Thursday, August 26, 2010


Whenever I have to buy something big, or possibly expensive, like Thai-food, bobby-pins, or razor-blade cartridges, I take a little trip to the big, busy Island to the North. Okay, really it's not that big, but it sure seems that way with its masses of retired tourists from California, its fancy nick-nack-store fronts, the general atmosphere of wealth and conservativeness. Not to mention you actually have to look both ways when crossing a street.

There are some advantages to big town clamor. Namely, a thrift house worthy of a mention in the blog of the illustrious Siri Thorson (no wonder it's been so empty lately...), a wondrous unused bookstore, who's buyers have excellent taste, good coffee shops, magazine exchange, a movie theatre, simply different sights, like this here haunted looking house.

There's also a wee antique mall, which is set up in a real fun way.
Captain Jinx Of The Horse Marines?
Could this be the illustrious Captain Jinx Of The Horse Marines, that Pa always sings about?
Pig War Heroes
Why no, it's Captain George Pickett, a Pig War Hero.
Shirts with china
Nancy Pants
Then there's always Nancy Drew.
Lost any?
And the place where the lost marbles go.
Sew Sew Sow
For all the time you can while away at the mall, there's a place that takes an even bigger chunk of money and time to wander through: The Most Amazing Little Bookstore By The Sea, Serendipity Books, the seller and trader of marvelous used books.
I could practically live here, among these cleverly arranged shelves.
Creative organizing
The Leaning Tower
It's a small space, but they make the most of it.
PoetryDot dot
Books on the walls, books on top of things, books lining the floor...
I certainly like to haunt these isles, along with many locals.
As a bonus, there's always a little uncrowded section to take pictures in. Heather has been raving about Sear's Jr.'s dresses, and now I have one too, from Raggedythreads.
Heart flowers
That pretty much covers the things I spend money on: used clothes and books.
How fascinating!


  1. looks so quaint and lovely! hey, if you wanna save on the razor blades (which are such a rip off!), i have been using jeans to sharpen them for a few months now and it seems to work quite well.

    despite the annoying music, the above video shows you how to do it. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! We were just on the island for my little brother's wedding, and when I found that bookstore I wanted to move into it right away. I LOVE used bookstores and this was one of my favorites I have ever been to. Plus it's gorgeous on the island. You live in a magical place!

  3. Looks heavenly there...but for some reason I keep thinking the pictures of you shoould have been taken without your shoes on...I don't know why- it would just have looked that much more wonderful!
    : )

  4. i spend all my money on used clothes and food too :)

    that little antique mall is so sweet and delightful.

    hope you had a wonderful weekend xXx

  5. used clothes and books are my bread and butter, too.

  6. indeed i think it is serendipitous that you found a rad bookstore much like my own bookery. we have a leaning tower too, well more like a leaning wall of language books! can we wear our sears jr dresses and romp through a heaven of books together?!

  7. Now I will be on the lookout for a Sears Jr. dress of my own, yours is so cute! This post just makes me want to rush up there and meet up for a fun island shopping excursion. Antique malls with character are the best and that little book shop looks so perfectly cozy and haphazardly charming :)

    Seriously, next time I make it up there we must do some island hopping! We took a mini road trip over the weekend that has me full of wanderlust :)

  8. There are definitely worse things you could spend your money on than clothes and used books. I'm definitely envious of the places you have to shop- this place is severely lacking. There's not a single decent, affordable bookstore. Not a one.