Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Double Trouble!

One of the many reasons yours truly, as well as many other girls-who-love-dresses, tends to veer towards vintage (along with its environmental friendliness, decent prices and good materials) (and I could just as easily use such terms as thrifted, fleamarket , or hand-me-down clothes), is that in our highly homogenized world, it's one way of having a wardrobe full of pieces no one else has.

Unless, of course, they do. Lately I've been seeing all kinds of interesting doubles I thought I'd share.

Evening Sun
Taking the new dress out for a spin.
Elephant Revival!
Yup. That would be Missa wearing the very same Gunne Sax dress I have, in a slightly different pattern. But that's not the most shocking thing: As you may have guessed before, she's my long lost, tall, blond twin! I know, it's pretty obvious, looking at these pics. Hi sis!
The Wish

Oh and speaking of Gunne Sax, remember this one? I wore this dress to the Bonnie Prince Billie concert I went two years ago, and am tempted to make it a tradition, by wearing it again tomorrow.

I've always though this was either an imitation, or made from a Gunnies pattern, by a rather expert seamstress, judging from the amount of detail on it.
Think of your woman who's gone to the West
This in spite the faint outline of a tag in the neck. The bases of my speculation was that it lacked some typical Gunne features, like pockets, looked a little hand-made and was quite long, before I chopped some of the hem off. Having seen some early Black Label Gunnies, though, made me wonder. Well wonder no more:

This Black Label Gunne (recently sold on Ebay) featured the same exact fabric. Sweet.

Speaking of memorable frocks, how about this one:
Sunburst of colors // Vintage 70s Horse patchwork Hippie Dress
Wait! That's not me in my amazing Portland cave painting horse dress...What the...
It's actually for sale in my new favorite online vintage store Raggedy Threads, which rocks all kinds of good things just in my taste and affordable prises. Made from the same fabric, though both are probably home made. Go get it! I want a horse dress twin too!

Finding that someone else is wearing your unique vintage dress, is an entirely different feeling from that of seeing your H&M frock on another girl. It's more like a secret handshake, a sign that you're both part of a super sweet society of ladies with good taste and fun-loving hearts.

Or long lost twins. Obviously.


  1. ooooh! i really love the simplicity of that gunne sax dress! very nice. i love your and missa's blog so much, it must be because you guys are twinsies!

  2. Goodness! those pictures were so neat to see : ) You look adorable, as always in everything. I do have some more Gunnes here i have yet to take pictures of...I'll make sure to share when I do and hopefully find someone else with the same one? Ooh BTW, I watched Ingmar Bergman's -Spring Virgin the other day and the character "Ingeri" my absolute favorite in the movie, reminded me sooo much of you! Karin was supposed to be the star but she's too clean for my taste.
    : )

  3. you guys are totally twins! wow! and i loooooove that horse fabric...going to see if it's still avail right now...

  4. Hey!

    I wasn't sure where else to let you know this, but I thought I'd tell you that I absolutly adore all of your blogs. You've always got such incredible style and ideas. Anyways, I put a link to your blog off of my blog,so that others can be directed to your awesomeness. You can find my blog at

    Much Love!


  5. i think i just found my next post for so, thank you! and have fun at the show!

  6. Oh I can totally imagine the secret handshake feeling! So far I don't think I have quite experienced it, but I hope to, one day!

  7. oh my! this is so freaking amazing. i have never seen anyone in the same vintage dress as me. I want to though! I'd give them a quiet nod and then we would both smile at each other and go WOW.

  8. Those dresses are amazing, I love the first one.

    I gave you an award on my blog :)

  9. I actually just saw that horse dress yesterday and thought of yours! Haha... small world eh? Both you and Missa look so gorgeous in those dresses, it really makes me want one of my own. So jealous!

  10. Aw, I'm so glad we found each other :) Sartorial soul sisters unite! Hey we need matching rings so we can be like the Wonder Twins.

    I can't believe you found another awesome horse fabric dress out there, that's crazy.

    Hey, I'm getting very close with your package, soon my twin, very soon!

  11. This was such an excellent post. I completely agree - vintage/thrifted is a jillion times better than H&m or whatever else, for all the reasons you said. It makes me miss my thrift stores in Phoenix, where I found all my most prized gems! Portland is great, but the vintage stores can be so picked over/expensive. I want to be horse dress twins haha!

  12. Love & smiles filled my heart reading this post and seeing these sweet, secret handshake photos!

  13. Your dresses are all bloody fantastic!