Monday, August 9, 2010

That 70s Teacher

We have colds. Big camping trip canceled. Will try to make Bonnie Prince Billie concert Off-Island (wouldn't it be awesome if he played ON Island!?!?!) tomorrow all the same. Brain turning to mush. A couple of picture-heavy, fluffy-brained posts ensue.

That 70s teacher
I've often exhibited a wee bit of a penchant for dressing like a 70s art teacher. You know, that overly sensitive, brainy, bleeding-heart, who tries to coax their inner being out of her students through the medium of paper mache.
They call me mellow yellow. they don't!
And wears home made clay jewellery.
Art Room Nerd
And apron smocks.
Secretly Scandahuvian
And possibly has a community organizer boyfriend and goes to women's lib marches in her free time. You feel me?

Here's the latest round of proof.
That 70s teacher again!
Killer plant?
The skirt is from the Dump, the shirt and clogs thrifted, the vest a gift from the lovely and amazing Amber and the butterfly made by me.
There's just something about this particular character that's really appealing tom me: clogs, crazy jewellery, smock-tops, sensibleness. It's funny how, after I get dressed, I sometimes just go "This is totally That 70s Teacher-outfit!" or "Oh noes! I'm dressed like an little orphan from the mills again!" I think the "characters" I channel the most are those two, as well as an eccentric old lady (possibly That 70s Old Lady), and on my off days, a version of my own disgruntled teenage self. Talk about split personalities...
Out o focus
Who do you channel when you get dressed?


  1. you look so cute. i love all those outfits, great layering in the one with the little orange shirt/dress.
    are you selling those leather hair pieces? they are incredible. i so enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts immensely.

  2. i LOVE that little quilted vest. i'm afraid some of my personaes are quite similar to yours. i run into anne of green gables quite often in my repertoire, and lately i find some version of an 80's van-by-the-river girl.

    feel better! go rock to bpb! drink a big old shot of vodka; maybe that will help.

  3. I love this post! I think you are so right about channeling when dressing up - either other characters or versions of myself. My favourites are either faded velvets and flowers - some sort of 1970s folk meets Dickens character or else something like Audrey Hepburn dresses meets Joan Jett styling. Or at least that's what I'm imagining right now :)

  4. Adorable as ever :) The dress in the first picture is super pretty! I've been channeling "the five pieces I have that are appropriate for sveltering heat" for the whole summer. Soon it's back to channeling community park going- sandbox sitting mom :D
    Though seriously, the styles that have been feeling good to me lately are simple, folksy pieces.

  5. 70's art teacher style I think is very trendy! Are you doing some 70s art to go with it? I just try not to channel my mother too much. But today I am wearing one of her cast offs. Which is fabulous. So I take it back!

  6. Your outfits kind of make me think of Miss Frizzle from the Magic Schoolbus. If you don't know, that's a kid's show where this crazily excentric lady takes her student on wild field trips in her magical school bus and she's always wearing these really wild, fun outfits, haha... Not saying that's what you look like, but it reminded me ;)

    I think your outfits are adorable though, and the 70's Teacher look definitely suits you... and that little colourful top in the last photos is so cute!

    I tend to channel 70's Lady (I like wearing slightly more formal dresses from that era) and Confused Hippie due to my pentient for all things flouncy, crazily patterned and fun.

  7. My hippie roommate, but wearing a bra.

  8. i love your little orphan character. i'm definitely a fan of the frayed cotton/layers/unravelling wool thing. i think when i get dressed i mostly end up channelling a grandmother, a lumberjack or a homeless street kid.

  9. way cool! some old school w_r is such a bonus! and I must admit I too share a penchant for dressing in character, although I seem to have a flair for 80s country :) what can I say? ruffle collars and 80s prints just call my name.

  10. Well, first off no matter what you throw on it always seems to work so beautifully, I don't know how you do it! I look at some of the simple items by themselves, that you have on and I would never of thought to pair them up like that! I think it's also your high spirits that transcend into the pictures. I LOVE your hair up too!!! As if your hair alone isn't fabulous enough but you look so pretty with it up as well.
    Well, I usually channel between a Central American Indian(my roots) or some Old Spanish Gypsy( I guess also somewhat my roots) then i have some days where the whole Glitter glam comes back(David Bowie/T Rex) OR I have my Baby Doll tattered up doll dresses that I like to wear every now and then. It's starnge but a combination of all my past styles will mesh together throughout the year. But lately I def have been feeling the Indian/Gypsy : )

  11. I love the second outfit so much, and when I get dressed I'm still just as boring as ever. I have no creativity when it comes to clothes :/ xxx

  12. Geez, I don't even know who I'm channeling, perhaps a little grunge girl on the prairie with a penchant for various ethnic touches who also enjoys veering off into nautical, pre-senventies, or even 80's vintage territory, yeah, I'm all over the place.

    You my dear, are always always amazing in your that 70's teacher looks, I love all these classic Milla outfits so much! It's the perfect look to go along with your leather craft endeavors too, which are awesome by the way. Can't wait to own a piece of my own one day... hint, hint ;)

    Such a bummer about the colds and the canceled trip, hope you do make it to the concert though, take care of yourself Millakins :)

  13. Ahh, you must email me so I can send you a top to add to your collection of 70s art teacher goes to womens lib meeting with her buddy NORMA RAE. The top needs to be with you, you feel me? Email:

    Hope you all feel better soon.

    P.S. Haven't figured out who I am channeling with my clothing choices...I think that's the reason I keep posting outfits. I find it interesting to see myself from the outside, since I have spent most my life avoiding being in front of a camera. Does the inside and the outside match? Hmm.

  14. Hej Milla,
    I really love your blog. I'm reading it since months an months. I mostly heart your outfit on the second photo :)

    Some days ago, I started my own blog



  15. funny, my boyfriend and his son had to cancel a camping trip early this summer due to both of them being sick...must be going around the west coast!

    your outfits are soooo inspirational. i never would have thought to dress in the little orphan style but i think the look is so amazing when you do it!

    i think i dress like a bit of a country girl in the big city, and sometimes i tend toward a dash of new mexican trailer trash...and then sometimes also like a librarian (and i do work at the library!)...

    when i think of the 70s art teacher i think of the awesome illeana douglas in ghost world. she is my favorite thing in that whole movie, and there is so much to love about it!

  16. Love the 70s teacher, love the orphan. I have no idea who I am channeling. The insecure, too-thin-and-too-tall-for-her-own-good, unpopular student, who one day will break free from her bad posture and then she meets her prince? Or something..? :)

  17. But it's so not a split personality thing at all! You always look like your darling, sensitive, literary, free spirited, deep thinking, history loving self! Seriously, to me your "look" is so consistent. It's just you and the things you are drawn to and love to express.

    When I first scrolled down to the outfit photo with the burgundy vest I was like "Omg, SO cute!" and then I realized it was that vest, and was so happy to see you wearing it! It looks perfect with that outfit, I think you found it's happy place.

    So did you make it to the show?

    Your 70s art teacher description is hilarious, you are the most entertaining writer.

    I don't feel like I channel anyone, my outfits are way inconsistent, depending on weather, mood, activity, what's new in my wardrobe, where I'm at in my cycle, who I'm going to see... hm, maybe this is why I have so damn many clothes.