Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stress is a sign of a wasted life.

An obvious pun on the old saying about a clean home. Not that I'm that stressed out, but I do seem to have a lot of irons in the fires. It seems that when the going gets tough my online life becomes none-existant. I hate to bore you with yet another one of my posts about what I did and wore, but unfortunately greater things and deeper thoughts are beyond my grasp right now, so...
My makings
This week, I had my farmers market debut, selling a few leather butterflies, flowers and leaves. Our farmers market is quite small and there are a lot more crafts than produce, but there's a really fun festive atmosphere, with old guys playing fiddle music, pizzas and crepes made on scene, kids selling lemonade and everyone walking around eating, drinking coffee and chatting with neighbors and friends.
Stand of Goodness (plus pizza oven in the background))
Piper and Elisabeth have a bunch of amazing hand-made things, from hand-spun and knitted bike gloves to canvas back-bags and pretty little wallets. Elisabeth also sells her garlic which is both yummy and beautiful. That's a wood-fired pizza oven in the background. I had fun, made some money and feel like creating more things. It was awesome.
Mom let's make this one
Kissa likes to bake, apparently. I've been making two kinds of traditional Finnish pastries, which leaves the kitchen in a state, but warms the belly. When I'm working, it's often hard for me to keep a clean house and an orderly pantry, and I have been neglecting both plenty in the last little while, but I hope the baking makes up for it in C's mind.
but I'm tired of partying
On Sunday we went to dance party, for a couple who's been married for forty years. Forty. That's pretty awe-inspiring. We're pretty worn out by all the partying, however, and saved our strength for the annual barn dance this Saturday.
Porch light
The sky has been alight with all kinds of phenomenon, from bright blood-orange sunsets, caused by the forest fires of British Columbia, to Northern lights, which can be seen this far South only because of the magnetic wave activity from the sun's flares. We haven't caught them yet, but have been looking up patiently.
The summer seems to me to be zooming past, faster than I can hold onto the days. I wish I had more time to spend on the beach, with friends, crafting, in the garden, but sadly, the days just move on by, like clouds. I suppose it's futile to try to cling to them.
Kelp art
It is flower season now, in my garden, though I've not actively planted any, nor much cared for them. Next year, I promise myself, I will plan and plant some, but for now, I have a beautiful rose, which seems to rather enjoy the remains of Cha-cha-king the chicken, and is doing amazing this year, Hollyhocks, and lovely, edible zucchini blossoms. They make hanging out in the garden that much more of delight.
Holly Hockery
By any other name
Wearing flowers, too is a must.
White night
Pansies in my heart
Flowers on your chest, flowers on your pockets.
Pockets full of

So anyway, that's what my real world is like. Now I'm off to clean and cook and sew and plan our trip and make ice cream.


  1. absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for the journey of pictures! I love them! I am your new follower!

    My giveaway closes at midnight.. you should enter!

    Follow me back? ;D

    love, polly

  2. oooh, your lovely flowy white outfit is a dream. and even though busy, sounds like life's good. i am always happy when there's a kitten in the kitchen with me :) i can't wait to hear more about the barn that in my opinion is a SUPERB annual tradition. also, i love the farmers' market; i'm assuming that is the one i have the poster for? love to think of advertising for such a festive and communal event. glad island life is sweet. give kissa a kiss for me.

  3. I happen to like your simple posts about what you've been up to and what you've been wearing. They're pleasant and somehow comforting. Posts that are a bit like a warm cup of tea on a cold night. :)

  4. Yay, for your farmers market debut being a fun success! It's such a cool little farmers market, I remember walking through it and how everyone knew one another, didn't we happen to catch the last one of the season?

    Clover would love the old guys playing fiddle music. There's a guy who plays his fiddle outside the whole foods here for tips and she gets so excited every time he's there :)

    I was wondering if you guys could see the Northern Lights there, how awesome that would be, as if your little island isn't magical enough, haha.

    Have a wonderful time at the barn dance tomorrow!

  5. It's so nice to see your posts up again. About a month ago I went to a Farmers Market in my neigborhood quite accidentally. I was wearing some terribly made feather earrings- yes, made by me, and one vendors asked if I could sell him 3 pairs! I was pretty astonished and excited about this and promised to make him 3.Unfortunately, it was a rather bad time in my life to move forward with anything creative , so I never made them or returned. Your images and kind words about everything in lfe inspire me all the time, so I am getting back on my feet and creating again. Soon I will share what I have in store : ) So the posts you apologize for are actually helping all sorts of people out around, like me. So please keep them coming.They mean a great deal.
    Much Love,

  6. ooh kissa is so beautiful! keep the pics coming! i also love your red tights with that yellow dress. if you manage to see the northern lights and can somehow get pics of that too, i think all of us who live south of you would be so happy to catch a vicarious glimpse! oh, and will you be selling your leather wares on etsy at all at some point?

  7. well, you have a lovely real world indeed. your garden looks pretty for someone who didnt do any planting. very impressive. oh and you and your little kitty are adorable.

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  9. That white skirt! Love it! The whole outfit <3
    Kohta sä jo tuut tänne... :)