use!

    How funny that your mom is blond and mine is brunette, we also don't share many physical attributes, I look more like my dad.

  5. My mom's totally cool. I've got of both us wearing tie dye from the 90s. I think I was three. The tie dye stuck for me, not so much for her though. But back in the seventies my mom was in her teens and every photo I have of her, she's wearing something thoroughly awesome. My favorite is one where she's holding a bag of tomatoes and has on the cutest and softest looking raglan.

    At least you share AN attribute with your mom. I don't look much like either one of my parents. Maybe the jokes my dad used to make about how they found me in the woods are true? It would make sense...

  6. luckily my mom doesn't throw/give things away much, so i have some of her clothes from the 70s that i actually wear often! a magenta velvety dress, a native american button up sweater vest...such good things, and from a woman who absolutely gave not a care in the world about fashion! still doesn't, probably even less now! i love seeing old pics of moms back in the day. emulating their outfits is somehow very full circle, isn't it?

  7. hooray for overalls! or dungarees, a name i wish would stick for me. i have a montgomery wards pair that i've worn since i was they are my painting outfit but i still love them.

    cute old photos of your mama...and YOU as a teensy round little cub in a bonnet; I LOVE. curses on digital photography for taking that soft light and haze out of beloved photos, not to mention the special rarity of each treasured shot. now we can take a thousand pics and only choose the best. everything is different. but i love that you are carrying on the old ways lady.